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    • I'm same mate but people are raving about this,not saw it yet
    • Ricky Gervais  Don't usually like his stuff but this is pretty good. On Netflix. 
    • Do you think it's Liverpool's year?
    • Nantes weren't delivering him though,he delivered himself,he had already been over at Cardiff where Warnock wanted him on the coach to go to Newcastle,he asked if they minded if he went home instead to clear up a few minor details and say goodbye to team mates He declined Cardiff's offer of a commercial flight as he didn't want to hang about airports
    • I'm going to say something that probably won't be popular & Im not saying it is right but....... Footballer players are commodities nowadays (or perhaps they always have been) ? Okay, if I signed up for a commodity eg....a washing machine, a new sofa (which we have done this year) and it didn't arrive (& couldn't) at my gaff for whatever reason would I seem unreasonable for not wanting to fork out when I didn't receive what I had ordered ? Obviously there is a difference but is the principle not the same ?
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