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    Championship - And it all begins again!

    EFL_Championship.svg.pngEFL_Championship.svg.pngI'm not going to lie, it's been a pretty boring football break, no footie on the weekend which means we either speak about the weather or Brexit, both are pretty dull at the moment. But come tomorrow (Friday 4th August 2017) the Championship will start up again! With two fixtures Sunderland v Derby and Nottingham Forest v Millwall. I was speaking to a Sunderland fan today at work and he reckons they're going to have a poor season, they have spent next to nothing on new players, mainly bringing them in on Loads or a small fee. On the other hand, you have the likes of Middlesbrough who have spent over £40m on new players eager for a return to the Premier League at the first attempt. 


    After the fixtures tonight, we have the fixtures for Saturday and Sunday those are listed below



    The odds for winning the Championship are below

    1. Villa 2/1
    2. Middlesbrough 2/1
    3. Sheffield Wednesday 3/1
    4. Fulham 3/1
    5. Norwich 3/1
    6. Derby 7/2
    7. Wolves 4/1
    8. Sunderland 4/1
    9. Hull 9/2
    10. Leeds 11/2
    11. Reading 7/1
    12. Birmingham 15/2
    13. Cardiff 8/1
    14. Brentford 8/1
    15. Sheffield United 9/1
    16. Nottingham Forrest 11/1
    17. Briston City 12/1
    18. Preston 16/1
    19. QPR 20/1
    20. Ipswich 28/1
    21. Bolton 33/1
    22. Millwall 33/1
    23. Barnsley 40/1
    24. Burton 50/1

    Hopefully come back to this topic to see how accurate the bookies were in predicting the winners and the losers. Let's all hope that this is going to be a great season for the teams fighting for Premier League action next season. I do love the Championship, I prefer than the Premier League, that's probably because Middlesbrough end up winning more games, but there is less diving, fewer players who love themselves, it's more to do with the football rather than the money.


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