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  • boro_boy

    Chelsea v Middlesbrough 8th May 2017

    Well Monday night is already written, Chelsea will beat Middlesbrough and become Champions whilst relegating Middlesbrough. Tottenhams failure to compete strongly enough with Chelsea handed them the title when the lost their last game with West Ham. Chelsea have been consistent all season with a strong defence and a great attack. Middlesbrough have been woeful in attack, its as if they don't have one. Their defence on the other hand has been very good all season, matching teams at the top of the league, their only let down has been a lack of goals and this has to be blamed on Karankas defensive mindset. Steve Agnew as not done anything other than wreck the great defence Middlesbrough once had.

    Chelsea got a huge hurdle out of the way last Sunday as they thrashed Everton 3-0 at Goodison Park, leaving them with a fairly easy run at the title over the last few weeks of the Premier League season. They have to face Middlesbrough which should be easy, West Brom, Watford, and Sunderland now and just have to keep Tottenham at bay behind them.

    Middlesbrough are down if they lose on Monday, I can't see anything other than a Chelsea win here. Boro are down and out i'm afraid. So come the end of the game it will be congratulations Chelsea and commiserations to Middlesbrough. 

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