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Use your points to bet on matches. 

The member who has bet the most will win £25 at the end of the season*
The member with the highest stake come the end of the season* will win £25

*The End of the season is after the FA Cup Final has been played (18th May 2019)

  1. Middlesbrough

    Middlesbrough to be promoted

  2. over 0.5 goals in first half

    Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur

  3. Manchester City

    Manchester City to win the Premier League

  4. Manchester United

    Manchester United to win the league

  5. Rangers

    To win the SPL

  6. Celtic

    To win the SPL

Sports Betting App By IPSDev
  • Highest Bets Placed

    • 25,000
    • 15,000
    • 9,000
  • Biggest Gambler


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