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Ok Bluenoses put all your bcfc posts in here.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Another of ours lost today, Tony Quigley, RIP.
  3. Feeling kind of sad, that i couldn't be at your funeral today, Jayo, we will celebrate your life when this crisis is over, and with some style. Zulu for life. RIP my friend.
  4. No, tho a major get together in celebration of him will take place when things are more normal.
  5. Doubt many will turn out now. Are the above plans still in place?
  6. We're also the only club to have used piss to try and combat a gypsy's curse.
  7. Love this little fact, tho i bet the vilers feckin hate it- "In March 1905 the club changed its name to Birmingham Football Club, to reflect its position as the only Football League club in the city." Aston then was not part of Birmingham.
  8. Getting back on topic- I love the unusual stuff from our history. Like this.... Imagine this happening today. We once paid AVFC £90 for a stand and transported it across the city to our then home at Muntz Street. An early example of typical Blues.
  9. 31st March- Yardley Crem. Horse & Carriage leaving St Andrews at 2pm.
  10. He was a legend well b4 the zulus .the best blues firm ever he was part off The General Noggin Ashford Yates Hank Eric Bella Jimmy sherridan And plenty more
  11. Can't believe it's a year today, since Big-T was murdered by WMP, and still no answers.
  12. Yeah, when i get them, also depending on what kind of funeral the family wants.
  13. Solihull Blue, will you pm me with funeral arrangements please?
  14. RIP my old friend, a real terrace legend at St Andrews. First memory of Jayo was as a teenager, Brighton Away (Seaman’s debut I think) we had to swap Trains somewhere, went for a mooch and ended up with him before Police then collared us. bumped into him at Wembley for the Carling Cup Final, glad he made that one. A legend and a gent, I always enjoyed bumping into him around Digbeth, I saw him at Wembley Carling Cup Final and sadly only a handful of times since.
  15. Perhaps now the referees might give us the odd free kick now and again? Who knows, maybe even a penalty? EFL “The decision remains subject to appeal and the League will consider the judgment in full before making any further comment.” Feck off EFL. I don’t trust them, I’m not one for conspiracies etc but it does seem they have it in for us a bit. The only reason I don’t think they will appeal it as they know they ain’t got a leg to stand on. This charge was a joke as shown with the verdict from the independent panel.
  16. Club statement on the matter. ( after mine by the way) https://www.bcfc.com/news/articles/2020/efl-charge-dismissed/
  17. I don't think they will though. Surely the Independent ruling party would have thrown this out before it had even started?
  18. The independent ruling panel should be able to fine them.
  19. I can't see them fining themselves!!!
  20. I think the EFL should be fined heavily for not researching this properly beforehand and for wasting everyone's time.

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