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Ok Bluenoses put all your bcfc posts in here.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. i used to work for a firm that fixed fire and flood damage and we were working in a LA fitness gym that was flooded.
  3. That would have been a mistake. I am a right hard bastard me.
  4. That guy must have been a cunt! Should have filled him in, it was probably @Mr Magnificent
  5. i went to birmingham once to do a job and when we pulled up i asked a guy coming out of a train station where i could find a offie. he said he didnt know and after looking for about 25 mins it turned out the cunt could see the fucking offie from where was standing.
  6. Fucking hell, boro might finish above you lot!!!
  7. Still an alright result for the boro i'm happy with it
  8. 2-2 your a cunt if you actually win 3-2.
  9. Not happening. We are looking to move up the table.
  10. Your still in contention for relegating n you know


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