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  1. Yesterday
  2. Boro Boy is on the piss. God help the forum! He will be joining Fat Fighters again soon! Oh and he will get a monga hangover!
  3. He sounds like Middlesboro people tho. Looks like he touches kids? Wtf? Lol.
  4. That's one hell of a goal, the ones you love to see
  5. 3 points would make for a great evening, mon the Gers
  6. Hopefully a win....any win will do. Got it on record so all going well I'll catch it tomorrow.
  7. Rangers v Feyenoord team RANGERS: McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, Helander, Barisic; Davis, Jack, Kamara; Ojo, Morelos, Arfield. SUBS: Foderingham, Edmundson, Halliday, Aribo, King, Barker, Defoe.
  8. The justices at the Supreme Court in London hope to have there decision over the 'prorogation of Parliament' published ....'early next week'. Well, that fucks up Joanne Cherry, Gina Miller and that fucking turncoat Major's (along with ever other non democratic remainer) desire to have the prorogation announced illegal sooner rather than later....Cunt's the lot of them!
  9. FFS.........you have some weird thoughts mate.
  10. I've not drink for nearly 3 weeks now. I feel like a drink and this weekend is going to be nice and it will be a good time to start drinking again haha. I've just watered my garden as I've been overseeding the grass so need to keep it wet. It's been so dry the past few weeks.
  11. https://mol.im/a/7482245 For 32 weeks. I hate Beardsley he can't speak properly and looks like he touches kids haha.
  12. don't get drowned then....
  13. Today I is going to sit in the beer garden and water myself!
  14. Fair bit of work achieved in the garden yesterday....I got the grass done and the wife trimmed the berry bushes and de-potted a few plants. Today we is going to dig out some apple trees and bushes.
  15. Not quite mate....that was what Macron and some Finnish dude declared however.... The other 25 EU leaders will have to agree to the French and Finnish leaders' request before it is set in stone.
  16. Saturday 21st September Livingston 15:00 Aberdeen.......................1 Motherwell 15:00 Ross County..................1 St Mirren 15:00 Hamilton Academical......1 Sunday 22nd September St Johnstone 12:15 Rangers........................2 Celtic 13:00 Kilmarnock.......................1 Hibernian 15:00 Heart of Midlothian.........1
  17. Apparently that is a shirt given to her by big Sinn Fein supporter James McClean. She was bumping her gums at the EU bull ring but I do like the comment made by Diane Dodds.... DUP MEP Diane Dodds also spoke during the debate and said that the EU must acknowledge that the unionist community is opposed to the backstop. "Not a single member of the Northern Ireland Assembly from the unionist tradition supports the backstop. Every unionist party which stood in the EU elections did so on a platform of rejecting the backstop. A recent opinion poll shows that 81% of the unionist community are firmly against the backstop," Mrs Dodds said. "There is a democratic problem with the backstop and you, Mr Barnier, cannot wash your hands of it. "Northern Ireland would be subject to huge swathes of legislation with no control or representation. The backstop simply does not have the support of the unionist community in Northern Ireland."
  18. could think of quite a few mate.
  19. Hairy Scot

    Random Videos

    KIDS!!! Needs sound. Papa.mp4
  20. Isn't hypocrite an synonym for politician?
  21. Hypocrite of the highest order... https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1162365/brexit-news-john-major-boris-johnson-eu-european-union-prorogue-parliament-spt Mind you....perhaps Major just wants to feel Gina Miller's coat tails.
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