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  1. Yesterday
  2. Sunderland were relegated today. Boro will be relegated very soon. City will definitely best us tomorrow. Sunderland 0-1 Bournemouth - BBC Sport
  3. Last week
  4. Boro won WTF. Also spurs and arsenal got late winners.
  5. Boro winning 1 nil, not that it matters. Other games currently 0-0
  6. Apart from the top 6/7 teams, what do the rest hope for? 12/13 wins a season (if your lucky) a minus goal difference and mid-last on match of the day. That's what football ambition has become for most!
  7. Kick Off 1945 Arsenal v Leicester Middlesbrough v Sunderland Kick Off 2000 Palace v Spurs I don't really care about the derby tonight as we have nothing to play for, we don't have any pride! Think Leicester will win tonight along with Spurs.
  8. Arrests as Newcastle and West Ham raided in tax probe - BBC News Should be docked points so they don't go up, enough so there not even in a payoff position.
  9. Okay mate you in the draw!
  10. It looks okay, I just don't like beetroot!! I'd have picked all the goats cheese out and left the rest. What else is in it?
  11. Yeah I know, so what happens if you get one of the WD mirror drives where you have 2 2TB drives but the 2nd drive is a duplicate of the 1st, surely if you have a power cut then they both are at a high risk of being damaged? I might just buy cloud storage! It seems to be the way everything is going!
  12. This is my entry for a new football top. I don't follow football as much but if I somehow win I can donate it too someone less fortunate than myself
  13. My friend had a function of 45 Americans in his place tonight and asked me too help out. He had a basic goats cheese starter. But the fine dining chef in me popped out and I sort of took over and revamped his starter. This is my take on a goats cheelse and pickled beetroot dish. What does everyone think?
  14. More often than you think. A power cut can kill them. Clouds good just expensive if you have lots of data
  15. I'm sorry to destroy Spurs hopes but the league is over, Chelsea will only realistically drop points against Everton. I suspect they have the bit between their teeth now as well.
  16. 1. Where did you grow up and how much has it changed from your childhood? I grew up in a place called Wythenshawe in Manchester, it was once Europe's biggest council estate and has a reputation of being pretty rough. I'm glad to say my mother and father worked their socks off to get themselves into a better area for me and my sister. I still consider Wythenshawe my home as all my friends are from the area and I tend to drink in the pubs but I no longer live there myself, I now live in Trafford which I suppose is making it if you're from Wythenshawe. In terms of the area, my school is now gone, it's been replaced with a swanky new building that calls itself a health academy. There is also the metrolink that runs straight through the area, this has caused havoc for drivers as it's changed all the junctions and movement of cars in the area. All in all the area has hugely improved and is actually seeing a huge increase in house prices. 2. First football match attended and scoreline? My first was a testimonial against City, we hammered them but I can't remember the scoreline just the terraces. 3. Taste in music? Love Oasis, Stone roses and most Manchester bands from that era. 4. What other sports do you enjoy watching? Tennis, Rugby league, Rugby union internationals, the Olympics. 5. Major world event that sticks out in your mind first from your lifetime? 9/11 was huge and I like everyone was watching tv with my mates all day and night. I also remember huge Tsunami's that hit Japan and the Islands Indonesia, they were really shocking events. 6. What would be your dream day? Feet up on holiday with a nice few beers and my kids have fun in the pool. 7. Your top three movies of all time? Goodfellas , Wolf of wall street, Usual suspects 8. Real or Barca? Used to love Barca, I've grown to dislike them with time.
  17. 3-1 now then.
  18. Cunts.
  19. Huddersfield winning 0-1 at the moment. If they win this will guarantee them a playoff place!
  20. Currently 1-1. Are Chelsea going to bottle it and let Spurs take the title Reply below added 4 minutes later Chelsea 2 - 1 Southampton
  21. 1. Where did you grow up and how much has it changed from your childhood? A small suburb in South London. Some family still live there so I go back there a few times a year and it's pretty much the same. Haven't been around near the street I grew up on but I imagine that hasn't changed one iota. 2. First football match attended and scoreline? Erm, possibly Crystal Palace 0-0 Huddersfield in the very early 00s. 3. Taste in music? Most genres. Depends on my mood. House, trance, dance, hip hop, metal, jazz, electronica, even classical very occasionally. 4. What other sports do you enjoy watching? None. 5. Major world event that sticks out in your mind first from your lifetime? I kinda remember the fear about Y2K and what I was doing on that night. Was playing the Crash Team Racing campaign on the PS1 in my brother's mate's bedroom. Best game of all time! Probably an event would be 9/11, too. Came home from school and it was all over TV. Remember them showing footage, but being only 7 at the time, didn't appreciate the significance but I remember noticing how upset my Mum was 6. What would be your dream day? No idea. I guess similar to BB's - a long walk in the sun. Eating and drinking lots while there's a cool breeze and some 90s tunes banging in the background. Then a stranger handing me a few million quid would be nice 7. Your top three movies of all time? Terminator 2, Shawshank Redemption, Lion King 8. Real or Barca? Hmm, would I rather eat shit or vomit?
  22. Anyone watching this. You can download an app and join in with it. Just seeing what its like, its on ITV.
  23. This post was originally posted by @Red Devil in the competition forum but that forum is just for entries for the competition and not discussion. I've moved the post here into The Pub. Pretty simple, we've all posted on the same forum for years but other than a few facts we don't actually know each other and what we actually like. 1. Where did you grow up and how much has it changed from your childhood? 2. First football match attended and scoreline? 3. Taste in music? 4. What other sports do you enjoy watching? 5. Major world event that sticks out in your mind first from your lifetime? 6. What would be your dream day? 7. Your top three movies of all time? 8. Real or Barca? Reply below added 11 minutes later 1. Where did you grow up and how much has it changed from your childhood? I grew up in Middlesbrough, the area was Park End, its commonly referred to as "Dark End" its a rough neighbourhood but not that bad. Nothing much has changed at all in the area, so don't know what the council tax is being spend on!! 2. First football match attended and scoreline? Cannot remember the first game I attended as I was very young, I remember the first game at the Riverside Stadium we played Chelsea in the first ever game and we beat them 2-0 with two goals from Craig Hignett, this was August 1995. 3. Taste in music? Love anything with a beat, none of this shite depressing music, don't really like bands, I like songs from anyone, as long as they are good. But things that are good for me are not always good for someone else and usually people don't like some of my music. I enjoy Listening to A State Of Trance by Armin Van Buuren. Add me on spotify to see the music I listen too. Michael Yates on Spotify 4. What other sports do you enjoy watching? None, most sports are boring like Golf, Cricket, Formula One, i'd rather be outside walking the dog! I only watch football. 5. Major world event that sticks out in your mind first from your lifetime? 9/11 when the two planes crashed into the twin towers, I was walking to stores from my ship, was on HMS Sutherland at the time and all the security went up, we had armed people on the dock yard and on the gangway of the ships. 6. What would be your dream day? A nice long walk in the morning with the dog and the missus, then a nice big BBQ with the family and friends. I have a simple life but I enjoy it 7. Your top three movies of all time? Inception Kevin and Perry Go Large Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 8. Real or Barca? Neither
  24. Yeah he can't go for a massive club as he'd never be selected. Contracts mean nothing these days. If I had bought him i'd say, no you can help us get out the Championship first, before we let you go. But no doubt there will be a clause in the contract saying he is free to leave if we go down. I can't see us coming straight back up like Newcastle have done.
  25. So Brighton and Newcastle have been prooted 1. Brighton & Hove Albion 92 points 2. Newcastle 88 points ======================================== 3. Reading 79 points 4. Sheffield Wednesday 78 points 5. Huddersfield Town 78 points 6. Fulham 76 points ======================================== 7. Leeds United 73 points So the remaining play-off positions are a fight for Sheff Wed, Huddersfield, Fulham and Leeds. Everyone has played 44 games apart from Huddesfrield who play their 44th game tonight against Wolves. Should be some good play-off games. Out of the 5 teams in contention, i'd like to see Sheffield Wednesday get into the Premier League. They'll probably come straight back down but you never know, Remaining Fixtures: Reading - Wigan (H) and Burton (A) Sheff Wed - Ipswich (A) and Fulham (H) Huddesfeild - Wolves (A), Birmingham (A) and Cardiff (H) Fulham - Brentford (H), Sheff Wed (A) ======================================== Leeds - Norwich (H) and Wigan (A) Leeds are the outsider, all the teams need is 79 points and a better goal difference than Leeds or 80 points as Leeds can only get 79 points.
  26. Thanks, your entry has been included in the draw!
  27. But how often do hard drives fail!! It might just be better putting it all on the internet in a cloud service like Sync | Secure Cloud Storage Privacy Guaranteed
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