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  2. Normski

    Food films

    Debbie Does Potatoes
  3. If we can get out and about....fuck knows when this will end.
  4. wouldn't surprise me if Jimmy rear ended him.
  5. I read the bottom could fall out of the used car market. Might be some good bargains around later in year.
  6. He's a cunt of the highest order Kept great company too #TerryChristianIsaCunt
  7. Cunt.....I've scraped more appealing stuff off the sole of my shoe
  8. Mr Magnificent

    Song titles

    Black Knight and Stairway to Heaven?
  9. Harold

    Song titles

    Don't know if this will be of interest or not but we'll see how it goes. Think of a song title and use images/photos/smilies as clues.....here's a couple of examples 1) ................ 2)
  10. Today
  11. I am going out of my mind with boredom. I am supposed to start back at work on April 7th. I don't mind to be honest. Also, have emailed a local NHS trust about returning as a volunteer. Hopefully they can use my knowledge and skills somewhere as that is where most of my working life has been spent so far.
  12. Mr Magnificent

    Shamima Begum

    She's safe. Not even Corona will go near that mush!
  13. If he doesn't I know of a cafe where that's all you get on the menu.....
  14. I’m thinking possibly Kings on Leon. Also thinking why do people send the questions but never the feckin answers? Even the next day would do.
  15. I don't think we need a mask to tune into this forum mate.
  16. Grand fry up arriving shortly....3 rashers smoked streaky bacon, 3 linkers, fried egg, slice of fried bread, beans all drizzled lovingly with tommy K....slice of toast on the side and a mug of char............
  17. I am starting a mask business We factory have trusted contacts (mostly US ex-pats) that operate in China and get us products regularly. We recently discovered that we can get KN95 masks made from a few different factories in China. If you know anyone / any business that has a need, let me know, I can get them in I can also get surgical masks and face shields.
  18. In the past 2 weeks we've been to Tescos 3 times (once for a couple of neighbours) bought what we needed but we also went to a good butchers and the wife bought a pile of stuff there....basically we have enough varied grub to last roughly a month in the fridge and freezers so there's plenty stuff for home made meals. I've noticed & been surprised over the past week on a wee local forum I use the large number of folk wanting takeaways (there are still a few open locally which are doing a delivery service only). Anyway that aside, what I really have to laugh at is the moans and groans about the length of time to get through on the phone, the length of time for delivery which is on average 2-3 hours and their surprise that it can be cold by the time they receive their order....wtf do they expect ? Personally I'm glad we are just sticking to home made or even a ready meal we bought.
  19. My bedroom one never changed, it's supposed to change itself as it's apparantly radio controlled. It's fucking wank ha. Least my phone and watch change automatically. I don't think people can be.late these days as most things change automatically anyway.
  20. Harold

    Guess The Bands.

    No. 1 ? Not sure that it's Marillion but I'm struggling with it.
  21. Harold

    Guess The Bands.

    Realist got that one mate.
  22. Harold

    Guess The Bands.

    Agreee with that one.
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