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    Amen Sister!
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    Caught bang to rights. You angry, angry little man.
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    She has told the whole forum this evening that wasn't the case. One of you is clearly lying and Mags surely has to be given the benefit of the doubt.
  5. 😂 You are so fucking sad mate.
  6. Get a life you sad bastard, nobody other than two people want you here. And even one of those, acknowledge your a weirdo nut funny.
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    Looks like Mags is innocent after all... Well, well, well. The truth always comes out in the end.
  8. You told me someone posing as Harold harrased you. End of.
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    Some pretty horrendous name calling and language there. Anger management issues?
  10. Anyhoo.... I'm af to bed....
  11. Welcome to the forum @Gasworks_Gus
  12. I have said mags was a bit weird but generally okay if odd he did seem to follow me but nothing bad..... I'm tired I'll answer all points in the morning after coffee. In the mean time I would appreciate someone telling me why Red devil and mags don't get on? I may be wrong they could be lovers in a jealous rage?
  13. Cool, you're opinion 🙂
  14. Wait till the Cats Ma reads this wee introduction thread.....🤣
  15. You have issues? I have only been banned from the 365 site Don't care anymore about pics and those are my sisters legs and dads dog. I won't.... But then mags might, what is it with you and him?
  16. U said someone had signed up as Harold, and they'd abused you on that forum. The stuff about them guys on there is lies as well, it's not the best forum and they and clique but you were banned because no one likes you and your a fucking weirdo. No one harrased you. I defended you fully on both forums but your a fucking lying freak and I'm done with you. Simple as that weirdo. Worse than Mags for me because it's clear you posted what you did to damage another member I respect.
  17. I know what you message me, banned from multiple boards. Not the person in the photos a fucking freak. Don't follow my posts up again and never message me direct again. Fucking weirdo
  18. Never said Harold was mags.... Two other personas were mags.
  19. Anyone who sad enough to believe this Aussie weirdo any longer don't. She told me in a Pm clear as day someone pretending to be Harold had abused her. Now Because she doesn't like Harold she's lying to make him look bad. Scum. Simple as that scum. Fuck the freak off the site, weirdo bitch.
  20. With regards to that forum.... ? What was personal to me I told Harold and Boro boy and that's private! I little over the top?
  21. @cazcat Defended you like mad but tonight I fucking hate u, how dare you lie. You told me someone posing as harold had sent you abusive messages you lying bastard. Finally proof to me your a freak, your not that girl in the photo you fucking freak. Disgusted tonight, totally disgusted at a total liar finally being proven as a liar to me. How dare message me like a genuine person and look for attention only to fucking lie about something. Weirdo.
  22. That's a lie, you messaged me on Tf365 and told me direct someone pretending to be Harold had sent you abusive messages. You horrible fucking weirdo!!!!! How dare you lie you fucking cretin, dirty fucking lying bitch.
  23. If you want I can delete Gasworks Gus and then rename the account your using now back To Gasworks Gus instead of Gasworks_Gus
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