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  2. Carabao Cup 4th Round Draw

    Comfortable draw for us
  3. Viva la Negan... Oh dear, you're certainly backing the wrong horse there. Like me or not (which you clearly don't) having Negan as your chief support is embarrassing. Now let's get back on topic and forget about your mate baldrick. You were slagging off my clubs manager, carry on. Refer to my reply to your original anti-Mourinho (Red devil) post and we can move along.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Premiership match chat.

    A few lager tops most definitely.
  6. A League of their Own

    He's West Ham. Also the least funny cunt we've produced alongside Russell Howard. Fuck em all.
  7. A League of their Own

    Agree with you 100 percent on that comment
  8. No wonder I was not in favour of Negan returning to the forum. He offers nothing fresh to the debate, just likes to attack people for expressing their opinions.
  9. Got a laugh at that, you've just signed your ticket strange boy. Bye bye.
  10. Tracert....It is a fabulous tool. Reply below added 1 minute later
  11. You're a compulsive liar, you pack choco bars at your factory. Jog on Negan before you will regret it pal.
  12. Really? I have a masters degree in IT. Networking routers and the like. Let's see where it ends...
  13. Don't tell me to cool it, I'm in no way heated or needing to cool it. I think you need to take a step back and think about the way you are approaching the forum of late, if you don't let's see where it ends up. You may not like Mourinho (not that it matters as your club are irrelevant anyway) but he certainly wins trophies, he won a couple of easier ones with an average team. We're building and we will get back where we need to be under him. You keep kidding yourself if you don't believe that.
  14. Look cool it RD (Your the best). He won a couple of the easier ones because he's a brilliant manager. I wish my shite club could actually just win a football match. He is a turd stain but I was desperate for John Terry in the summer so Mourinho would be a dream. United will miss out big time on the Big Uns this year but given the amount you've won I'm sure you can wait a couple of years before winning them again. It's not like you're Spurs and you've never won fuck all and have finally got a half decent team.
  15. Look, read the post above. Think what you want about the United manager, he wins trophies and that's all that matters.
  16. Jose is a turd spurt and a trouble maker. He will be doing his best to win it though. He really is a wind up merchant.
  17. A League of their Own

    I'd gathered that... I hate everyone apart from my Mrs and Grandson.
  18. Calm yourself down, I was just pointing out Mourinho takes the competition more seriously than others. I personally think it's a bit harsh pointing out Jose when others have played down the competition for years. Alright, he does whine, but what manager doesn't. United fielded a strong team, Stoke who win fuck all, fielded a terrible team. It's the teams that win nothing and don't make an effort who should get the stick, not the clubs who field decent sides. If I supported a team that never wins anything I'd be gutted if they didn't go for it. Surely you of all people would understand that?
  19. Carabao Cup 4th Round Draw

    Speak English man!
  20. A League of their Own

    I hate everyone apart from a few. Best way to be mate.
  21. Premiership match chat.

    Will you be up for it? Plan on having a few pints before the game?
  22. A League of their Own

    Is he a Gooner by any chance?
  23. Premiership match chat.

    Anyone going to a match this weekend? West Ham away, should be fun. I'll report back Monday evening x
  24. A League of their Own

    Id eat my own shit before watching James Corden hosting anything.
  25. Carabao Cup 4th Round Draw

    Pave alert.
  26. It's what he fucking said, hardly picking on him for fuck sakes. Same old Jose, talking bollocks. whinge whinge. Pochettino said the title and CL are bigger competitions, well no shit, but we better take this seriously.
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