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  2. I'll stick it in Fanny's box in the bar, she loves a good tip
  3. no E mate.....having to go to dentist shortly and won't be back till after 4pm. hint - could be everlasting but may depend on how friendly she is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  4. Today
  5. no L mate hint - could be everlasting but may depend on how friendly she is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  6. An L please Harold
  7. hint - could be everlasting but may depend on how friendly she is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  8. you got it my man and don't spend it all at once....lol
  9. There should be stuff on. A menu telling you what videos etc are available. The son in laws IPTV has 1 that only shows games and the second channel has all the other content and that goes for both Rangers x as do Celtic tv he unfortunately is a tic fan Harold. I don’t use anything like that as where we are any trial I have had has a bad lag re the voices whereas he gets a great signal
  10. "In addition to the enhanced live coverage, Season Ticket Holders will also receive access to an exclusive match preview show and a ‘Lite’ digital copy of the Match Day programme." It all kicks-off with our home match against St Mirren on Sunday, August 9. With Niko Katic, Neil McCann, Alex Rae, and Emma Dodds presenting the live pre-match, half-time and post-match shows and Clive Tyldesley on commentary duties. Unique access codes have been shared via email to season-ticket holders which are valid for all SPFL home matches. Over 26,000 seas
  11. ..............but only one part
  12. A trip down Baker street for you Harold
  13. So we have Clive Tyldesley joining RTV https://www.rangers.co.uk/Article/rangerstv-announce-live-broadcast-line-up/25Zz5pV4EE7hjuAkvKdaOG THE opening Ibrox fixture of the 2020/21 season is fast approaching. Our priority remains getting fans back into Ibrox when it is safe to do so. Ibrox won’t be the same without the passion and pride displayed by our loyal support. As promised, we look forward to rewarding our season ticket holders for their loyalty to our beloved club with live access to every home game via RangersTV, and we are delighted to welcome se
  14. Way to much to drink last night but a cracking day was had. Was out on the lake at 8 this morning with the grandson and a good swim in it as well so that certainly got rid of the cobwebs. Heading home now then out for a bite of lunch which will almost certainly include some G&Ts
  15. fucking hell i missed this thread. did you get rat arsed norm
  16. as soon as they opened the door to let them out they should have said its the year 2070 and you have been missing for 50 years for a bit of banter.
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