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  2. Yup, I got stung once. Never again! Employers are twisting rules for their own agenda. I am now app free. Fuck it!
  3. Ok we know no why Unique has not shown his face today
  4. I have a double dose every morning and afternoon until I expire. 不不不
  5. This Big Girl is trouble...... VID-20210727-WA0004.mp4
  6. Turn the apps off and get on with life
  7. And getting worse as they get older. A little runt becomes a big cunt! Bert is gonna need some ear muffs. 不不不不不
  8. I am drunk. Gonna have a stroll home and kiss the wife. 弘弘弘
  9. ah, the folly of youth mate....we've all been there though. Kick in the baws missing the football though.
  10. morra peeps....away to have dinner and feeling a bit booshed so Hi de Hi may be on the cards.....lol.......
  11. Shite..... took the day off, up at 2pm No football tonight, a game he was really looking forward too
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