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  2. So is that the first goal given in the UK with the VAR system over ruling a linesman? Obviously give the right decision after it had been disallowed initially but the goal celebration was rather muted after a minute of so since the goal went in!
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  4. The Moon?!

    Just took the dog a fair old walk around, still not sen the moon, sky pretty clear as well.
  5. Next FLA march to be in Brum.

    Really?? I think a group of lads, from around the country marching against extremism, cant be a bad thing. Then again, some people prefer rainbow laces but hey ho.
  6. Next FLA march to be in Brum.

    The FLA are an embarrassment to football.
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  8. Developing countries warned UK could cut foreign aid.

    I'm happy to cut foreign aid IF it gets used better in this country
  9. Developing countries warned UK could cut foreign aid.

    That coming from you is feckin ridiculous beyond belief. The only way i ever get you to stop trolling me, in any thread is by challenging you to come up with a detailed, logical,valid, explanation or response. You have failed every single feckin time, bar none, under anyuser name you have had at the time. It's proven to be the only way to get rid of your trolling. And that is the point you vanish from the thread, when you can no longer post your post boosting irrelevant nonsense, without providing a decent response, tho at times, you do wait, until a few posts by logical people with brain cells have been made, then sneak back in with another 1 or 2, 5 word crappy post. @Red Devil @redblood Do you guys agree?
  10. Carillion was left with just £29m before going bankrupt

    Big corporation fella, who no doubt if much digging was done, would probably reveal that several MP's have a vested interest in the feckin Corporation, which gets back to your thread earlier, buried by mainstream media. Reply below added 1 minute later 90 day, is the general standard invoicing/payment time.
  11. Thankfully my company never agreed to the 120 day payment terms!! What were these companies thinking!!!
  12. They were sorting out the new accommodation in the Naval base up here, the work site is just derelict now, not a sole to be seen, was heaving before they went bust. How can a company make less money than the interest they owe on loans!!! Its a fucking joke. The government MUST NOT give them money.
  13. 2018 Holiday Thread.

  14. 2018 Holiday Thread.

    Should have been Budapest this morning. Reply below added 0 minutes later There is a photo I took of the second biggest synagogue in the world.
  15. 2018 Holiday Thread.

    The chronological order of your IP addresses, shows you were often in all those countries, and the UK, twicw in the same day. Wish i had a teleporter like you.
  16. Next FLA march to be in Brum.

    You will no doubt be the guy standing on his own, badly dressed.
  17. UK Column News

    Thank fuck i live in the real world, and not the world you live in. Also who is the guy who looks like a paedo in your avatar? Again i will ask you not to call me mate.
  18. Next FLA march to be in Brum.

    I might give this a look.
  19. Carillion was left with just £29m before going bankrupt

    A few Blues lads, have been seriously fucked over by Carillion, not paying them for their services, lot's of other companies are in the same boat. Most of Carillion's good staff have already gone, leaving behind a load of shite, who would struggle to get a decent job elsewhere anyhow. The work that they did, will still need to be done, thus the job opportunities still there for the staff. And just how much money has this company spunked on HS2? I really hope they go bump, never to rise again.
  20. UK Column News

    That makes no sense at all as usual mate.
  21. 2018 Holiday Thread.

    Just got back from Prague, Vienna, Slovakia and Budapest. Well good. Enjoyed all of the places. Budapest was just about best in my opinion. Scotland is in mine and Mrs radar too this year. Driving up and doing north west coast, over to Inverness before driving down to Edinburgh.
  22. UK Column News

    If you had another brain cell, it would be lonely fella.
  23. Going to result in a lot if redundancies. Hopefully all senior managers, directors will be held accountable in a court of law.
  24. Carillion held rescue talks with the government since October in a bid to stave off collapse, says boss. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42710795 "Directors wanted the government to "guarantee" more funding for four months while Carillion continued its restructuring, and be allowed to defer tax payments." I bet they did cheeky c**ts. Carillion/Tarmac. Nothing has changed. They have always made a living off the back of other companies being sent to the wall by them. The gov didn't step in last time and will be surprised if they do this time.
  25. UK Column News

    Stop trolling. I can make my own mind up what is real and what isn't. And let's get one thing straight... YOU are Fake News!
  26. UK Column News

    They tell us the stuff, buried by mainstrem media that the powers that be, do not want us to know.. I have a lot of time for sites like this. Sadly the majority of people, are still stupid enough to treat what is printed in the media as gospel. The Forum troll negan/locke being a fine example.
  27. Exactly. Anything against terrorism will be shut down. Britain First will be the first to go.
  28. UK Column News

    These are really good weekday news bulletins, scary some of the stuff they come up with about the government!
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