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  1. Today
  2. The weather is not the best is it.
  3. It's a blizzard at Bolton v Villa.
  4. Plans for the weekend?

    Discipline my lad, discipline. I have a tank of anything between £250 - £400 so I can stand it if I lose (don't like it though......). I don't chase.
  5. Plans for the weekend?

    Yeah £30 is fuck all. I don't bet as I get a little addicted and start betting to reclaim my losses back, but end up losing. Just easier not to bet. Not bet for years.
  6. Plans for the weekend?

    I rarely bet on the horses throughout the year and I save up for Cheltenham....it's a great week (Tues-Thurs) to sit have a bet, a drink and a bet. Down £30 for the week so no biggie.
  7. Sunderland losing 1-0 at home and down to ten men, they are so so fucked. Don't think we're having a good game. Watching soccer Saturday so not sure exactly how we're getting on.
  8. Boro winning which is nice.
  9. Plans for the weekend?

  10. Haha Wtf birmiham are beating hull.
  11. he did....spitting intentionally at someone is an assault. Throwing a punch at someone and missing is still assault. https://www.inbrief.co.uk/offences/assault-gbh-abh/
  12. Yesterday
  13. Jamie Carragher - Spits at 14 Year old

    He never tho. Spitting at, and spitting on somebody is totally different. Similar to throwing a punch and not connecting.
  14. Plans for the weekend?

    Had a score on the Gold Cup winner @ 5/1 so at least we can eat this weekend.....otherwise..............................................
  15. Carragher committed an assault but apparently is facing no further action.
  16. Plans for the weekend?

    I took another week off sick on Tuesday so been decorating the spare room nearly done now so will be sorting that out this weekend. Then going to a wedding open day at Newton hall in Northumberland where I'm planning on getting married.
  17. The police obviously know who he is, so they have to charge him as he's commited an offense. If he doesn't get charged and points in his licence, does that mean it's okay for mentioned film in my phone whilst driving.
  18. Dash Cam's.

    Hahaha that's pretty funny. I have one, people are daft not to have one.
  19. Last week
  20. Plans for the weekend?

    Looking forward to a full weekend off. Blues Saturday, out with Mrs SA for dinner Sunday, good to have some chill out time.
  21. Dash Cam's.

    Glad i have one, after an Amazon driver kindly reversed into me today! Ironically i bought it from Amazon. Amusingly the cunt cunt denied it, until i pointed out the camera. No real harm done other than a cracked number plate tho.
  22. Petition to change EFL governance

    That is the point tho, many of them are stupid and clueless, and dont give a fuck about the fans. Their idea is to make a few quid quickly which rarely works, and sees clubs literally sees clubs driven into oblivion. football clubs in the UK are a way of life for many people, not an excuse for foreign chancers to think they can make a quick buck, often failing leaving the club in a bad state. Any petition is a waste of time with your atitude @boro_boy. Yet if the people that agree with it, actually take time to sign it, it can and will make a difference. That may mean 30 seconds away from a playstation tho, or lifting the head away from the mobile phone. Sadly in this generation not many will take that minute or so to do it. Yet in a few years time they will be moaning about the exact same thing they had a chance to change.
  23. Jamie Carragher - Spits at 14 Year old

    Looks like he never had a seat belt on either. ah feck it, i would just like to smash him for being an attention craving cunt, whilst ignoring the safety of his daughter, whilst thinking there could be a few quid in this for me. How about a fine for driving whilst on the phone, few points on licence, no doubt a fair few members of the public will give him a hard time when going about his everyday stuff like shopping etc. Hopefully months of agro and abuse, awaits him.
  24. 28 years ago....

    Happy birthday leg end.
  25. 28 years ago....

    No I just mean because I'll be drunk I won't remember ?
  26. you not seen these tits on her ?
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