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  1. Today
  2. Hopefully for you lot it's not just a fluke win.
  3. Yesterday
  4. The Derby/Cardiff postponement.

    first I've heard of this, if the pitch and surrounding area was fine then they should be docked points like boro were when we postponed our game due to the snow!
  5. Basic simple food.

    Started a little cheesecake buisness too keep me occupied on my days off. Just another one picked up today.
  6. Jamie Carragher - Spits at 14 Year old

    Not if he had a lawyer with the balls to stand up to the corrupt system. Legislation is merely an act of Parliament, common law dates back to the magna carta and the bill of rights. Parliament cannot over ride it, as it pre dates parliament. do some proper research fella.
  7. Plans for the weekend?

    Fixed it for ya.
  8. ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    Feckin snow and cold has killed my daffodils.
  9. Last week
  10. Dash Cam's.

    Hahaha that's pretty funny. I have one, people are daft not to have one.
  11. Petition to change EFL governance

    That is the point tho, many of them are stupid and clueless, and dont give a fuck about the fans. Their idea is to make a few quid quickly which rarely works, and sees clubs literally sees clubs driven into oblivion. football clubs in the UK are a way of life for many people, not an excuse for foreign chancers to think they can make a quick buck, often failing leaving the club in a bad state. Any petition is a waste of time with your atitude @boro_boy. Yet if the people that agree with it, actually take time to sign it, it can and will make a difference. That may mean 30 seconds away from a playstation tho, or lifting the head away from the mobile phone. Sadly in this generation not many will take that minute or so to do it. Yet in a few years time they will be moaning about the exact same thing they had a chance to change.
  12. 28 years ago....

    Happy birthday leg end.
  13. Celebrity Death Thread 2018!

    WTF ?......
  14. 2018 Holiday Thread.

    Hahahaha thats surely a classic statement from Mrs SA.
  15. West Ham Scenes On Saturday

    If i was gonna invade the pitch like that, I would defo have made more of an effort with my dress sense.
  16. Southampton have just sacked Pellegrino
  17. ANTIFA Attack Tommy Robinson

    What a bunch of cowards. Have a pop at Tommy if you wish, i'm sure he'd be able to hold his own one on one (6 on to 1), but violently attacking a FEMALE, that is just downright cowardice. I wonder if their wealthy daddies know what big brave Barnaby, Sebastian, Piers, Tristran, Hugo, Miles & Rupert get up to when they venture from their gated mansions?
  18. Stadium Sponsorship

    Hello, yeah its in the right place, i'll do the survey in a bit.
  19. SPL Match Day Discussion

    Rangers took the lead within 2 minutes but Celtic equalised shortly after. We played well first half and led 2-1 until just before the break. Defending was shocking (again) but Rogic & Dembele took their goals well as did Windass & Candeias for Rangers. Celtic went down to 10 men in the 2nd half and the game was there for the taking but Rangers stood off and let Celtic play far too often & they won it with a fine strike from Edouard. Morelos had two great chances in the 2nd half but fucked up both. Personally I'd have played Cummings as striker as he is scoring (3 against Falkirk last week) & his confidence must be high but Murty waited until under 15 minutes left before he brought him on from the bench. At least in the first half Rangers showed they can match Celtic but they have to keep it up for the full game. Got to hand it to Celtic for playing the way they did when down to 10 men. Wasn't all doom and gloom for me though....I had fifty quid on both to score.
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  21. Mother's Day!

    Unfortunately my mum passed away a good few years ago also, my dad about 6 years ago. The wife's parents are also no longer with us.
  22. Never really been a fan of Motson, always thought Barry Davies was the best commentator the BBC had to offer. As a whole no one came close to the late Brian Moore who was the finest to ever commentate. Nowadays I just want to smack modern day commentators such as Sam Matterface!
  23. sa does cooking.

    Just done some of the Heinz toast toppers, threw it in the bin, nasty, then had some crumpets, which were nice. Still hungry tho.
  24. Still game.

    Got it recorded but still to watch it. Looking forward to it I must say.
  25. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Ms McQueen has just had phone sex with me.
  26. Getting logged out

    Ahhh, okay, they just done an update which I thought might have sorted it. I'll email them again.
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