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  2. Link?? Meanwhile, the polls suggest that Boris Johnson is by far the more popular party leader, compared to Labour's Jeremy Corbyn. The YouGov poll for the Sunday Times puts the Conservatives on 45%, with Labour on 28%, while the Deltapoll survey for the Mail on Sunday also puts the Tories on 45%, with Labour on 30%. According to Opinum, the Tories lead Labour by 44% to 28%, while SevantaComRes for the Sunday Telegraph puts the Conservatives on 41%, compared to Labour's 33%. The polls also suggest that the Conservatives are consolidating their support among Leave supporters and the working class. James Crouch, political polling expert at Opinium, said: "For the past six months the Conservatives have consolidated their position amongst Leave voters. "Especially since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, week after week we have noticed more Brexit supporters falling in line behind the Conservatives. "It might not be a new story, but now we are in a territory we haven’t seen before, with unprecedented numbers of Leave voters backing the Tories from all political backgrounds. That’s what gives them their 16-point lead, the third we have recorded in two months. "Ultimately the trends we have seen for weeks have continued because very little about the public’s perception of the leaders and their policies has changed. In the following weeks the leader debates and the unveiling of the manifestos might move the dial, but to what extent remains to be seen." The poll findings come less than four weeks before polling day. But Labour will take comfort from the fact that the party managed to make huge advances in the final weeks of the 2017 campaign, following the publication of both main parties' manifestos
  3. Today
  4. This hard faced bitter unrepentant terrorist cunt wants to reach out to Unionists,she can go fuck herself
  5. No......being the nosey fucker he is,he's probably looking in at times
  6. Having a pizza tonight. 👍🏻👍🏻
  7. I've got a t shirt with that in haha.
  8. I had a nice meal with colleagues yesterday. Today I am getting a quote for some work that needs doing on the house then running Grandson to his other Grandparents. After, I plan to chill watching darts, farting and eating.
  9. They fit an alarm on people who have bad cases of it.
  10. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.
  11. A little bit like you eh mate? Now off you trot to Poundland!
  12. Not wishing to derail the thread but I thought this best place to put this... On this day 1979 me & the missus were married. Forty years.....Jeezo, how she has put up with me at times I dunno but we're still here. She's a good 'un & I doft my hat to her.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Watched Brittany does a marathon with the missus. Was s good film, but I am easily pleased
  15. I am smashed. Been out on Christmas cocktails with fellow oompa loompa's.
  16. Fuck knows mate....I doubt it mind ye.....
  17. It's really heartening, isn't it, when a simple typing error leads to a lucrative business opportunity? My dog wanking business is thankfully going great guns!
  18. It's not just sickening, it's downright sad, perverted bastards.
  19. Harold


    Here's an alternative..... WEDNESDAY 18TH DECEMBER Heart of Midlothian19:45Celtic
  20. Ooooft! That is actually a better photo than the one of her in the red dress above.
  21. In the last 4 yrs he has taken us to a major tournament and secured 2 play off spots with a squad that has a lot of championship and lower league players
  22. You only have to see MP's switching from one party to another without a By-election,this is the first thing needs sorting
  23. Last week
  24. Corbyn would be far worse than them lot put together. Tho so far Bliar ( i saw what you did there ), has been the worst PM to date. Peterborough it was. Thankfully he is not in a position to ruin anything just now., tho he is corrupting the minds of young gullible teenagers, which is no surprise as all the areas involved in child grooming are run by Labour councils, I think he's aiming at the ones who slipped through the ring. hoping to create a younger future generation of Labour voters. Thankfully as the saying goes, with age comes wisdom. The only way he is gonna make it to 10 Downing Street.v v v
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