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    Amen Sister!
  3. We are losing the hosting of the group games in Dublin ,tomorrow is the deadline No guarantee from the government that the supporters will be permitted in the stadium by June
  4. Below are a selection of great website resources for Euro 2020 (2021): OneWorld-Futbol A great website for seeing the countries who are in Euro 2020. Click on a country to see their up and coming fixtures. Link: http://www.oneworld-futbol.com/
  5. Well Jack and Tierney are out of them and he will play O’Donnell at right back so we are fucked
  6. Last week
  7. i would give £20 to see bert in a skirt 🀣
  8. Why didn't Barnes say anything about the Premier League back in 1992 when he was playing for Liverpool? He was happy to take the wages then!! And didn't moan about the breakaway Premier League! But most of his points I agree with.
  9. a thermonuclear warhead in the 120kt range should do the trick 🀣
  10. Sounds good and my kind of film, wifey has daughters Netflix code so i will take a look
  11. Okay, happy with that, closing this thread now, it's ran it course and it's not even on topic anymore. πŸ˜‚
  12. I your opinion, Sterling is World Class ffs.... your heads melted Arrive, talk shite, feck aff again.... Love it 🀣
  13. Who next for Spurs then? The German is going to go to Munich isn't he.
  14. Closing this now as your not leaving anymore πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  15. Harold


    I hear Romania has plenty rescue dogs looking for new homes. A previous member on here claimed to have got one from there. Not too sure if it was kosher tbh.
  16. Morning MFF people. Dull up here but dry. Whatever you're doing today have a good one!
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