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  1. Yesterday
  2. The Realist

    Tommy Robinson!

  3. The Realist

    Doing a bit of gardening

    That looks like a palm tree in the middle.
  4. The Realist

    Favourite Actor/Actress.

    They have to be the top 2 for any proper bloke.
  5. The Realist

    Your All Time Top 10!

    What are your all time top 10 recording's and why? This is a really difficult question for anybody to answer i reckon. As a guy who has played (or tried) guitar most of his life, i would start with Stairway to heaven-Led Zeppelin, November Rain- Guns & Roses, Baba O Reilly -The Who, and Comfortably numb- Pink floyd, Dont really think an explanation is needed as to why for these are truly legendary musical masterpieces,spanning generations of music lovers. For me it not only how good they are, It is also about the amount of effort, learning them, and pleasure at finally being able to play them. Baba O Reilly aside( as i just love the record) Also got to shout out, Whole lotta rosie AC-DC. Got to think a bit about the other 5 tho. The jam, Human league, Sex pistols done some great stuff imo, tunes for a generation. Anyhow why not post a youtube link along with your thoughts about as to why you love the tune.
  6. The Realist

    Moscow Fifa 2018

    After seeing the Hostel films, I will never stay in one, especially in Eastern Europe.
  7. The Realist

    Petrol and diesel prices

    That's reality.
  8. The Realist

    Things that piss you off.

    Craving a big steak, and mrs SA not wanting to go out to eat.
  9. Harold

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    Too warm for me to sit in the sun. Thank goodness I got the work done yesterday.
  10. Locke

    That shutdown feeling!

    Yes, today is my last official session of being a Willy Wonka for a week. However, doing a crafty six hours on Sunday. £28 an hour is not to be sniffed at.
  11. Last week
  12. Locke

    Play off finals England 2018

    I won't be watching. Going for a stroll round the park.
  13. redblood

    Gary Rowett Sacking! Opinion's please.

    I'd agree with this Seems to move around the Midlands quite a bit
  14. boro_boy

    Plans for the weekend?

    Yeah I know, I just hope she's alright. We meet in a park, poppy and Darcy. If they get on we take her home. If they don't get on we don't. If we get.home and find they don't get on then worst case I'd have to return her to the charity. I know.i said I couldn't get rid of her, keeping her would not be fair on poppy. But hopefully that never happens.
  15. Harold

    Tonight' dinner.

    Macaroni cheese, chips and a couple of slices of buttered baton loaf.
  16. Locke

    That Sturgeon Woman!! (or bloke?)

    In the words of The Realist she has a face only a cosh could love. Terrible thing she is.
  17. Locke

    Value for money thread

    Morrison's were doing a 10 pint keg of lager for £9.99 last week. Dunno if it still available though.
  18. Locke

    Sleeping in seperate beds!!!

    Spare bedrooms before marriage is only heading one way...
  19. Harold

    The Drinking Thread

    Today I am repeating yesterday and have stuck two bottles of EF red in the fridge to enjoy watching the Partick Thisle v Livingston game.
  20. Correct. I sometimes think that the commentators and these wallies they use as co-commentators are watching a different game especially when they have access to what we can see. As for me being allowed to commentate, I'd be barred after my first...'Aw fuck off you arsehole ref' !
  21. The Realist

    FA Cup Final - Chelsea v Manchester United

    Feckin awful game of football.
  22. Yes they are utter scum.
  23. Harold

    Great day for Britain Today.

    Aye, I know that...t'was just that you didn't include the 'above their weight'.
  24. The Realist

    New baby in the Royal family

  25. Earlier
  26. boro_boy

    Englands team for Russia World Cup

    We'll get out of the group stages and the first half decent team we pay will beat us and knock us out early.
  27. boro_boy

    Parachute Payments

    It's not rewarding failure. In my eyes it's given clubs who have been relegated an unfair advantage. I'm all for scrapping it tbf.
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