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  1. Yesterday
  2. Boro agree deal for Birmingham defender

    He won't be going anywhere until we get Flint from Bristol City. Reply below added 0 minutes later Yes he is decent.
  3. Morning Routine

    Start work at 7am. Get up at 6:30 brush my teeth get dressed. Leave for work at 6:45 and clock in at 6:55.
  4. Manchester United - New Forum / Topic Side bar

    Just wondered if you knew buddy. It's a good addition to the site
  5. Scottish predictions chat & banter

    I'll get the table updated tonight after work folks
  6. Last week
  7. Premier league prediction league

    Saturday 19th August Swansea v Man united 0-3 Bournemouth v Watford. 2-2 Burnley v West brom 1-1 Leicester v Brighton 2-1 Liverpool v Palace 2-2 Southampton v West ham 1-1 Stoke v Arsenal 0-2 Sunday 20th August Huddersfield v Newcastle 2-1 Tottenham v Chelsea 2-1 Monday 21st August Man city v Everton 1-0
  8. John Terry to Birmingham?

    Until Mark Roberts became available. Now, i am wetting myself laughing...
  9. Villa losing 2-0 against Reading. Terry's doing a good job then haha.
  10. I know I'm biased but the Rooney overhead kick was pretty special.
  11. Health problem

    Well, all you can do is wait. Hopefully, it's nothing bad.
  12. About time as well, it's insanity we have to wait three weeks into the season for it to close. Not only is it totally unsettling for clubs, it leaves players in limbo like Van Dijk, Costa and Coutinho. I know they deserve leaving in limbo but it's not good for all parties if you're missing games.
  13. I agree you should be able to watch it on the official page. Not everyone can attend a match.
  14. Birmingham completed the signing of young Luton Town striker Isaac Vassell today. Definitely needed. He has scored 14 in his last 29 games for Luton. Does the 100 metres in 11 seconds too.
  15. I'm surprised as well. Seems highly rated and he's been in a few international squads.
  16. How to Become a Vegetarian

    Why are eggs as bad as ciggies?
  17. Ronaldo Red Card for Diving

    i personally could not give a hoot about that cnut ,he's know for his diving antics so he might have just got what was coming to him he cannot cheat and dive forever surely
  18. SPL Match Day Discussion

    your not the only one , they will have too buck up their ideas in the coming matches or i think there could be a few defeats coming our way
  19. Archer is back on Netflix

    Just started watching this, on Episode 3 Season 1.
  20. The Ballboy - Daily football news!

    Haha, thanks a lot for that comment, yeah it is a bit recent so Premiership news will be coming soon! And as for the About page, I'm also working on trying to find something better to put in there. But thanks for the feedback, hope you liked it overall and that you'll pay us a visit every now and then!
  21. Premiership match chat.

    Great win for United yesterday I hope West Ham go down, i've never liked them. Reply below added 0 minutes later Nice to see Newcastle losing too
  22. What's the point of little clubs?

    Supporting a club shouldn't be about the league you're in, I know Altrincham fans who are as die hard as I am about United. They don't know who's gonna play for them from one week to another, the player turn around is amazing. Do they stop supporting their club, no they don't.
  23. The Drinking Thread 2016

    Developed an addiction too apple juice lately.
  24. Steaks

    Yeah you can do alot more dishes with chicken but there's a few good recipes for steaks aswell. My personal favourite is definitely beef Wellington.
  25. Ive Started Slimming world

    That isn't too bad then. I weighed myself this morning and I was shocked that I have lost another 2lb, I have been eating crap the last few weeks. So in total I have lost 16lb.
  26. Ferry Prices

    Ok I just booked the ferry from Lymington to Isle of White return for September. It cost £77 return for me and the wife with our two scooters. It isn't far and just a 35 minute float. I also looked how much it was from Dover to Calais in France taking the scooters. It was just £58 return. How do they come up with these prices? Calais is an international journey and much further but much cheaper.
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