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  2. I don't believe so Hairy. A bit of advice considering the rise of anti semitic incidents but as was also reported in the article more will have to be done to combat this rather than soundbites.
  3. Harold

    Funny pics

    this wee burdy is waiting for a tweet...
  4. I'd beg to differ tbh
  5. Today
  6. No surprise here tbh....after winning the Scottish Cup, a treble treble you would have thought he would act accordingly befitting the Captain of the Scottish Champions ? But nup, that serial thug, idolised by the MSM, Scott Brown once again shows how seriously lacking in class he is...
  7. what is there to keep separate ? The democratic results in both referendums are not accepted by those whose vote fell on the losing side. Kinda makes my point even more pertinent imo.
  8. Violent brawl outside Celtic boozer Bar 67 leaves two men seriously injured https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/violent-brawl-outside-celtic-boozer-16203229
  9. As is the boring Mr Linekar!
  10. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48411182 Lennon better for Celtic than 'sexier' names - Alan Stubbs
  11. Roger

    The Gender Thread

    This is what they are teaching our kids in schools... Genderqueer and genderless Other people identify with being both a boy and a girl, or having many genders. They might identify as ‘genderqueer’. Others identify with having no gender, and may identify as genderless. Gender fluid Some people find that their gender shifts and changes over time. Of course, what you call yourself is entirely up to you. You might even choose not to label your gender at all, and that’s fine, too!
  12. Yesterday
  13. So, it looks like a team that infringed FFP will be promoted. Yet Bolton get a kick in the nuts while they are struggling. The EFL tried it with Brum too but come unstuck. The EFL really are big fat hairy cunts!
  14. Jones is just another snivelling left wing loony. Probably be found creeping up Corbyn's arse at some point in the near future.
  15. Don't think you're ready for marriage mate. Don't go ahead unless you're 100% certain. Just a wee aside...did you get the pm I sent ?
  16. Last week
  17. My Kills a kill attitude has limitations 🤣😂 But she isn't it, GAB! Seen the film mate.
  18. A Party member of the racist Brexit Party,well said Elizabeth
  19. Normski

    The CUNT Thread

    The owner is a cunt and the vet is a fucking cunt and should be struck off,that wee dog is a spit of mine,disgusting
  20. Harold


    You've never watched Sweden then. Don't know if they're in it but some of them are (as Fred Flinstone would say)....Shagadaba doooooable!
  21. Haven't watched it. And to be honest the subject does not attract me.
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