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  2. Net neutrality rules weakened by US regulator

    I'm going to watch that tomorrow.
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  4. Sports personality of the year 2017!

    Don't care lol. Does this award even mean anything?
  5. Lost A good mate today!

    Yeah you just don't know when your times up.
  6. Horrific Car Crash In Birmingham Today!

    Yeah hard-hitting images those like. They are absolute cunts and young people will never learn. Young people (Young Male Drivers) will always want to speed, and film it to show off. I'm going to have to remove the photos though as they are a little horrific to say the least. I'd hate to see photos of my family if they were ever in an accident like this, plastered all over the internet. Maybe young drivers shouldn't be allowed to drive at night or after a certain time? No wonder its so expensive for young drivers for their insurance!!!
  7. The Christmas Thread 2017!

    Same here pretty much, tho Mrs SA has booked me a days off roading in a Land Rover Discovery.
  8. Just had my dog spayed

    Your dog when you tread on a plug.
  9. Last week
  10. Ryanair Again!

    Ryanair have caved in, and agreed to recognise the pilots union.
  11. Football and the art of telling lies!

    Because the fans are first and foremost interested in the actual playing of the game and are 'loyal' to the actual team who represent their aspirations. After that comes the points you make. Your correct in what you say about bullshit that is spouted continually but in addition to that you have to question the same old mediocre questions they are asked when being interviewed. Personally it is very rare that I listen to post match interviews with players/managers or these managers interviews throughout the week prior to games. I know you don't like Neil Lennon mate, but I'll tell you, most of the time he tells it like it is and gives a forthright opinion whether you agree with said opinion or not.
  12. SPL Match Day Discussion

    3 points are 3 points but my God, performances like that are NOT good for the old ticker.
  13. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    My neighbour's mum got a stair lift installed in her house. Its driving her up the wall!!
  14. The move could see driving licences of 2.5 million ex-military personnel stamped with a "V" symbol http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42336381 Personally I think it's sick! When we've got 10,000 Veterans sleeping rough on the streets, being moved on by local councils who put spikes in the pavement where they're trying to place their cardboard box for the night, trying to beg money for food off people for whom giving them money has been made a criminal offence, if they're lucky being allowed to queue up alongside nurses at a foodbank, denied benefits because they're classed as 'fit for work' and so on, we think we're great because we give them a nice little V on the driving license for a car they can never afford. At least they could replace the V with something more appropriate, befitting how our government REALLY sees them:
  15. Chris Froome - Another Cycling Cheat

    Indeed, tho Asthma inhalers do contain steroids, Salbutamol does anyhow, I know this as my kids have grown up using them. Large amount of Asthma medication = Steroids???
  16. Thought I'd watch this on 4OD and it's pretty good. About these two Just fancied watching something different.
  17. Negan has left the building

    Scary part from his dad's thought's must be- 5 million sperm and he was the fastest ffs.
  18. Bitcoin!

    hahahahaha, or maybe he started it?
  19. Is Social Media Destroying Society?

    I rarely use Facebook, Mrs SA uses my Facebook to play a few games! I have no dodgy passwords or hide anything from her. Some people would be horrified at the thought of their husband/wife having access to their Facebook or phone, WTF is that about seriously?. I bet it causes a few arguments too. I don't mind her giving me grief if I stroll home at 4am pissed as feck after saying i'm popping out for a quick pint at 7pm. I'll be phucked if I'm gonna have her screaming at me for liking a mates comment that has a girl 50 yards away in the background or similar type crap. Sad thing is tho, people really behave like that nowadays. Is deleting somebody on Facebook the worst thing you can do to a person nowadays? From thing's I hear at times it seems that way.
  20. Man Flu!

    Women just don’t care, they know nothing about our immune system. They don’t see how sensitive we are and how the brain can have such an effect on this system. They don’t look at it holistically like we do. As Dr Rolf Wellman’s latest research has shown, even simple words or sentences can slice through our immunity. In tests words like, lawnmower, shelf, bedclothes, iron, shopping, all produced symptoms of pre- flu; sweating, lethargy and unquenchable thirst. (Grayson Perry I think)
  21. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw

    Like my Aociety one then, Now were equal.
  22. Netflix defends A Christmas Prince tweet

    Lots of Asian families. that's maybe why they work shifts.
  23. Probably letting them have a can, is a good way to ensure they never drink again. Welsh red ale, sounds worse than death, phucking horrible.
  24. Glitches

    I deleted the "location" and "Team you support" so I could add them back again so they look normal. I realised in the end that I didn't have to so I had to add them back and it looks better for the forum when people have these two filled out.
  25. Poland!

    As I said in other threads....EU=a totalitarian institution which accepts NO dissent.
  26. Weather

    My missus fell last night on a path and bruised her knee.
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