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  1. Today
  2. The Realist

    Question for BB

    I find that a bit ironic really, You started it with a needless post, slagging me and accusing me of being a snob. If you can give a logical explanation as to why you felt the need to post what you did, and also use the expletives that you did along the way i will maybe accept being a snob. May i also suggest if you have no rage, you post in a calm and decent manner? Do you really need to use the FUCK?, or is it only when you get angry. As for the pension fund, it's down £1200 today.
  3. Hairy Scot

    Wanna save some money ?

    Do you believe they do it for nothing? That is bollox.
  4. Locke

    Tonight' dinner.

    Lamb shanks, roasters, broccoli and gravy.
  5. Harold

    Is it not ironic

    As I've said before mate, I know not enough about this subject to get involved in a debate about it.
  6. Yesterday
  7. The Realist

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Life is great fella. I'm a country boy now, and loving it.
  8. Harold

    Things that piss you off.

    Gobby quiz show contestants....there was one mouthy wummin on Tipping Point today....Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
  9. Harold

    Iceland palm oil advert banned

    How do I do that ? I couldn't see any link for that. I've just been deleting them.
  10. Harold

    What game would you like to attend ?

    However, as you say you are from England...pick a Scottish game. That's what the thread is about if you read the first post.
  11. Last week
  12. Hairy Scot

    Two Foot Tall

  13. Just watching this now, as I do every yearr.
  14. Hope the "Mightly" boro win today!!!
  15. Hairy Scot

    Outlaw King

    Just released on Netflix. Definitely worth watching. Aside from the usual "artistic licence" sticks pretty close to the actual history. Thankfully, apart from a vague mention, they skipped the spider in the cave legend. .I'm sure they must have been tempted to use Flower of Scotland during the closing scenes. Once again I have to lament the fact that they could not find a Scots actor to play the part. Kudos to Chris Pine on his accent. That helps to keep images of The Enterprise at bay. I'll say no more.
  16. Hairy Scot

    Basic simple food.

    I add my own. For some reason they're not bog on S&V in NZ takeaways. It was of course washed down with my favourite Pinot Gris. I am now enjoying some Rye 'n Dry. (Canadian Club and dry ginger ale).
  17. Locke

    Plans for the weekend?

    I might be down the Digbeth Dining Club myself on Saturday.
  18. Earlier
  19. Locke

    Here's a fun poll

    I love riding my fat pipe.
  20. Harold

    Any info gratefully received

    I know mate....quite happy as I am though. Auld school me....
  21. Locke

    Scum Celtic Fans at it again

    Terrible, terrible events. It has been suggested many times that senior figures at the club knew what Torbett was up to.
  22. Hairy Scot

    How It Ends (2018)

    1h 53min
  23. boro_boy

    The Reluctant Landlord

    I just record everything and watch it when I want to watch it.
  24. Hairy Scot

    Lennon Threatens to Quit

    Has to be enforced. We both know that stewards are not the answer and unfortunately the constabulary has changed quite a bit since you and I were part of it. They seem somewhat reluctant to get involved. Perhaps due to the influence of the PLPC. CCTV may help in weeding out the miscreants, but an ounce of prevention etc etc.
  25. Hairy Scot

    Law Abiding Citizen

    So did I. But I stand by my critique.
  26. Hairy Scot

    Satirical comment by Janey Godley

    If anyone can recognise a cunt I would put my money on Janey.
  27. boro_boy


    Hahahaha, I'd hate to talk to him. He's dangerous, wanting to get rid of our nuclear deterrent. The crazy fool.
  28. Hairy Scot

    Move along....nothing to see here!

    Send him back to whence he came.
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