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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hairy Scot

    Word Association

  3. Locke

    Tonight' dinner.

    We went to the Wetherspoons in Stirling last year and thought that was great value.
  4. Red Devil

    Football quiz questions

    Gary Pallister via a free kick against Blackburn.
  5. Harold

    What book are you reading ?

    Is it an East Reader ?..............Geddit ?
  6. Last week
  7. Shocking really, he's got little chance of survival.
  8. Harold

    Pub Quiz

    What is a falchion ?
  9. Harold

    Economic Control is Abuse

    BB gives away secrets of his domestic life......
  10. boro_boy

    The Drinking Thread

    21 Days dry :)
  11. Harold

    Lunar Eclipse!

    Wtf ?.....
  12. Harold

    Most annoying Americanisms

    My bad You do the Math (surely it should be Maths ?) season.................instead of series for a tv show.
  13. Harold

    Brexit not going very good?

    They already have mate.
  14. Locke

    Plans for the weekend?

    I started the day with my Grandson. Had breakfast with him. Dropped him off at his other Nan's mid morning. This afternoon was the pictures in Brum to see BohemianRhapsody. Awesome film. The guy who played Freddie Mercury was phenomenal. Then a nice steak meal at Miller & Carter in The Mailbox. Watching the NFL now with a bottle of red.
  15. Harold


    After a nice touch on 'over 0.5 goals in first half' yesterday (Arsenal v Chelsea)....another top up with the same bet Fulham v Spurs....Nice!
  16. Locke

    Horse Racing Thread

    I would have taken a days holiday if they came in! Lol
  17. Harold

    Celebrity Death Thread 2019!

    B.....O.....B.....O......Y......S Boys to entertain youuuuu.
  18. Harold

    Tipping Point and The Chase quiz shows

    I'm going to 'try' and keep away from this thread.....it doesn't do my blood pressure any good.......
  19. The two previous posts have been deleted by me (just seen them). First was an unnecessary dig and the 2nd retaliatory and have heehaw to do with the thread. Any further ones will also be deleted. Keep to the topic please.
  20. Earlier
  21. Locke

    Someone needed my bike for than me last night

    Really? Isn't it very nice there?
  22. Locke

    Whats with Gilletes new video?

    More feminist shite!
  23. Harold

    Motorbike Tours

    Going off topic for a moment here (apologies). Fatpipe, Have you had a swatch at the football quiz thread ? I know you're a Celtic man but do you have any idea as to the answer to the last question about Rangers by Realist. I haven't a scooby mate....
  24. Locke


    Do it! Such a great show. 10/10
  25. Locke

    Dirty Leeds Spying

    Nor me.
  26. I support Birmingham City.
  27. Locke


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