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  3. OK, I'll try to go 1 better "we rule the world" Instead of "We arra People"
  4. Imagine a scouser or City fan doing the exact same thing,there is no way on earth the FA would impose this on City or the scousers,they wouldn't dare have the balls
  5. I found this funny Liek you say during the world cup the majority of Scottish people who were on my ship were supporting everyone but England.
  6. Ffs Maurice you're a fucking journalist😂
  7. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    Peter Bearsley charged with racial abuse at Newcastle
  8. Soooo an extension has been granted,now the government is considering allowing MP's to vote on SEVEN different Brexit options......absolute fucking shambles
  9. Not London but Manchester,fucking disgusting
  10. Harold

    The Gender Thread

    Okay....they apologised....and ?
  11. He's lost a lotta support in Belfast
  12. we've never opted for automatic.....wouldn't feel comfortable with it. How long is your car going to be off the road ?
  13. Last week
  14. That's crazy! Theres paedophiles who get off Scott free and fraudsters get a heavy sentence. the worlds mad.
  15. Harold

    Britain 2019

    There is an excellent post in the article regards this... If a Muslim student was asked to write such a letter for Anglicanism or Christianity generally, and the Muslim father refused and posted it on Facebook or Tweeter, it would be the School Authorities grovelling and apologizing and the newsmedia screaming about the injustice and 'compulsion of religion'. What the kids were asked to do is so wrong but that's left wing authority for you. The father is quite correct in his attitude and the abuse he has suffered simply shows the ignorance of certain members of our society. Freedom of speech like democracy is dead in the UK>
  16. Harold

    Foreign Aid

    Foreign aid is enshrined in UK law. To have it stopped I presume said law would have to be repealed and that aint gonna happen. Meanwhile, as problems within our own country are not solved we have to borrow annually and we have a huge debt. Seems kind of skewed thinking to me. https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/334/uk-economy/uk-national-debt/
  17. The problem was the Keeper got near the long ball .. the defence , in this case, couldn’t do anything. McGregor has been excellent all season but in this case he was 100% at fault Id give Katic the rest of the season. All the best to Worral but he is not our player
  18. Pal, never doubted u were really. You've been around ages, I was joking pal.
  19. Agree altho the downside was getting yhe shits everyday
  20. I'm on leave now until 31st when I sail away for 3 and a bit weeks. Then back on leave for 2 weeks. Then away for 2 months going to the Baltic.
  21. we were up the town this morning & the wife went into one of the local & very good butchers (imo). She got a pile of steak for our steak pie on Sunday, four beef olives which have been put in the freezer but as a wee surprise she bought me a pack of meatballs in a tomato sauce which I'm having with fusilli and garlic bread tonight!
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