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  2. https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/new-fernando-book/?fbclid=IwAR1Km1vx5pijgpQB9E6cHWThtcCOk4uXRI7rO2w8NZQAEJa0EQS3pQRo_TE
  3. 100% many girls and young women fucked him freely for the lure of money but many,once on that island,had nowhere to go The telecom guy was a witness to Clinton being on the island countless times Who would i believe first? That doesn't need answering Telecom guy also disclosed the guy who was sexually touching the young topless girl at the pool was indeed Randy Andy Epstein was murdered,the autopsy proves it in last episode He was erased for one reason
  4. Gotta love Mags, brilliant he did find a loop hole in the rules. I'm having 20-30
  5. Only had a chicken sandwich with bacon and BBq sauce. But only because I was a McDonald's queueing wanker today, the kids were desperate for me to go so I went and waited 15 minutes which wasn't bad to be fair. But i did have a sneaky meal, not had a Mcd's for about a year and realise why. Crap food.
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  7. Third season out. Anyone else enjoy this series?
  8. Normski


    But as we've saw in video evidence,they are basically assisted to UK waters by the French then handed over to UK authorities who then taxi them into Dover.....as i said the Home Office statement is fucking pathetic and making fools of voters who listened to their shite about tightening borders.....imagine Diane Abbott was Home Secretary and not Shitti Patel and the shite she would get.....no fucker is above criticism
  9. No mate....I'm offski in a minute so....The Irishman.......Catch ye the morra mate.
  10. fucking hopefully mate.
  11. Ice cold bud after a fast paced 80 min walk......fuck it is good
  12. Love Halloumi on flat breads with houmous salad and sweet chilli sauce.
  13. SP.....I've changed the last image......having looked at it again the original was a bit vague.
  14. Apparently the suspect is German
  15. The Shinners have no fucking shame,they used to kill black soldiers and would have celebrated their deaths......pass me the sick bucket
  16. Normski

    Racism Thread

    Japanese and Chinese?
  17. This interview was released yesterday never got a chance to watch it till now For what it is is fair enough
  18. Brave young people seeking justice eh ? Would that be the same thousands of brave young people who rioted and fought with the Police ? Did Barry say anything about George Floyd's dark side....will Keir Starmer have anything to say about Gardiner ? You'll find out in the next edition of 'SOAP' !
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  20. https://www.britannica.com/on-this-day/June-4 http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/june/4/default.stm
  21. To whichever fucking clown decided it was entrapment..
  22. What kind of a human would do that, disgusting. Such a sad world we live in at times.
  23. What the fuck have we been saying all along Mak....of course it was a non concealed con....the SPFL and fucking Liewell don't even try to hide it but still the majority of our clubs accept the staus quo and for whatever reason are too scared to challenge the bastards! I hope to fuck that when normality returns that Rangers fans to a man refuse to take away tickets!
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