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  2. MEGA confused Maybe a new gender?
  3. To be fair tough as it could’ve we should’ve beating them. Away on the 8th August and home on the 15th August
  4. I once knew a girl who had a tattoo of a sea shell on her inner thigh and if you put your ear to it you could smell the ocean!
  5. Today
  6. At the end of the video there is someone behind the scenes saying...'He's only 18' and something about him playing in a youth fibal ? Is he talking about the victim or offender....any idea ? If that had been big Dunc cops would have been huckling him there and then.
  7. It's all explained here:- https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/movies/marvel-cinematic-universes-phase-4-why-diversity-is-the-new-superpower/ar-AAEGlWE?li=BBoPJKU&srcref=rss
  8. Epic, now that's what a judge should be like.
  9. Harold

    Random Videos

    Tasty looking blonde there....wish she had turned round tbh! Dunno....the bride was bleeding from a facial injury....doubt that would be staged. Burd that was doing the dancing would be worth a shag though.
  10. Yesterday
  11. George Soros funds a lot of activists
  12. I worked in the Gulf (Abu Dhabi) from 2014 - 2016, the Iranians are a fucking joke. Allied forces, USA, French and GB amongst others have enough power in the region to blow them away in 10 minutes.
  13. These people who are offended seriously need to die.
  14. Not sure, it requires an answer... But we'll worked out 🤣
  15. Bastion

    The CUNT Thread

    Doubt the Lib Dems did this........ No doubt, some cunt with access to their stickers........
  16. Everything ? The Open certainly isn't......Tiger's fucked....Mickleson's cheating has caught up with him....Fowler's the nearest but won't win.
  17. Normski

    Petition Anyone?

    Just give it 2 fingers SP
  18. Harold

    The NEWS Today

    Yet the police in Peterborough are not investigating obvious corruption at that last election ? Telling ye Norm....this is Political influence within the Constabulary hierarchy. The cunt you mention....a police caution ? Give me a fucking break! you bet your sweet arse they do mate but refuse to make comment!
  19. Yes there are. I hate these cunts too. But I hate everyone really.
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