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  2. Omg why do I always skip the match?! Everytime I do a lot of bets, but without watching the whole game! I'm so angry ... And thanks God I often check 777score.co.uk where every match score is visible, so I can see how good is my intuition :D Next time Ill set the alarm...
  3. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Couple of ham salad sandwiches for myself.
  4. boro_boy

    So when will United sack Mourinho?

    Yeah their team are miles better, but they are not as big as United yet!!
  5. Today
  6. Locke

    Jaguar Land Rover

    It is interesting when JLR reportedly say that £80 billion worth of investment is at risk? Presumably that means in this country?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Red Devil

    Got my house

    My first house was ex-council and we made around 30k like yourself, good on you as well as you've filled their pockets for the last ten years. We bought ours for £70,000 including discount and we sold it for £150,000 six years later. Laughing all the way to the bank.
  9. Last week
  10. boro_boy


    Great show, i'm proper into this at the moment, its on Sky Witness. Highly recommend this is you like your fire/police shows, its all fictitious but i'm sure some of the scenarios are real!
  11. Locke

    South African woman thwarts attempted hijack

    The glass and car were bullet proof. They would have subjected her to horrific abuse.
  12. boro_boy

    The Drinking Thread

    Aye, it was nice but not as nice as the draught one they do in the same bottle.
  13. One day, Little Johnny saw his grandpa smoking his cigarettes. Little Johnny asked, "Grandpa, can I smoke some of your cigarettes?" His grandpa replied, "Can your penis reach your asshole?" "No", said Little Johnny. His grandpa replied, "Then you're not old enough." The next day, Little Johnny saw his grandpa drinking beer. He asked, "Grandpa, can I drink some of your beer?" His grandpa replied, "Can your penis reach your asshole?" "No" said Little Johhny. "Then you're not old enough." his grandpa replied. The next day, Little Johnny was eating cookies. His grandpa asked, "Can I have some of your cookies?" Little Johnny replied, "Can your penis reach your asshole?" His grandpa replied, "It most certainly can!" Little Johnny replied, "Then go fuck yourself. These are my cookies!"
  14. Harold

    Premier League Football fans

    Right folks....as you will be well aware this thread has NOTHING to do with betting. It is to do with a survey about Premier League fans. If you continue pushing the betting angle you will be banned. If you, even once, post any links to do with betting anywhere you will be banned. There are numerous forums & threads where you can post about football or virtually anything so I'd be obliged if you actually did that. Thank You in anticipation!
  15. Earlier
  16. boro_boy

    Bad day at work

    Hahaha nah, not got any lol
  17. Harold

    May is Doomed

    Not for me although not a lot in it mate.....He started off a Brexiteer but changed into a remainer but I'm basing it on the fact that May is conceding to the EU at every turn when the country needs her to be strong. Cameron was a busted flush when he returned from an EU summit saying we (UK) had done well when we got fuck all apart from laughed at!
  18. boro_boy

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    The sun was out for the three days I was in Oban in June/July.
  19. Harold

    Basic simple food.

    This morning it was homemade sausage rolls again drizzled with tommy k. Only had 11 so far and there is a few left for nibbles if I so wish throughout the day.
  20. Harold

    The Tee-total thread

    You got it boss.....
  21. Hairy Scot

    What it is to be British

    I always state my nationality as Scots and my country of birth as Scotland, but that's because I am proud of that. It's not about hating Britain or refusing to be British. However, here in NZ on some official forms I have to describe myself as NZ European because that is the only "tick box" that applies. They've obviously decided against "Caucasian". But then that's more about race than nationality.
  22. Harold

    Doing a bit of gardening

    Sssshhhh....they are.....
  23. MrMacleod

    Scotland vs Albania.

    So basically the same thing then.....
  24. GabrielT

    Scotland vs Belgium

    It was a friendly game
  25. Ben Greenwood

    Masters Degree Dissertation participation request

    Fair point, thanks for commenting. The questionnaire survey forms part of the empirical, quantitative section of my Dissertation which is complementary to the qualitative research from, as you say, forum posts on this, and other football sites, along with the peer-reviewed academic journals on the subject of 'sportng' corporate governance.
  26. MrMacleod

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    Fucking pissing down here, usual Scottish weather.
  27. Harold

    Has Serena gone too far?

    or underwater fart catching ?
  28. boro_boy


    https://www.myfootballforum.com/bettingshop/request-bet/ Request the bets above
  29. Harold

    Interesting article about Brexit

    Aw FFS....Peter Kerr from Kilmarnock writing in to the NATIONAL ? Yeah anything written in that arsewipe is going to be very impartial.......
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