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  1. Today
  2. Harold

    The Drinking Thread

    he's been too busy perving in Lingerie shops to be drinking.
  3. Locke

    May is Doomed

    This is what conservative infighting is allowing to slip in through the back door...
  4. Yesterday
  5. Locke

    Tonight' dinner.

    I had salmon fillets and potatoes. I am contemplating whether to swill it down with 4 cans of Kronenberg.
  6. Locke

    Should football clubs be punished be...

    I see eight Aston Villa thugs who attacked a pub were given prison sentences yesterday. They were intent on looking for trouble after Cardiff thumped them 3-0. Many diners including the elderly and children were left shaken and frightened. I don't think the club should get in trouble for this though as it happened away from the ground.
  7. Locke

    Brexit not going very good?

    So now she is going back to the EU to beg a little more in the hope that she can dupe the doubters into voting for her deal. There is no deal here. The deal is what we already have. The EU will still govern us in so many ways.
  8. Harold

    The Christmas 2018 Thread!

    Nicked into the town this morning to get the final few bits and bobs for the missus. The place was heaving as was the traffic. Thank God that's done and I'm back home.
  9. Harold

    Smart Watch

    just think how long it will take to fully charge a car after 2040 (2032 up here).....that's if you can find a charging point!
  10. Last week
  11. Locke

    London tomorrow.

    There is plenty of revelance. You are a self confessed thug and hooligan. If someone in the press offered it to you personally it could be that you was known to them.
  12. boro_boy

    Amusing Videos

    I'll have a gander at thee later, just off out to walk dogs then go Christmas shopping.
  13. Tbh, I didn't understand that......
  14. MrMacleod

    When does your Christmas Leave Start?

    Could be a shout my man
  15. Had a pile on the Chelsea v City game last night over 2.5 which went down but back on track with a good few points on Newcastle v Wolves over 0.5 goals first half....Wolves have just gone in the lead.....
  16. Roberts wasn't great last season, made a few costly error's. I'm not sure i have confidence in him, then again he was playing under Cotterill, who seemed good at destroying players. How different has Jota, and several others been under Monk?.
  17. Locke

    Walnut Whips

    Oh trust me. People who only have mild reactions do it on purpose.
  18. Hairy Scot

    Thankfully all Scots

    as often happens
  19. The Realist

    New Car Time Again.

    Like my granddaughter eh? A feckin Fiat 500. well i got the car for her, hid it in a mates garage til her birthday.
  20. Harold

    Martin O'Neil

    what I do know is you used a different smiley.....
  21. boro_boy

    New Look

    Haha, I spend more time sober these days so it more likely that i'll be working on the site whilst unfortunately sober haha.
  22. And Hendrix was better than this ?
  23. Harold

    Little update members.

    Obviously been a really difficult time for you both Mac & my heart goes out to you both, it really does mate. Sorry to hear you have split up and hope that one day you can, with great difficulty no doubt, look to the future and get back together but only you & Rachel will know and do what is best for both of you. In the grand scheme of things the forum will be the least of your concerns but it is good to see you back. Are you remaining in Oban ?
  24. The Realist

    Wilder v Fury (Free Live Stream)

    Have to agree, no way was that a draw.
  25. I thought the six second rule had be cast aside, all keepers keep the ball longer and refs don't enforce.
  26. Locke

    Plans for the weekend?

    I've changed my mind about DDG. We are getting a little bored of the place to be fair. Overpriced food and not always the best selection. Rain forecast too, so going to have the Grandson over for weekend instead.
  27. Harold

    Your Celebrity fantasy one night stand

    Nice enough but too goody goody looking for me for a one nighter mate.
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