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  2. Harold

    Climate Change

    Seems Emma Thomson thinks it okay for her to use dirty energy to fly but castigates others for not doing enough (in her opinion) to combat (so called) climate change. She wouldn't know the meaning of hypocrisy if it bit her on the arse. Fuck off back to America Emma.
  3. She's a glutton for punishment. In charge of the disasters that are education, NHS, law & order but which are dismissed, she now wants another 'once in a lifetime' separation referendum. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-46905024
  4. Today
  5. you can always pm me mate.
  6. Normski

    The Gender Thread

    There is just no surprise anymore😂
  7. The only thing David de Gea saved against Man City was us from years and years and years of possible unrelenting unbearable gloating from Liverpool fans...
  8. You just knew dunderhead would pipe up.....well said Daniel👏
  9. Yesterday
  10. Saturday, 27/04/2019 Celtic v Kilmarnock ------- 1 Hamilton v Livingston ---- X Motherwell v Dundee ---- 1 St Mirren v St Johnstone - 2 Sunday, 28/04/2019 Hibs v Hearts ------------- 1 Rangers v Aberdeen ----- 1
  11. They should stop playing football on a Sunday then,that goes against a Christian's religious beliefs
  12. your new nickname from now on shall be the Todger.
  13. I have a feeling you didn't really need to stick your neck out mate.......
  14. Last week
  15. boro_boy

    Random Videos

    This should make you laugh
  16. Another appeasing cunt. Don't understand why they 'have to' appease Islam. Telling you mate, they are taking over....and I'm fucking sick to death about all this shite about integration and when anything goes wrong....it's a minority and we should not condemn! I'm at the stage where I am very wary about any muslim! I hate to say that but it's how I feel.
  17. On a similar note Norm....we were in Tescos last Thursday morning and there was a very shapely 30 something lady wearing short tight black shorts and a lemon coloured tight t-shirt....had a bra on but her coat hangers were very visible. Unfortunately the wife decided to go the other way down the aisle. If I had have been in myself I'd have been up and down the same aisles as lemon top.
  18. RIP,as Mak says,horrible illness
  19. All done, lunch has been partaken....rewards in just over an hour....................the joyyyyys.............
  20. Agree 100% terrible refereeing, was a clear penalty.
  21. Had £60 on over 0.5 goals first half....Oldham v Mansfield. Currently 1-0 Oldham.
  22. A fine day here, on my island...... Pub later..... rejoice.
  23. w/ending 21/04/2019 Bastion 109 Dug 107 Hairy 107 SP 88 Mak 83
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