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  2. However he is not short of money. https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/world/folau-saga-proves-gofundme-needs-greater-scrutiny-experts/ar-AADm4yz?li=BBSVbAt&srcref=rss
  3. Jezza was riding her,she probably has pics n vids of it
  4. sployal

    Rivers of Blood

    The famous Enoch speech, still one of the best and rings so true today
  5. I would give her 3 sets any day, any way she wants
  6. Digging deep, i'll try to repost to all them threads
  7. Bastion


    Anyone watch Arsenal TV? Hilarious Fam Blood.....init
  8. What he done to The BBC Panorama team, was a complete treat to watch...... 🤣😂
  9. Any Eastern European countries...... Their blokes beat our burds.......
  10. Campaigners need a good fucking kicking.
  11. Bastion

    Sean lock

    Love him, his mind works on a different level......
  12. Today
  13. Bastion

    Red Drawf - Dave

    Loved this programme back in the day, was the new one any good?
  14. Tidy wee thing on Tipping point the other day...... Won the jackpot also....... Bet Ben Shepard tried to nail it......
  15. boro_boy

    Climate Change

    I like this on his twitter: 100% of babies are birthed from the female body. “Gender gap” confirmed.
  16. Watched that, was a bit boring, but there is definitely a coverup going on isn't there. If its at government level then good luck getting anything from this!
  17. Aye, had a day off last Monday. Intended having a day off the day but my car was in for its annual service and its 1st MOT.....thought it was going to be a right few quid but only £125....Reasons to be cheerful part one! Doubt it....can't be arsed with pissheads tbh! Don't mind the cheaper booze mind ye!
  18. I laughed so hard at this. Way to go Harold! You are the man!
  19. Bastion


    Aye, one we ended up in after.....
  20. as long as you're no taking the piss then my apologies. Must be a Middlesbrough thing.
  21. I'm repulsed by the Tat...... Not a chance.
  22. If you look in the Sadiq Khan thread you'll see it's fuck all
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