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  2. It could get to 18*c this weekend. I'm enjoying the current mild weather. Roll on spring and then summer!!!
  3. Hard times at the moment, she needs to get a full time job!!!
  4. That's true, it is a bad system, I don't know who it protects really. If a players knows a club is after him outside the transfer window it causes unrest at the club. I also think this stupid rule should be abolished! Like you say, what other businesses have this rule?
  5. 2 weeks Sunday til the return at St Andrews. If we don't beat them this time, may as well give in. Interestingly WMP are saying vile fans will not be locked in after the game. They normally request it themselves, well the few that dont come on coaches.
  6. Wonder if the compliance officer will look at this??
  7. Yeah, look at the state of all those villa fans. Proper bag of spanners in that photo.
  8. Today
  9. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11715/11641428/leeds-fined-200000-and-warned-following-spying-incident-at-derby I fucking hate leeds, they should have been deducted points too, I hope they don't go up this season!!!
  10. I forgot they done this!!! Gone from £47 to 51.15 which is a 10.8% increase!!!! How is this even fair!! An Extra £4.15 a month or £49.80 a year, basically i've now got But 11 months for the price of 12 haha Cunts!
  11. Read this today about the "Hidden" costs of running a football club these days, tbh the costs aren't hidden, just forgotten by fans who wonder where all the money goes when running a football club. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/money-go-hidden-costs-running-15860716 Sponsorship and commercial earnings were £5.6m, down from £8m in the previous year. Merchandising brought in £2.6m. Wages for the year fell from £57.1m to £43.2m, after the club offloaded some of the high Premier League earners. Spending on salaries was around 70% of income. Gate receipts of £7.1m It seems very costly to run a Championship Football club, I was shocked at how low the merchandise is for the Boro! Saying that, I don't buy anything these days.
  12. Well I booked the ticket for 2 hours using the wrong reg, not heard anything from the Council yet. I use RingGo a lot as I don't really carry change, the ticket machines don't ask for a registration, you just pay and it gives you a normal ticket with time expiry. I have to put my registration on when I use RingGo because the car is then on the system as being having a ticket. Well it would have been if I had put the correct registration on!
  13. Well if they are no worse than our refs, why get foreign refs in? Seems strange!
  14. Yesterday
  15. I can't do this either as I support Middlesbrough and I do stream their games.
  16. Saturday night was an eye opener for me, and led me to believe there are still a few decent people left in the world. Mrs SA had her own little business, more as a sideline, as she had a full time job, and had her trusted people working for her. Never a great earner for her, around £15k a year, which aint bad for doing feck all. The reason she got them all together was to hand over the business to them, she alway paid them a decent wage, and they earned more from it, than she did per annum. Well now they have it all between them, 20% each, she put in a few terms and conditions so no party can shit on any other one. Overall i think that is pretty decent of her. Turned out a night of celebration. The food at the place we ate, was also feckin mega.
  17. Last week
  18. Yeah, Blackburn must be really shit. Obviously I'm happy with the win but we have many problems with the shit team. I don't think we will gain promotion this season as there are stronger teams in the play offs than us. I'm always wrong so we'll probably win the league, knowing how bad all my prediction are.
  19. Harold

    The 2nd Day.

    with you 100% on that. I like how you say...you treat them all differently yet you treat them all equally. I can understand that and THAT is what management is about.
  20. It was a bit better than a Wetherspoons in fairness but when it was opened in Manchester it was big news. I went with high expectations and went away livid with the service and standard of the food. My missus meal was an absolute disgrace and I actually complained online, they offered us a free meal but we never took it up as we're not the type to freeload especially when we had a complaint.
  21. Harold

    2019 So far!

    No change. Another year, same old shit. Still loving retirement though.
  22. Merged with Longest thread but still in the Pub.
  23. That's pretty much how i think. Man C still have a gear or 2 they can go up.
  24. Only roof i ever been on was at Shrewsbury Towns old Gay meadow ground. I doubt many would be able to get up to the roof, with the height of modern stadia. Another reason to hate modern football i reckon. Were Birmingham City, we'll stand on your roof, they think nah you won't.
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