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  2. Harold

    Climate Change

    Seems Emma Thomson thinks it okay for her to use dirty energy to fly but castigates others for not doing enough (in her opinion) to combat (so called) climate change. She wouldn't know the meaning of hypocrisy if it bit her on the arse. Fuck off back to America Emma.
  3. She's a glutton for punishment. In charge of the disasters that are education, NHS, law & order but which are dismissed, she now wants another 'once in a lifetime' separation referendum. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-46905024
  4. you can always pm me mate.
  5. Don't think BB would want it on forum Dug😂
  6. haven't a clue what's going on mate.....that's me & no McCoist.
  7. Normski

    The Gender Thread

    There is just no surprise anymore😂
  8. The only thing David de Gea saved against Man City was us from years and years and years of possible unrelenting unbearable gloating from Liverpool fans...
  9. Has anyone saw it?😂😂
  10. You just knew dunderhead would pipe up.....well said Daniel👏
  11. I will agree. He stays focussed. Meanwhile climate protesters have blocked the London Stock Exchange this morning. Ffs...Get a proper job! Cunts.
  12. Your dreams were dashed by an almighty Man City side. It really was one way stuff after half an hour.
  13. It's mentioned in the article,thought you were referring to it mate
  14. Of course I see points but I am permitted to disagree with them....that is what debate is about. I originally asked re your link because there was nothing in it that indicated that I was incorrect in my initial comments about headwear....therefore I asked....what your point was ? No need to get personal Hairy....think you're taking it too serious mate.
  15. You rarely see any point that does not fit with your view.
  16. and with this comment.....point being ?
  17. I believe he is detested for 2 or 3 reasons. He puts USA first above every other country (& rightly so), He says what he means and doesn't dilute his words to appease, he was expected to fail when in fact he is succeeding, the economy is doing well and he doesn't give a fuck for hand wringing left wing liberals. And his refusal to go along with those who have predicted doom unless everyone accepts and embraces climate change (he announced that the USA will withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change). Basically he is detested because he cannot be manipulated.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Saudi carried out 37 beheadings yesterday,treats women like a piece of shite on their shoe and not one murmur from these cunts when they were treated to a lavish state visit to the UK
  20. Saturday, 27/04/2019 Celtic v Kilmarnock ------- 1 Hamilton v Livingston ---- X Motherwell v Dundee ---- 1 St Mirren v St Johnstone - 2 Sunday, 28/04/2019 Hibs v Hearts ------------- 1 Rangers v Aberdeen ----- 1
  21. I am really wanting UTD to win tonight's Manc derby. Tho i feel they are allowing city too much of the ball, not pressing them enough, City are playing in the Utd half, which is a dangerous game for Utd to play, pressurise them further up the pitch. Utd have the quality, lets hope they perform better second half.
  22. To be fair, all words are made up to describe something......lol
  23. I know Norm....I just made it up off the cuff.
  24. It's a made up word mate......just like Islamophobia
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