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    • Just had this conversation with my son ref missing Jack. He provides that shield for the defence and allows Davis etc to do what they do. agree about Arfield too, he doesn't look anywhere near the player he was back end of last season. Tav was awful today, Goldson bails him out so often.
    • Manzils is a legendary Indian restaurant in Digbeth, it was actually the second to appear in the city (the first being some place i can't name on Coventry Road which never had a great lifespan). Much controversy about it recently. Manzils first opened in 1966, and is still going strong in the same family. The food is good, tho there is better to be had in Brum. The thing that sets it apart is the staff, I have been going there for decades and am well known amongst the staff, and the way i am treated makes me feel like a king, the staff really are the difference to me. Very popular amongst all us old heads from Blues, tho we may be a bit biassed.
    • What's your plans and dreams for your holidays next year? I have just booked  for my first holiday of 2020 a week in Split- Croatia, i have always wanted to go Croatia but for one reason or another i have never managed it, it seems like i was destined never to get there, hopefully this time  it works out. Fly from East Midlands on May 10th 7 nights. Mrs Sa loves Portugal too much, which has hampered me on my bucket list of 50 countries, this is number 48. This is the complex. It's all inclusive which i generally don't do in Europe, tho no doubt we will be out on the night's sampling the various local cuisine. I'm not one to think iv'e paid for it so i will have it, much preferring to go out and about and mooch. Not told Mrs Sa yet where were going (for her birthday), tho i can already here her moans. just like when i first booked Portugal, she moaned like a proper bitch, got there fell in love with the place, and we end up having a home there. Thing is i still have a few other places i wanna go.( Malta is a massive one for me)  
    • I don't mind Boris, he'll hopefully have sorted this all out by 31st or he'll resign! He's the only PM so far whos shown a bit of balls to get stuff done, I did like the letters he sent, that was a big fuck you to the remaining cunts who keep crying to the courts. I've never seen so many people taking the government to court. Sorry I mean losers.  There is a border, its called the sea!!! Isn't this only for trade, also i'm sure you would have the best of both worlds, you could trade normally with the EU and also trade  with England and Scotland when we make new trades with other countries. 
    • Hahhah your funny!!!

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