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    • https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/new-fernando-book/?fbclid=IwAR1Km1vx5pijgpQB9E6cHWThtcCOk4uXRI7rO2w8NZQAEJa0EQS3pQRo_TE
    • 100% many girls and young women fucked him freely for the lure of money but many,once on that island,had nowhere to go The telecom guy was a witness to Clinton being on the island countless times Who would i believe first? That doesn't need answering Telecom guy also disclosed the  guy who was sexually touching the young topless girl at the pool was indeed Randy Andy Epstein was murdered,the autopsy proves it in last episode He was erased for one reason
    • 🤣 Gotta love Mags, brilliant he did find a loop hole in the rules.  I'm having 20-30
    • Only had a chicken sandwich with bacon and BBq sauce.  But only because I was a McDonald's queueing wanker today, the kids were desperate for me to go so I went and waited 15 minutes which wasn't bad to be fair.  But i did have a sneaky meal, not had a Mcd's for about a year and realise why.  Crap food. 
    • Them photos could have been anywhere to be honest but he's a dodgy bastard anyhow.  You gotta question why these scumbags do what they do, there are so many money obsessed slappers out there anyway that I doubt he'd need to rape women.  I've just watched episode 3 and the blonde masseuse girl allowed her younger sister to work for him and accept an education in Madrid, she knew quite well what would have happened as she was being raped regular by that time. Having said that why would she continue at 22 years of age to work for a man who would rape her regular.  There are no doubt victims but you've got to question someone accepting and education and life changing lifestyle who then says they were continuely abused at that age. She could have walked away at any time. 
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