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    Climate Change

    Honestly......i wudda torched the fucker
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  4. Saturday, 20/04/2019 Hearts v Rangers 2 Hamilton v Motherwell 2 Kilmarnock v Aberdeen x Livingston v St Mirren 1 St Johnstone v Dundee 1 Sunday, 21/04/2019 Hibs v Celtic x
  5. Your all a bunch of cunts. Wheres the sympathy. I have a fever now, had to get up at 5am today too and had a broken sleep. I'm a broken man.
  6. So Boro got a 1-0 victory against Stoke, back in the play off position now as Bristol city only managed a draw, they still have a game in hand though.
  7. The Easter Rising and the subsequent war were as much about religion as politics. That is evident from the current population of Eire. Therefore the related songs chanted by the Taigs are sectarian and should be treated as such.
  8. The lyrics they sing tho is not. also i don't see why the oirish national anthem has a place in Glasgow. go on home British soldier go on home, have got no fucking home of your own? The feckin retards sing this from the stands of a football ground in Britain, which they are only able to do so due the the sacrifices of those British soldiers they sing about, those who made the ultimate sacrifice so those scumbags can enjoy the freedom they do today. As for the songs about Lee Rigby, i wont even go there. Palestinian flags, celebrating any act of murder/terrorism against innocent British people, they are freely allowed to get away with it, as it's just having the craic. Seriously @Harold rightly or wrongly i deem your post as almost protectionist for them. Rangers need to be attacking them from every angle at every possible opportunity, then and only then, if enough of a storm is kicked up may the balance be redressed and a level playing field restored. They have had it all their own way for far too long, with nothing being done to counter act it. Thus they are always perceived as victims whilst being allowed to run amok in any way they choose.
  9. The Billy Boys song is only considered as 'sectarian' up here due to the inclusion of the word 'Fenian' ! I f that word was removed then there is fuck all the authorities could do. Dundee & Kilmarnock have bastardised versions of that song! The Soldier Song is the National Anthem of the Republic.
  10. Llorente goal was never a handball, even if it did hit his hand (debatable), it wasn’t intentional, his arms were in natural position, he didn’t make himself bigger. Would have been absolutely ridiculous if that was ruled out, he can’t make his arms disappear. Sterling ‘winner’ correctly ruled out, ball hits Bernardo and runs through to Aguero, Aguero was offside when the ball hits Bernardo, a straightforward offside decision, not obvious to the naked eye but obvious once the replay was shown. At the same time, VAR is spoiling goal celebrations in the stadium and in pubs, nobody can be confident a goal will stand. It’s being overused. I hope Spurs go on to win it, lots of England players and I like Poch.
  11. I feckin love that outlook.
  12. This, tho over a period of decades, Rangers have sat back and let the kind of shite spouted in celtic minded without ever responding, thus allowing celtic to create an image of Irish republicanism being seen as defending an oppressed minority, and any speaking out about it is deemed as extreme racism and bigotry, leaving them free to celebrate the murderous IRA etc, whilst having it viewed as just having the craic, whilst they have also somehow managed, to get any celebrating of the protestant culture as a show of triumphalism,over an oppressed minority. Rangers have missed many an opportunity to speak out, yet have done nothing. Is singing the Billy boys any worse than those cunts singing the soldier song? No it really isn't, yet somehow the mhanky mob have managed to get it portrayed to the media, the the Billy Boys is incredibly bad, whilst the soldier song, and other pro IRA songs they sing is ok. This kind of thinking runs right through the bowels of the Scottish mhedia and the SFA, SPL. The end result of decades of Rangers remaining silent is ceptic literally being allowed to do exactly what they want. Time they went home i reckon, with modern technology even they should be able to grow potatoes. Tho living on an island surrounded by water, i struggle to comprehend the fact that none on them ever had the brains to going fishing for food. They just infested Scotland instead. I hate them so bad.
  13. Back home now, couple of halfs whilst waiting for tea....Life is fucking good lads!
  14. My predictions Saturday, 20/04/2019 Hearts v Rangers 2 Hamilton v Motherwell 1 Kilmarnock v Aberdeen x Livingston v St Mirren 1 St Johnstone v Dundee 1 Sunday, 21/04/2019 Hibs v Celtic x
  15. Early yet, that could actually be post of the year 😂🤣
  16. Enjoy Dug, I'll be sporting myself later...... Early start today, as our pubs close early over Easter.... kicked out at 11:30
  17. hitting the pub in half an hour....enjoy your day whatever you are up to....laters dudes!
  18. One thing i find nauseating is all the Shinners on SM saying how wrong the murder was and has no place in society then on Easter Sunday they will go to cold blooded murderer's gravesides to pay tribute to scum who done exactly the same thing By all accounts Lyra was a lovely and well liked lady and someone posted this
  19. It’s quite simple. The Scottish media and Scottish politics is over run with ‘them’. Rangers are seen as a Protestant and Unionist institution. The last 17 Glasgow Lord Provosts have all been Roman Catholic. They are not even subtle about it. It used to be Scottish Labour but now it is the Nationalists
  20. There is only one way to remove this cancer. Unfortunately that solution may well be 100 years too late.
  21. We need to avoid adopting the same stance as the taigs have used for decades. We need to seriously consider how a group which comprises less than 20% of the populace has gained so much leverage in the country's national game.
  22. Lyra's family will be touched by that statement .......
  23. The provos shot her,have a read at this statement and you would swear it was 1981.....note how they spelled murder wrong
  24. Red card against Ross County. Absolutely a sending off. Shocking challenge but reduced to yellow to clear him to play. Aye but it’s all a conspiracy against them. Not sure if you have read Stewart Golmours parting shot after selling his shares in St Mirren. Scottish football is run by one club and everything is done to benefit that club You also have ex SFA president saying a CEO of a club phoned him directly demanding that under no circumstances were Rangers to be given any help in 2008. We were forced to play four games in 8 days including Euro Final , Scottish Cup Final, and league decider
  25. Why are the Police treating it as a terrorist incident ? Clearly that fucking idiot Moriarty knows better. This simply shows how simple it is to spout shit. Actually I've heard Tom is a fucking paedophile.
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