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  2. Over here in Froggy land the opinion is that the French government are shit scared to admit it was Islamic arson for fear of a backlash against the Muslim population. You can shoot people in nightclubs, bars etc no one gives a fuck honestly, but you don't burn down Notre Dame de Paris.
  3. Ajax are the best looking team so far, but i have a sneaky feeling Spurs will win the CL.
  4. Only McTominay,Lindelof,Dalot and Ole went over to Utd fans at FT.....Pogba first down tunnel ÂŖ200m would do nicely for Pog,Tony and big dong
  5. Today
  6. Forest list last 4 and Boro won last 3 Took Boro and Sheff Utd so far
  7. I have two coupons on...first is 4 games acca all over 1.5 goals. Second is 8 games acca all over 1.5 games. Apart from Forest v Boro all games in League 1, 2 & National League.
  8. Any thoughts for today? Derby and Wigan Combo for me
  9. A fine day here, on my island...... Pub later..... rejoice.
  10. Just my opinion mate Nothing adds up Why did it take so long to respond to a fire alarm in a very historical building especially after being targetted before? Who are the people seen on roof and balcony when it's known no workmen were there? Why did they say it was likely to be an electrical fault when the investigation has only started?
  11. Another glorious day in dugland. Plenty football on the day. I have a couple of coupons on and shall partake of a few Capns later this afternoon. Have a grand day folks and enjoy!............
  12. w/ending 21/04/2019 Bastion 109 Dug 107 Hairy 107 SP 88 Mak 83
  13. This been on any news channels mate ? Haven't seen any news today.
  14. Rejoice but why not immediately?
  15. Mate, I'm fucking scunnered, Absolutely no desire, no work rate or energy, they don't give a fuck!!! The ones that do, have little talent, Jones and Smalling. But, Pogba, Tony, Lingard, Heavy Sausage, Matic, Darmain..... all need to go. Why would you keep any of those above? Pogba and Tony have serious talent, but little work rate, out to fuck! We need to get rid of this attitude at the club, were folk just turn up and go through the motions Even when we were shit, we had desire, Hughes, Whiteside, Robson, McGrath...... would have run through a wall for United! But these cunts? They are ruining the club, if you were a top player, a few clubs showed interest in you, you wouldn't be looking play along side United players, you'd be looking to Liverpool/Citeh/Spurs....... The problems are right through the club, Owners, Woodward, Social Media players....... I've watched all levels of football through my life, I love all levels, I've stood for years watching Kids/Glentoran and NI team..... often brutal, but they have always shown a desire to win, that's really what I want in a team. I could watch that, a total desire to WIN! But United are becoming un-watchable...... players making a living of their predecessors successes. Hope Ole is ruthless
  16. It was clear to anyone watching Mainstream, she was using the event as an opportunity to Grandstand, gave the impression she was emotionally involved, To say, she over egged the pudding, would be an understatement, but that comment, "I will never speak his name", was the epitome of a Virtue signalling politician..... just bizarre.
  17. Yesterday
  18. So further to Hastie he has signed his ore contract seemingly three years with an option for a fourth
  19. boro_boy

    Climate Change

    Bit of a joke, mention your a brexiteer and I bet they wind dance with you. London is so far left it's untrue.
  20. The guy is a super player but his diving antics are worthy of cunt status,his latest dive today is at the end
  21. So it looks as though Hastie has thought better of not signing for Rangers and will be signing next week. Happy about that he has potential and as long as he gets his head down and works for the team
  22. Players are lazy cunts Dug,Ole needs a good red out inc Pogba and Lukaku Zero workrate or desire today Playing your best centre half at RB is bizarre too
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