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  2. Can you put up a pic of your ship?
  3. I drank at the weekend. On the way to Pompey now for work.
  4. They are all deluded. How can they spin this as a success. They were humiliated and they had a lot of air time by the media.
  5. He has earned that right to be fair.
  6. I am just about to crack open a nice bottle of red wine.
  7. Farage has demanded a say in Brexit negotiations and he has the mandate for it
  8. Today
  9. A few snifters watching this and a pack of Kettle balsamic vinegar crisps hanging about within arms reach... don't give a fuck as to who wins tbh.....as long as both of them score..
  10. I think derby will win this one. They have been scoring quiet a few goals of late.
  11. Yes totally, we always seem to doing everything my the book. Well apart from democracy. #cunts
  12. Interesting....Hmmm. https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2019/05/27/sfa-spl-letters-neil-doncasters-i-thought-i-was-out-but-i-pulled-us-back-in-spfl-merger/?fbclid=IwAR3haa48sEQk-M0D0ZlaNPKC9iM7-XMZE3VSpEaKIRaJCAMc8L0LlaX_Hss
  13. I wonder if Hughes is the former professional that Trav was talking about in a previous post who was going to go public ? Having said that I don't think Hughes was there as a lad....may be wrong though. I know he played for them in the 90's but he was an adult then.
  14. The John Hughes thing shocked me as well I wondered how the was trying to say there was a culture of it among senior players
  15. Harold

    Funny pics

    Would come in handy at a 'certain' football club... Probably there already mind.
  16. first time I've read that actual article Mak. Very disturbing. One moment you think he is contrite and the next it's as he he is happy to explain that he enjoyed what he did. What I was very surprised at was his bringing up John Hughes' name. Wonder what he's trying to say there ?
  17. Looking forward to an entertaining game. Got a few bob on BTTS.
  18. Brilliant eh ? Doctor is there to help people who are/may be in poor health and gets this shit flung at him (was this not spoken about in here previously or was it a similar incident?). Poor show from the GMC....cunts to a man! Now, what I want to see is the Police being put under the same restrictions when they are doing their facial profiling ? Well, they forced that chap the other week to uncover his face then issued him with a fixed penalty fine because he objected. Mersey Rail and that record shop....shower of pussy appeasers. This country is fucked, seriously fucked. We'll soon be run by the Cunts party in government. Haud on....up here we are.
  19. It's a disgrace that the UK, unlike other countries, ALWAYS have to be seen to obey the rules enforced upon us by those cunts. Our government, if it had even one gonad, should tell them to take a fuck to themselves!
  20. Aye, very good Soubry. Someone leaked a shot of her before tweeting her shit...
  21. Anna Soubry needs to fuck off. Brexit party has a clean name and agenda. What do change UK want, to leave the EU, that would be a change. NO they want to keep everything the same WTF. Their name is very misleading.
  22. Good because they work for us. They should do as we say. We voted to leave so we should leave with a WTO Brexit. This current government are just in it for themselves, sorting their own life's out, doing what's better for them. Well things are changing now, look at the state of the conservative and labour parties now. They are fucked, they have no clear motive.
  23. Populism is alive and kicking.
  24. It's an absolute disgrace isn't it.
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