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  2. Don't think you're ready for marriage mate. Don't go ahead unless you're 100% certain. Just a wee aside...did you get the pm I sent ?
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  4. Watching this now as the missus is in bed and shows no interest towards it. Yet she wants me to be interested in weddings and shite. But its alright and a good advertisement for shitty Middlesbrough. Actually Boro isn't shit, I've been to way more shitter places that Middlesbrough.
  5. Phil walking down them steps then across the stage and walking up to bang them drums.
  6. Fair play Rog 😂🤣
  7. Aye and I would gladly light the fuckers up like a Christmas tree!
  8. A good Flamethrower would red them up...... But, as Dug said, Its Friday..... It would be a brutal start to the weekend.
  9. My Kills a kill attitude has limitations 🤣😂 But she isn't it, GAB! Seen the film mate.
  10. I know it's Friday and we should really all be happy...................BUT.....could some of they cops in and around Westminster no start moving on these fucking climate change squawking cunts. Fucking brain washed sheep school weans...get to FUCK!!!!!!
  11. But she's no mate....7th of June....
  12. Have you read it and or seen the film Bastion? Both excellent. she'd be a stick on for multiple benefits. Oh....and I do have to ask...............would you do Annie Wilks ?
  13. This is the modern world, these cunts think social media campaigns get them what they want..... Stephen King done a book called Misery, she was seen as off her head, she'd probably fit right in today's society.
  14. Should be in cunt thread mate
  15. Holy fuck....a petition demanding a remake? Are these cunts for real or do they live their lives in lala land ? Sad as fuck tbh.
  16. Game of Thrones has finished on TV – but we should wait for the final books | Andy Welch by Andy Welch via The Guardian Latest news and comment There are still no signs of the last two volumes in George RR Martin’s fantasy saga – but he has a chance to fix all the problems in the adaptation Game of Thrones finished this week. It’s all been very hush hush, I know. Thankfully, everyone’s really happy about the way it finished and isn’t going to mention it ever again. All that’s left to do is to be grateful for what we had and get on with finding another TV show to occupy the Hound-sized chasm in our hearts. In reality, the ending of Game of Thrones is likely to make the 52 years that diehard devotees of The Prisoner have spent bickering about its finale look like a quick squabble. There’s already an angry petition (there’s always a petition) demanding a remake and there’s almost certainly someone re-editing the footage to make the show what they wanted. But it’s not just dignity that should stop anyone unhappy with the TV conclusion from signing that petition – it’s the knowledge that George RR Martin will write it properly. Continue reading...
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  18. A Party member of the racist Brexit Party,well said Elizabeth
  19. That fucker Blackford (I think that is his name. Fat fucker) He really boils my piss.
  20. Yep, British democracy at it's best....a word that I use cautiously! I agree Norm, sphincters are twitching & isn't it so fucking laughable that these left fucking wingers resort to the tactics that they accuse others of using ? Remainers/Lib dems/Labour/SNP.....they actually make a mockery of the word democracy & our supposed Political system. Cunts the lot of them!
  21. Absolute fuckers,imagine Diane Abbott or Soubry getting this,the BP are worrying the left,change is coming fast
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