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  4. I don't think she has to mention they were Christians, everyone knows that! Some people just read into their twitter feeds too much! If she had totally ignored it then that would have maybe been a problem!
  5. Another appeasing cunt. Don't understand why they 'have to' appease Islam. Telling you mate, they are taking over....and I'm fucking sick to death about all this shite about integration and when anything goes wrong....it's a minority and we should not condemn! I'm at the stage where I am very wary about any muslim! I hate to say that but it's how I feel.
  6. Think we can all agree....a total CUNT!!!!
  7. A 16 yr old Owen Jones publicly supported the IRA against Britain,when reminded of this yrs later he said was just an immature 16 yr old schoolboy The same Owen Jones wants the voting age reduced to 16
  8. That slimy wee spunk drip Owen Jones has already been on Sky News (that bitch Burley seems to like him) stating that there will be protests. Serious question....Who is this cunt, what does he do officially, what connection does he have with politics other than being a left wing snowflake cunt ?
  9. On a similar note Norm....we were in Tescos last Thursday morning and there was a very shapely 30 something lady wearing short tight black shorts and a lemon coloured tight t-shirt....had a bra on but her coat hangers were very visible. Unfortunately the wife decided to go the other way down the aisle. If I had have been in myself I'd have been up and down the same aisles as lemon top.
  10. I was in Asda buying Smirnoff and JD,as i was walking past a delightful looking lady, she bent down into her trolley wearing a vest top with no bra.......a splendud sight
  11. Based upon what I am aware of how authorities behave and believe that they are our masters and not the other way around, the fact that so much has been kept from public ears in the past.....coupled with what you have posted....I am in the deliberate camp.
  12. RIP,as Mak says,horrible illness
  13. The daft cunt phoned me back 5 minutes later again asking if I was in front of my computer. This time I told him I was on the roof of my house. Okay he said, I'll phone later when you get down. Don't fucking bather ya daft bastard, I'm taking the piss...now fuck off I politely added.
  14. Youse may have noticed I posted a gif of Capn Morgan dancing (on the gardening thread). While I was doing that I got a call from 'John Mathews' (asian sounding guy) from Microsoft telling me there was an issue with my PC and I had to do as he said. Okay....so he told me to switch it on and asked me what I saw. I told him I saw Capn Morgan dancing. Whaaaaat ?.....he exclaimed. I repeated myself telling him that the Capn was getting down and dancing. John told me....I'll leave you to it.
  15. All done, lunch has been partaken....rewards in just over an hour....................the joyyyyys.............
  16. The tramps will be in turmoil....streets will be blocked once again. Wonder if the Met are upping their dancing and skateboarding skills ?
  17. He will be here in June,all the anti Trump cocks will be out in protest Maybe the London mayor will waste more taxpayer's money on inflatables
  18. Is it just me or is this pathetic,no mention of Christians,or them being murdered in a terrorist attack Now compare it to NZ terrorist attack
  19. Yep great player and a legend in the game horrible illness that took him R.I.P.
  20. Grass cutting shortly....the joys.
  21. Billy McNeill, former Celtic captain passed away aged 79. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41685748 RIP Mr McNeill.....a Celtic legend and a great captain for them.
  22. It should have said Gorse fires feckin predictive text. Though I know at least one house was totally destroyed probably find out later some more have went to.
  23. Good man Mak. I take it you mean 'house' fires mate ? Straight to the point as ever......good man.......
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