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  2. Good man Mak. I take it you mean 'house' fires mate ? Straight to the point as ever......good man.......
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  4. Sitting having a coffee before heading for a bath followed by a couple of good malts. Been a hell of a day some really bad horse fires since early morning so been out trying to help out and as the physical side isn’t for me anymore. It’s been taking people to various points driving a tractor with a tank of water on the back to hot spots some first aid all in all busy day.
  5. Suppression.....the authoritarian elite detest the common man being made aware of sensitive truths mate. You will be aware of the word commonly used now in official documental replies....'Redacted'. What the cunts DON'T want you to see.
  6. Agree 100% terrible refereeing, was a clear penalty.
  7. As a wee aside....I know we all go on about refs decision making in Scotland but it is NOT solely in Scotland that shit decisions are made. I'm watching the Brentford v Leeds game and as clear a penalty as you will see was turned down by a ref who had a perfect view of it.
  8. Had Β£60 on over 0.5 goals first half....Oldham v Mansfield. Currently 1-0 Oldham.
  9. Over here in Froggy land the opinion is that the French government are shit scared to admit it was Islamic arson for fear of a backlash against the Muslim population. You can shoot people in nightclubs, bars etc no one gives a fuck honestly, but you don't burn down Notre Dame de Paris.
  10. Ajax are the best looking team so far, but i have a sneaky feeling Spurs will win the CL.
  11. Only McTominay,Lindelof,Dalot and Ole went over to Utd fans at FT.....Pogba first down tunnel Β£200m would do nicely for Pog,Tony and big dong
  12. Forest list last 4 and Boro won last 3 Took Boro and Sheff Utd so far
  13. I have two coupons on...first is 4 games acca all over 1.5 goals. Second is 8 games acca all over 1.5 games. Apart from Forest v Boro all games in League 1, 2 & National League.
  14. Any thoughts for today? Derby and Wigan Combo for me
  15. A fine day here, on my island...... Pub later..... rejoice.
  16. Just my opinion mate Nothing adds up Why did it take so long to respond to a fire alarm in a very historical building especially after being targetted before? Who are the people seen on roof and balcony when it's known no workmen were there? Why did they say it was likely to be an electrical fault when the investigation has only started?
  17. Another glorious day in dugland. Plenty football on the day. I have a couple of coupons on and shall partake of a few Capns later this afternoon. Have a grand day folks and enjoy!............
  18. w/ending 21/04/2019 Bastion 109 Dug 107 Hairy 107 SP 88 Mak 83
  19. This been on any news channels mate ? Haven't seen any news today.
  20. Rejoice but why not immediately?
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