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  2. Holy fuck....a petition demanding a remake? Are these cunts for real or do they live their lives in lala land ? Sad as fuck tbh.
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  4. Game of Thrones has finished on TV – but we should wait for the final books | Andy Welch by Andy Welch via The Guardian Latest news and comment There are still no signs of the last two volumes in George RR Martin’s fantasy saga – but he has a chance to fix all the problems in the adaptation Game of Thrones finished this week. It’s all been very hush hush, I know. Thankfully, everyone’s really happy about the way it finished and isn’t going to mention it ever again. All that’s left to do is to be grateful for what we had and get on with finding another TV show to occupy the Hound-sized chasm in our hearts. In reality, the ending of Game of Thrones is likely to make the 52 years that diehard devotees of The Prisoner have spent bickering about its finale look like a quick squabble. There’s already an angry petition (there’s always a petition) demanding a remake and there’s almost certainly someone re-editing the footage to make the show what they wanted. But it’s not just dignity that should stop anyone unhappy with the TV conclusion from signing that petition – it’s the knowledge that George RR Martin will write it properly. Continue reading...
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  6. A Party member of the racist Brexit Party,well said Elizabeth
  7. That fucker Blackford (I think that is his name. Fat fucker) He really boils my piss.
  8. Yep, British democracy at it's best....a word that I use cautiously! I agree Norm, sphincters are twitching & isn't it so fucking laughable that these left fucking wingers resort to the tactics that they accuse others of using ? Remainers/Lib dems/Labour/SNP.....they actually make a mockery of the word democracy & our supposed Political system. Cunts the lot of them!
  9. Absolute fuckers,imagine Diane Abbott or Soubry getting this,the BP are worrying the left,change is coming fast
  10. Normski

    The CUNT Thread

    The owner is a cunt and the vet is a fucking cunt and should be struck off,that wee dog is a spit of mine,disgusting
  11. Harold


    You've never watched Sweden then. Don't know if they're in it but some of them are (as Fred Flinstone would say)....Shagadaba doooooable!
  12. boro_boy


    If the women were fit I'd watch the women's world cup but they are all just male looking women haha.
  13. Unfortunately Hairy that is what the separatists desire. In the , unlikely imo, event that Scotland does leave the UK then it can never truly be described as independent if it throws its hat in with the EU.
  14. Bastion


    About as much as Women's world cup......
  15. Hairy Scot


    Does anyone really care?
  16. Haven't watched it. And to be honest the subject does not attract me.
  17. And when/if Scotland gains independence I fervently hope that the EU is not part of the future of the country.
  18. Harold


    To rub salt into the wound.....kick a man when he's down etc https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48375560
  19. Yet some bury their heads in the sand and are willing to accept the shit that is flung at us....and want to remain part of it.
  20. Not in this film mate...the story is actually more to do with Costner & Harrelson & their attempt to end them.
  21. Imo Hairy, so many are as how you describe because there is a market for it. Prime example....Death Wish remake starring Bruce Willis...I enjoyed it you were not impressed due to, again imo, looking too deep into Willis' occupation as a Doctor & found it hard to believe that he would act as he did. Also, if all fact based films were based upon the actual chronological factual happenings it would/could take too long and probably send people to sleep......An example of an exception....Serpico starring a young Al Pacino....great film based on his NY Police career......film is not too long and doesn't deviate from the book although having read the book it obviously has to omit a good percentage of it. Now I don't mind a slow film whether fact or fiction as long as I can identify with the basis of it. Bottom line is...............Some people just love shite..... PS....If you're looking for a slow fact based film that I think you may enjoy....try and watch The Onion Field.....or even read the book (by Joseph Wambaugh)....a very long and in depth story about.....well google it and decide.
  22. OTT but love the first 2,ate saw third,he loved it and wide open for a fourth
  23. Maybe I'm being over critical but it seems to me that too many modern movies are based on fallacious premises. Prime examples would be "Inside man", "John Wick", "Gangster Squad", etc etc. Nine times out of ten the plot soon dissolves into a diaspora of gunfire and bloodshed, and in some cases a plethora of CG enhanced special effects, all designed to disguise the absence of any kind of script or story.
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