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  2. I'd beg to differ tbh
  3. No surprise here tbh....after winning the Scottish Cup, a treble treble you would have thought he would act accordingly befitting the Captain of the Scottish Champions ? But nup, that serial thug, idolised by the MSM, Scott Brown once again shows how seriously lacking in class he is...
  4. what is there to keep separate ? The democratic results in both referendums are not accepted by those whose vote fell on the losing side. Kinda makes my point even more pertinent imo.
  5. We need to educate these Whales to eat a better diet!
  6. Today
  7. Violent brawl outside Celtic boozer Bar 67 leaves two men seriously injured https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/violent-brawl-outside-celtic-boozer-16203229
  8. As is the boring Mr Linekar!
  9. I'd rather keep the issues separate. Especially since some of those you dub "separatists" are probably closet remainers.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/german-official-warns-countrys-jews-against-wearing-kippah-amid-rising-anti-semitism/ar-AABUq8n?li=BBoPRmx&srcref=rss Deja vu?
  11. I Agree, non story.......
  12. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48411182 Lennon better for Celtic than 'sexier' names - Alan Stubbs
  13. Definitely a dreadful pun. But some of us love dreadful puns.
  14. Roger

    The Gender Thread

    This is what they are teaching our kids in schools... Genderqueer and genderless Other people identify with being both a boy and a girl, or having many genders. They might identify as ‘genderqueer’. Others identify with having no gender, and may identify as genderless. Gender fluid Some people find that their gender shifts and changes over time. Of course, what you call yourself is entirely up to you. You might even choose not to label your gender at all, and that’s fine, too!
  15. Then all of a sudden the result is final and binding according to them. Cunts the lot of em I tell ye!
  16. That doesn't suit the remainers Hairy. It was not the result they wanted......just like the separatists up here. What they want is to keep having one until they get the result that suits THEM!
  17. How to summit all up in a cartoon.
  18. Tom Watson: Labour must find backbone and back second referendum on Brexit https://news.sky.com/story/tom-watson-labour-must-find-backbone-and-back-second-referendum-on-brexit-11728671 WHY?? The people have already spoken.
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  20. It's not Crick's cartoon but seemed to like it a lot
  21. So, it looks like a team that infringed FFP will be promoted. Yet Bolton get a kick in the nuts while they are struggling. The EFL tried it with Brum too but come unstuck. The EFL really are big fat hairy cunts!
  22. Crick's cartoon is certainly in bad taste, but I can't find Lineker's contribution.
  23. This is supposed to be topical/humorous ? Sick cunts including the cartoonist. There appears to be no lines on what 'should be' acceptable nowadays....Tell you what though if you replied to these hipsters in 'our' language they'd whinge like the bitches they are. Fuck off you transgender cunt Lineker....PS...where did he buy these fucking ears ?
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