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  2. Well, his lawyer asked for that......
  3. He, also has to read his apology out in the High Court......... 🤣😂
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  5. I'd also asked how Gove would react if Speaker tore up precedent on used Standing Order 24 (which allowed emergency debates) to allow MPs to block a no-deal Brexit. His answer suggests he won't move heaven and earth to stop those MPs who want to block no-deal. Gove now asked if he'd ensure MPs had a vote on no-deal. "The Speaker always seek to uphold the rights of Parliament...It would be a mistake for any pm to say they would do something as liberating as leaving eu without parliament [having a say]." Significant pledge.
  6. First tv show I can remember watching....
  7. Regards the above posted by Bastion....said Noble Lord has been keeping his eye out and is on the ball. He has sent the following to me which I am posting on his behalf. Fucking brilliant news! SNP....the party of LIES!!!
  8. Just read that Ojo (Liverpool loan) and Aribo (from Charlton permanent) are done deals.
  9. If the perpetrator(s) is/are found hopefully charged and convicted. Sentence should simply be what was done to the dog but with no cunt attempting to save the cunt.
  10. What did I tell yez ?..........Woof Woof!
  11. Some sick fuckers about
  12. Harold

    Random Videos

    Still to open the glove compartment mind.
  13. A determined suicide?
  14. Nope it ain't a parody
  15. And it continues......
  16. Sung to the tune of The Eton Boating Song The sexual life of the camel, Is stranger than anyone thinks, At the height of the mating season, He tries to bugger the sphinx, But the sphinx, by the wisdom of Allah, Stuffs its arse with the sands of the Nile, Which accounts for the hump on the camel, And the sphinx's inscrutable smile. The sexual life of the ostrich, Is hard to understand, At the height of the mating season, It buries its head in the sand. And if another ostrich finds it, Standing there with its ass in the air, Does it have the urge to grind, Or doesn't it bloody-well care? The sexual life of the elephant, Sounds like a bureaucratic nightmare, With lots of roaring and screaming, In order to get anywhere, It's all done at a very high level, With two years to get a result, Any mating's a huge undertaking, 'Twixt two parties who rarely consult. In the process of syphilisation, From the anthropoid ape down to man, It is generally held that the Navy, Has buggered whatever it can, Yet recent extensive researches, By Darwin and Huxley and Hall, Conclusively prove that the hedgehog, Has never been buggered at all. We therefore believe our conclusion, Is incontrovertibly shown, That comparative safety on shipboard, Is enjoyed by the hedgehog alone, Why haven't they done it a Spithead, As they've done it at Harvard and Yale, And also at Oxford and Cambridge, By shaving the spines off its tail! So come on all you sailors, To the occasion rise, Just grab yourself a hedgehog, And give it a real surprise, The following simple instructions, Will ensure that you do not fail, Simply ream out its ass with a hose pipe, And shave the spines off his tail. My name, I shall tell you, is Cecil, I cum from Leicester Square, I go all around the place, With flowers in my hair, For we're all queers together, That's why we go around in pairs, For we're all queers together, Now excuse us while we go upstairs. I went for a ride on a choo-choo, And found I had to stand, A little boy offered me his seat, So I went for it with my hand, For we're all queers together, That's why we go around in pairs, For we're all queers together, Now excuse us while we go upstairs. It was Christmas Eve in the harem The eunuchs all standing there, A hundred dusky maidens, Combing their pubic hair. When along came Father Christmas, Striding down the marble halls, When he asked what they wanted for Christmas, The eunuchs all answered, "Balls!" Oh, the old men were having a birthday, Standing at the bar, Thinking about the old times, Thinking back so far. When along came a dusky maiden, By Christ, she was so fair, When she asked what they'd like for their birthday, The old men all shouted, "Hair!"
  17. I have and mighty fine it was too!
  18. Feast your eyes:- http://georgeandlynne.com/Catalogue-1-
  19. Ever eaten black pudding or haggis?
  20. Someone probably took offence. I remember George and Lynne well. I always used to read them on my paper round before school.
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