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  2. Waking up early and feeling energetic instead of pissed off and tired. Humans and animals living in perfect harmony.
  3. For sport, you should be what you were at birth, if your a boy at birth, you play the mans game, if your a girl at birth you play womens football.
  4. Some more queer stuff:- https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-union/51662872
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  6. Great game & result last night but what really pissed me off was the sectarian singing and there is the possibility that the our club could yet be hit with sanctions for the next round. What pissed me off EVEN MORE was our (a section) support's reaction to comments highlighting that fact! What a shower of fucking selfish tunnel visioned hypocritical cunts!
  7. Lamb chops, chips & beans adorned with a fried egg......accompanied by 2 slices of bread & butter. I have a feeling that one of them shall evolve into a chip butty!
  8. Yep.... . Bring back TR, keep The Magnificent One on his toes......
  9. Results after Tuesday nights game fellow members No one predicted a St Mirren win so that is a big zero all round Standings Dug 093 Hairy 083 Mak 075 Norm 074 SP 070 Boro Boy 058 Bastion 055 Winston 019 N°8 007
  10. Yeah that feckin sa turning up after 2 years posting crappy jokes. Needs a slap
  11. Good, cos I prefer The Realist, no offense btw......
  12. I will investigate this thoroughly
  13. The school plugger has a rival..... https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2020/02/german-teen-naomi-seibt-the-antidote-to-greta-thunberg-gaining-popularity-with-far-right.html https://www.mic.com/p/the-anti-greta-german-teen-naomi-seibt-is-taking-the-stage-at-cpac-2020-22418341
  14. He/she says he/she is a burd....Okay, here's the deal......give birth to a child then you can compete as a burd! Simples.
  15. hahahaha FUCKING MIGHT HAVE AN ADVANTAGE!!! 100000000000% does have an advantage!!! Its a man!!!! https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2018/04/transgender-weightlifter-laurel-hubbard-might-have-unfair-advantage-expert.html
  16. UK to walk away from talks with EU if the continue to fuck us about....Good on ye I say! https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-walk-away-brexit-talks-eu-trade-a4373126.html
  17. Och, that's their own storm...our next one is to be 'Ellen'
  18. I think this means, he's going to get the dreaded vote of confidence and one more defeat will mean he'll lose his job he's a shit manager! We need to stop going for inexperienced managers. Saying that any manager gets shit from boro fans, I'd rather have Pulis back in, he was doing a much better job, even if the style of football was not good to watch!
  19. Oh I just heard this was named by the Spanish Met office.
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