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  2. The Realist


    Would also get us a world cup with decent kick off times. I'm thinking that region should be made to look like a glass topped coffee table.
  3. Probably done a deal with DUP, they also want Brexit, If you divide the vote, you get Sinn Fein.
  4. I'd Do Hilary Clinton up the Arse...... No Mercy.
  5. Chicken Madras, no onion, Pilau Rice, Garlic Nan....... Turkish Delight Pint of Nelson......
  6. Hairy Scot


    A barrage of nukes in this area:- would solve a number of problems.
  7. Especially doing "More Cow Bell" on SNL.
  8. Bad PR. A decent spin doctor would have got him off the hook.
  9. DOC

    The Brexit Party

    ,Why no candidates in NI . Are they not a UK wide party ?
  10. Hmmmm He wasn't great now was he?
  11. Christopher Walken is excellent.
  12. The Guv'nor


    I will be giving it them both barrels if they misbehave again!
  13. Normski


    Big Donald had jets scrambled into the air at weekend after the Iranians had bombed a very expensive US drone but pulled them back,this is bubbling
  14. Give this some thought for Sunday...... Again, decent thread
  15. Old school....Paul Newman, Christopher Walkin, Harvey Keitel (spelling) Tim Roth Modern..... hmmmm? Struggling
  16. Ok, I aint that fussed on them, but..... For Price, choice of beer and cheap food before football, it's spot on...... The Brucie Bonus is, it keeps The Muck Savages out of decent bars.....
  17. Bastion


    £1.50 in Eurospar, wee tube of Salt n Vinegar
  18. The Realist needs more respect on this forum, some decent threads, He has put the effort in here....... I miss SFF now and again, some good banter down the years..... Then, The Division 🤣😂🤣😂
  19. However he is not short of money. https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/world/folau-saga-proves-gofundme-needs-greater-scrutiny-experts/ar-AADm4yz?li=BBSVbAt&srcref=rss
  20. Jezza was riding her,she probably has pics n vids of it
  21. sployal

    Rivers of Blood

    The famous Enoch speech, still one of the best and rings so true today
  22. I would give her 3 sets any day, any way she wants
  23. Digging deep, i'll try to repost to all them threads
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