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  2. Any surface other than grass is a pain in the ass! It's no joke playing on ash, cinder, or red blaze pitches. I used to spend most Sunday mornings in a warm bath digging particles of Saturday's playing surface out of my legs and arms.
  3. Honestly no they are crap. Players don’t like them the ball does not bounce true top flight should have grass parks
  4. Yeah absolutely wank lol. May be a hard season.
  5. I was at a fancy dress party last night when a fat as fuck bird came over to me. She blushed and said, "I really fancy you." "Calm down, " I replied. "It's just a costume, I'm not a real fucking doughnut!"
  6. Hairy Scot

    Random Videos

    Maybe the DR should ask for his input on the paedos?
  7. Read the history books regarding who won... I doubt ant nation will ever win cricket and football let alone all three. England are flipping awesome!
  8. Nah. He is no different to your Mitchell Johnson, Jeff Thompson or any other Aussie quick. Nothing disgusting about Archer, he is only doing what Johnson, Thompson or Aussie quicks did and acting within the laws. If the Aussies cannot see the ball that is NOT Archers problem. Shoe on other foot now though. Would you like a slice of cheese with your whine mate? Archer comes across as humble and decent unlike most Aussies.
  9. absolutely not mate......he is fine with Archer going out to injure players.....I'm not.
  10. Englands win in the world cup in 1966 is tainted. And you know it
  11. only if the umpires misconstrue the rules.....
  12. For fucks sake dug, can't you get round this one, Mags is tearing you a new one. Archer and him getting to you?
  13. Question is....how many more is he going out to try and injure? I don't see a problem with that. Only a matter of time before he 'seriously' injures some batsman....he'll probably go smoke a cigar as the poor sod is carried off. A disgusting individual with the sneering, smiling attitude he has. Let's hope he doesn't receive what he likes to dish out! Anyways....I'm off to my kip....no doubt there will be moans from Mr Mags for me to reply to tomorrow.....
  14. I think England will win this. Do you guys think any other nation will ever win football, cricket and rugby world cups?
  15. Inside of their heads! All they will see is Jofra. First test match and they just couldn't cope. He will only get faster and better.
  16. Loving the banter from you 2, can't wait for the 3rd test, things can only get better
  17. I don't like them either, I hear a lot of coaches here talk of the injuries they cause....... Glentoran are looking at one atm, crazy if they do, but that's the least of our problems at the minute........
  18. You would support Australia over Scotland? Hmmmm ok. Watch the replay again, read the paper it says out! Draw here but Archer is in their heads. Phenomenal debut! Brute of a bowler.
  19. This is no anti English Scotsman mate. I have a preference for Australia irrespective to whom they play....and that would include the Jocks. OMG..... Of course itwould.
  20. Doesn't matter. Three games to go. Archer is in their heads. Damage done. Really frightened now are the Aussies. Can't help the weather but the Aussies got lucky here. I can only go on what you post in this thread. No balance to it (just in this thread) But, hey ho. I respect your opinion Harold and think you are a fine asset to the forum. It would be boring if we all agreed and the forum would be dead. His little fingers were under the ball. Cummins started the short stuff v Archer in the first innings. Wow. Got a nappy on Pat? Archer is flaring at the nostrils.
  21. Oh fucking wake up....one eyed Scotsman ?........I stand up for the English more than most mate! what I'd expect from someone who has no care whether as player is injured. Archer isn't bothered...he fucking laughs at injured players....as I said...a cunt!
  22. 60 balls to bowl them out, no fucking way is it gonna happen
  23. Exactly....fucking disgraceful decision by the 3rd umpire! Oh I do understand it mate....don't you dare be condescending to me. He is as I said....deliberately going out to bowl that kind and there is every chance that he will injure them...three fucking times this test he's done it...coincidence ?
  24. That wasn't a catch, what the fuck
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