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  2. Harold will want scantily clad evidence!
  3. Loads of fanny. This week people fly in from Stockholm and party. 18-25 year olds. Some proper stunning women. They fly.in and come in on yacht's, some mega expensive ones here.
  4. This is unlike you.... You have usually found something to moan about by now? Are there no cunts there?
  5. I love towns like this. Old and with a lot of history.
  6. Today
  7. Glory Glory Man Utd, Glory Glory Man Utd, i could go on and on
  8. Great comment PhilK, welcome aboard
  9. I didn't ffs (it was so obvious Stevie Wonder seen it mate)....that's why I replied as I did.....
  10. Maybe different one but same thing.....DEMANDS.......Good first post btw
  11. Harold

    The NEWS Today

    Before I comment I'd like to know who made the decision not to allow this ? 9 years.....British Justice eh?
  12. Read somewhere, A Newcastle fan said...... Swapping Rafa for Bruce, is like shagging Michelle Keegan, pulling out and finishing of in Susan Boyle.........
  13. Can't believe you swallowed that one dug
  14. Welcome Phil....we have an introduction thread. Give a bit of info mate....location, team, shoe size etc etc. Anyway.....nice to have you on board....post away & enjoy.
  15. Ashley has no intention of selling Newcastle. He is ripping off the club too much to give up. A golden goose that lays golden eggs and he refuses to feed. Gone for Bruce solely to enrage Newcastle fans knowing he'll have the anti-Newcastle fans media making excuses for him (which they have done - the repulsive Talk Sh*te radio for one))
  16. Never heard of used newspapers ffs? Fucks sake Norm, ye'd think ye were on the breadline.
  17. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    It makes you fucking sick Family of four-year-old girl killed by hit and run driver are not allowed to read out parts of their victim statement in court in case it upsets her killer Violet-Grace's father, Glenn Youens, spoke out after a Merseyside MP said that his daughter's killer won the right to have parts of her parents' victim impact statement changed to spare his feelings at sentencing. While tending his daughter's grave Mr Youens said: 'We were not allowed to show our emotions in court or to read the statement in full because it would be too upsetting for him to hear it. Violet-Grace was only four-and-a-half years old when she was killed. 'A lot of people don't realise the victim's family is not being put first. It's as if we're the ones who have done something wrong.' 'We wanted McAteer to know from us what he did to Violet-Grace, but we weren't allowed to because it wasn't fair on him. 'No-one I know feels justice has been served or that he's had anything like enough time in prison. 'I'm having to clean my daughter's headstone while he's counting the days till he gets home.' On the day of the crash McAteer drove the stolen Fiesta ST3, which had cloned number plates, at 80mph in a 30mph area of St Helens. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7240453/amp/Family-girl-four-killed-hit-run-not-allowed-read-parts-victim-statement-court.html?__twitter_impression=true
  18. Look across Europe and see the countries starting to unravel. Not just terrorism either. Recently a few hundred illegal African immigrants invaded a French tourist spot and demanded free housing, free this free that - which the French people themselves DON'T get nor ask for. But it's those making excuses for it even blaming the victims - who make damn sure those they defend are allowed nowhere near THEIR middle class estates. I used to happily call myself a socialist. That changed when I saw the ones dictating were no more "working class" than Theresa May. They were parasitic minorities. Entitled. Druggies. Expected OTHERS to pay for what they demanded and were purely oligarchic. Yes, the stinking undemocratic and openly FASCIST Remoaners keep shrieking its racism - they are still of the outdated "Say racist and you've won the argument" - no longer. The tidal wave of immigration's slow destruction of the NHS, council houses being taken away from our own people and given to people who shouldn't be here - etc etc etc - if it hadve come down to stay Brexit types would just have got on with it. Remoaners have thrown tantrums like a spoilt brat and kept delaying and delaying Brexit
  19. Aye, was there almost 50 years ago when on a school cruise. Being young, inquisitive and very fucking horny we traded Esso World Cup coins for porn mags.........Lovely looking blondes gaun about.
  20. Wasn't aware of this but.....this rocker is a bluenose...
  21. Harold

    The Gender Thread

    This fucking weirdo was a burd who wanted to be a man ? He changed (?) sex to be a man but wanted a baby (men cannot give birth) which he had (only females can give birth irrespective of what any cunt says) and no doubt the poor wee sod emerged via the womb and vagina (which women have & men do not) but the weirdo maintains he wants to be registered as the child's father ? Where the fuck do these cunts emerge from ? Loopylooville ? The reason,imo, that this sad state of affairs has got to this position is because for so long the authorities have listened to, been conned by, accepted without argument that these minorities have a legitimate claim (Don't forget the Human Rights Act introduced in this country in 1998 by Bliar and which has been seriously & serially abused and allowed to be abused but the European Court of Human Rights) and have pathetically failed to challenged this perversion of the law! No doubt there will be an outrage regards the judge's deliberation by the trans/snowflakes....Hey, dry your fucking eyes and get on with it like the rest of us have to!
  22. You've been Stateside too long.......
  23. It's a bit of wood, with a notch out of one end, the band (black builders) was pulled back as far as it would go, then we put a notch at that point...... pulled it back and slip off to fire...... No rocket science It would fire 40/50 feet.
  24. Times were bad mate,used to hang the bog roll out to dry after everybody used the same 6 sheets,youngest bro wasn't happy as he was last Make one and show me it
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