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  2. Hairy Scot

    Mazda 6

    Mazda has done a number of RX models. Very nice to drive.
  3. Harold


    Hint - an item that can be bought in B & Q _ r e _ _ _ r e / _ a _ _ e r
  4. Somebody post a new one?
  5. Harold

    Mazda 6

    My old man had a Mazda RX 3 round about 1973/4. Was a rotary engine though that meant and still means heehaw to me....lol. It was the same colour as this one
  6. Hairy Scot

    Mazda 6

    Mazda and Mitsubishi do some nice cars. In fact I think they're from the same company. Back in the early 80s I had a Mitsubishi Colt Galant and then a Mazda 626 (both company cars so they were brand spanking new).
  7. Look at those reliability ratings. Premium German brands are apparently overpriced and unreliable. I have a Honda bike and I honestly think with oil changes it could go round the world. My Hyundai motor hasn't missed a beat either.
  8. Today
  9. Harold

    Mazda 6

    Young lad up the road from me has a Mazda 6.....very nice looking car.
  10. There is a link here to the reliability of UK car manufacturers. If it isn't allowed though I apologise and please delete. https://www.reliabilityindex.com/manufacturer
  11. no....he was a nice lad. Seriously though.....we did pay a delivery charge.
  12. Looks nice mate....fair bit of foliage around which gives an appeal.
  13. Money isn't an issue. BMW just have a very poor reliability record. One look at Warranty Directs website will show you that.
  14. https://www.britannica.com/on-this-day/May-28 http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/may/28/default.stm
  15. superally

    Mazda 6

    A very stylish looking car, and being Japanese no doubt very reliable. Tho think back to your post about the BMW ( Jeremy Clarkson thing). At the end of the day i suppose it all comes down to what you can afford.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Being a Brummie, I/ most Brummies ( well proper born and bred ones) would more likely call them a stupid twat-pratt, or idiot. Different areas, different dialects and phrases. Dickhead was always a big term in Liverpool and still is,I very rarely hear knobhead, It's a term used mostly by the younger generation, In Scotland bawbag is often used, yet i never hear that in my area. I have used pretty much all the swear words in my time over and over again. The only one i have ever been pulled for using is CUNT, and I have been pulled many a time for it, which has kind of made me aware of the dislike for the word. I still use it tho i think before i speak, and am always aware of the people around me, it just may be that i am going soft in my old age, or getting a little considerate for some people around me ( snowflakes excluded). If i was hosting a dinner party tomorrow for friends and their partners, I doubt I would be using your favourite word cunt very often tho.
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