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  1. Yesterday
  2. That cunt Jeremy Hunt, has done so much damage in his tenure,I honestly think he should now be in prison.
  3. Normski

    The CUNT Thread

    Big Jim Macdonald retweered it aka Charlie Lawson
  4. Gotta link for this Norm? I want to post and repost.
  5. Not in this country but no excuse.
  6. I have had three lager shandies with my Dad today. I got a taxi.
  7. Just shoot the twat in the nuts and laugh.
  8. boro_boy

    The CUNT Thread

    An absolute cunt!!!
  9. I am an alcoholic. Threads like this need to die.
  10. This was caused by the google adverts that were shown after the first topic in the forum view and the ones after the first post in a topic. The google adverts have been removed and everything is working properly again
  11. I've turned it off as they are all cunts!
  12. Every fucking thing!!!!! Allo Allo next.......morra dudes!
  13. Fs, I'll give it a swerve then To be fair, if he weighed in, they (C4) would have been relentless over drugs, instead of the important stuff, like running the country.....
  14. Mother is popping round to house sit them
  15. Tell ye what....away to have my dinner then up to ma kip to watch Allo Allo (think that's the only thing I like about the frogs).....
  16. Funnily enough... 🤣 Mine, on Fathers Day too..... Hey ho. 😁
  17. Is he actually ding this one ? I thought I had read/heard he was only doing the BBC one whenever that is?
  18. Is this what you call Pakibashing
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