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  2. The Glens are playing Ballymena,Ballymena in blue
  3. Nothing valid about it. Cheaters lost out. Aussies spunked their reviews. Sir Benjamin!
  4. Hope the next test is as lively and exciting
  5. M*A*S*H then Allo Allo which I'll probably miss. Bastards!
  6. Norm....knowing nowt about Irish fitba I haven't a clue what's going on here.........as in who is who ?
  7. Excellent....keep them in here. Notice you never replied to the evidence I showed you the other day........ That's twice I've shown that to you but for some reason you ignore it as if it didn't happen....There's a football club up here that uses that same tactic.....
  8. Officially it was given as 'Not out' but if you are being honest & having seen the ball tracking review (not official) you would admit it was out and a bad decision. No crybabies here mate....just putting over a valid point of view. That is twice England have won a huge decision due to atrocious umpiring decisions.
  9. Today
  10. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater! It's coming home!
  11. Final result is in. England win thriller by one wicket to keep Ashes alive Crybaby's please abstain...
  12. All part of the indiscipline on the field that Gerrard has been fighting against, all to no avail apparently. All adds up, indiscipline onfield and unnecessary singing from the support timely punish the club.
  13. Slice of cheese wiv da wine? Not out! England won.
  14. You're correct mate....I understand the emotion but surely the players must realise that it goes towards them missing games.
  15. I told you and everyone else the other day about this. I've started a thread for your bitching....use it!! It was a fantastic performance by Stokes...hats off to him....but England only won due to a terrible decision buy the umpire not to give Leach out LBW with one run required....I said at the the time that there was no way he would give 'OUT' at that stage of the game.
  16. Did Barisic do right to celebrate with the fans and get yellow carded? I think he was a bit stupid...
  17. Great batting from Stokes and a big thank you to Leach, they pulled it off
  18. I know it shouldn’t be like that mate but they won’t be the only ones to do that against us at home this season
  19. Yeah, We are just unlucky, 2 not clogged key penalty kicks Mars-Rash-Greenwood trio actions against Crystal Palace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBNGSAHFo6g
  20. 286 for 8. England need 73 more....Australia need 2 wickets. Broad out LBW...286 for 9.
  21. Now I am well aware the BBC hate Rangers with a vengeance but ffs to blatantly lie once again....check out the possession stats they gave us....
  22. and they will struggle to score also SP. I doubt if they will though apart from against Rangers and Celtic.
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