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  2. Crawled around the foundations of a nursery being built near our house Built huts and dens up in the woods Climbed up a suspended ladder hanging from the Erskine bridge must have been over 100ft high, still shit myself thinking about it Climbing up to the highest branches of trees to get conkers Had a paper run doing all the pubs in Paisley when i was 13 years old, used to sell the Pink Times and Green Citizen Could go on and on, but it was all fun back then
  3. I loved the Whirlybirds,saw episodes in the 70's
  4. West Indies just got torn a new by Bangladesh, looked as if they had overdone the Gunga
  5. Played on building sites Got a bus up to Belfast every Saturday Morning aged about 11 Played beside Ards Airport, where there was a Glider club in the 70s, the towing plane dropped the chain were we were playing after it had got the glider up Bonfire Building Built Huts Black Rubber Band guns Climb onto the school roof and sat up there like Oor Wullie....... for no real reason.......
  6. Actually walked to primary school and home....no school runs in they days.
  7. same as yesterday except chips instead of roasters.
  8. I had forgotten about that part. Look forward to this being reported widely across MSM.....
  9. Today
  10. Well, his lawyer asked for that......
  11. He, also has to read his apology out in the High Court......... 🤣😂
  12. I'd also asked how Gove would react if Speaker tore up precedent on used Standing Order 24 (which allowed emergency debates) to allow MPs to block a no-deal Brexit. His answer suggests he won't move heaven and earth to stop those MPs who want to block no-deal. Gove now asked if he'd ensure MPs had a vote on no-deal. "The Speaker always seek to uphold the rights of Parliament...It would be a mistake for any pm to say they would do something as liberating as leaving eu without parliament [having a say]." Significant pledge.
  13. First tv show I can remember watching....
  14. Regards the above posted by Bastion....said Noble Lord has been keeping his eye out and is on the ball. He has sent the following to me which I am posting on his behalf. Fucking brilliant news! SNP....the party of LIES!!!
  15. Just read that Ojo (Liverpool loan) and Aribo (from Charlton permanent) are done deals.
  16. If the perpetrator(s) is/are found hopefully charged and convicted. Sentence should simply be what was done to the dog but with no cunt attempting to save the cunt.
  17. What did I tell yez ?..........Woof Woof!
  18. Some sick fuckers about
  19. Harold

    Random Videos

    Still to open the glove compartment mind.
  20. A determined suicide?
  21. Nope it ain't a parody
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