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    https://www.thejournal.ie/an-post-services-5057083-Mar2020/?amp=1 so it seems the posties over here are starting to call on elderly etc seeing if they can get shopping for them or pick up medication and bring it to them next day
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    Tbh Hairy I appreciate the sentiment but I couldn't accept having won because I would feel that justice hasn't been done....like the leagues there are points to be won and lost and until it is/was arithmetically impossible for top/bottom places to be changed then personally I think it would immoral.
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    Rangers Position: Impact Of Coronavirus On Scottish Football 1 HOUR AGO · PUBLIC RANGERS are continuing to monitor the ongoing situation regarding Coronavirus and its impact on football at all levels. I reiterate Steven Gerrard’s comments this morning that football is secondary to the health and well-being of the citizens of the United Kingdom. Life is precious and as a society, we must endeavour to do everything we can to protect the most vulnerable in our community. As a club, we will continue to follow government guidelines and advice relating to the health and safety of all members of staff. It is our firm view that this season’s league competition (2019/20) is only complete when all 38 games are played by all teams. For the avoidance of doubt, we believe that final standings can only be confirmed when all games have been completed, not before. Any attempt to finish the season with a significant amount of games still to play, impacts upon the integrity of sport in Scotland. Furthermore, we are strongly opposed to playing games behind closed doors. Rangers fans have stuck by our club in the darkest of times. Their loyalty will not be forgotten and they will not be left behind. We are cognisant of the uncertainty surrounding the future of many businesses and peoples jobs because of a potential lengthy extended break. We must be mindful that football goes well beyond the result of a match. Football brings us all together, it provides countless people with a livelihood and we will work to ensure no one runs roughshod over people’s lives. We will continue to maintain a watchful eye on the decisions of footballs governing bodies. Let me reassure the fans that we will not be found wanting in this situation. Rangers FC Managing Director, Stewart Robertson
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    Now we have left the EU, shouldn't we be standing 6ft 7ins from people instead of 2 metres?
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    I have just thought about their predicament for a moment, and have come to the conclusion- fuck em.
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    New investor

    New investor is a Paisley Buddie so obviously from good stock.
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    Results for week 30 of the super fun SPL predictor fellow members Saturday 7th March Aberdeen 15:00Hibernian 1 Celtic 15:00St Mirren 1 Hamilton Academical 15:00Kilmarnock 1 Heart of Midlothian 15:00Motherwell X St Johnstone 15:00Livingston 1 Sunday 8th March Ross County 12:00Rangers 2 A reminder of the standings after week 29 Dug 094 Hairy 084 Mak 077 Norm 075 SP 072 Boro Boy 058 Bastion 055 Winston 019 N°8 007 Results of week 30 by participants SP 5 out of 6 Norm 4 out of 6 Dug 5 out of 6 N°8 did not participate Bastion did not participate Hairy 3 out of 6 Mak 4 out of 6 Boro Boy 3 out of 6 Winston 3 out of 6 Standings after week 30 Dug 099 Hairy 087 Mak 081 Norm 079 SP 077 Boro Boy 061 Bastion 055 Winston 022 N°8 007 And the SPL table after week 30 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-premiership/table
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    Results for week 29 of the super fun SPL predictor fellow members Tuesday 3rd March Hibernian19:45Heart of Midlothian 2 Wednesday 4th March Kilmarnock19:45Aberdeen X Livingston19:45Celtic X Motherwell19:45Ross County 1 Rangers19:45Hamilton Academical 2 St Mirren19:45St Johnstone X A reminder of the results aftar last Tuesdays game Dug 093 Hairy 083 Mak 075 Norm 074 SP 070 Boro Boy 058 Bastion 055 Winston 019 N°8 007 Results of week 29 by participants SP 2 out of 6 Norm 1 out of 6 Dug 1 out of 6 N°8 did not participate Bastion did not participate Hairy 1 out of 6 Mak 2 out of 6 Boro Boy 0 out of 6 Winston 0 out of 6 Standings after week 29 Dug 094 Hairy 084 Mak 077 Norm 075 SP 072 Boro Boy 058 Bastion 055 Winston 019 N°8 007 And the SPL table after week 29 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-premiership/table
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    Applause for our Carers!

    Hope youse are considering doing the minutes applause/cheering for the NHS and all carers & every other bugger who is putting their lives on the line for all of our safety. Get out on your doorstep and do it guys....these are the people we rely on if we unfortunately get struck down with this disease. Christ if I can stay up and do it any cunt can.......
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    The Reality Hits Home.

    Just received this text message off a mate from Blues. I've lost my Dad. Less than 18 hours after being admitted to Heartlands Hospital with Coronavirus he sadly died. As a kid I'd spend my Saturday afternoons outside the Cricketers Arms listening to tales of our near misses like the Fulham Semi Final where all the old men would tell me to go off and support a proper club as Blues would only ever break your heart and never win a single thing, he was always the eternal optimist and he said he'd die a happy man if he could get to see Blues win a major final, I'm so thankful you got to see that, i know it was the greatest day of your life. When i was 13 he worked for Jaguar Land Rover and got corporate tickets for the Villa, while we were waiting outside he told me to get as much shit on my shoes as I possibly could, I was really confused by this until I got in to the corporate area to see the Villa badge plastered all over the carpet and he just looked at me and smiled. As another bluenose makes his tired and weary way up to heaven I just want to take this opportunity to say this is real, it's not a game. STAY SAFE, STAY AT HOME.
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    Applause for our Carers!

    I felt embarrassed watching this on the TV. Fucking cringe worthy. Yeah they are doing a amazing job but I'm not going to clasp on my doorstep like a duck.
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    Hope all goes well for them mate.
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    Not been posting as my mother passed away. She had been suffering from dementia for almost ten years. Anyway with all that going on I haven’t been able to join the hordes panic buying so I ll be living on cheesy pasta for the next few days. No idea what I am going to do work wise ... there is no work and it looks likely their is no ‘safety net’ for self employed taxi drivers whose partners work Going to be a long few weeks until we get back to anything like normality. On the bright side funerals are immediate family only to I don’t have to suffer listening to the East Coast clan who I only see at funerals! In fact I probably won’t see them again... every cloud and all that Stay safe wherever you are
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    The Positives!

    I've been a Wild Rover for many a year And the coronavirus won't stop me drinking my beer Went into an Ale house in auld Glasgow town The place was rocking the shutters were down And it's no no never!!! No corona for me For i'm the Wild Rover!!! No Corona for me
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    FAO Normski!

    You have in the past found and posted a lot of humurous stuff. I am trying to post a bit of light hearted stuff myself, ( Hairy may have missed the couch bit tho). Any chance you can focus more on the humour as you have previous of spreading a smile ( can't ask BB cos hes a feckin miserable fecker), as this forum like the world is in depression. Lets try and spread a smile fella. I reckon your the man. Not only this forum the feckin world needs it.
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    The Positives!

    My pub is shut I do hate you Coronavirus what can we do? No pints, no grub, what can i do? Stay at home, far from you. They say things will get better With isolation I don't know As i'm on my own. The Gov't has made a plan To save us all don't know what it is But must be a sham. MFF is still alive And we must be the one's to strive To survive and keep things going all in all i'm only joking. Long life to all fellow members
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    Fuck sake, these dickheads honestly need shooting in the head.
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    Always look on the bright side of life.... Monty Python
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    VAR Again.

    V irus A void R eaction
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    Haiti Premier League.

    In the words of the Donald another 'shit hole' country. First free Black country declared in 1804 by ex slaves after they supposedly defeated the French and kicked them out to live a future life of prosperity and well being. Done a stint there in 2004, didn't see any football but lots of machete killings, drugs trafficking and downright poverty, most miserable country i have ever set foot in (and i've been through a lot of shit holes). Long live Haiti, the first free black State and long live their 'premier league'
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    So the schools are closing from tomorrow, and many parents are in a panic. Maybe they should see it as an opportunity to learn their children how to cook-wash clothes-gardening and how to grow vegetables, teach them how to respect things, sewing, car washing,and a little bit about financing a family home etc etc. Not all learning is done in the classroom.
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    They really are a deluded bunch

    A club like no other....peado hiding up cunts. You'll Never Walk Alone ? TRy telling that to the lads that were sexually abused under Celtic FC's watch you shower of fucking scum!!!!! Sickening doesn't even cover they sick fucks!!!
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    How many people are there in the UK who have cold and/or flu symptoms but because they cannot get tested are unnecessarily stressed? Not a nice situation.
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    And UEFA want the leagues completed by June........#deluded.......
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    Bullshit mate Hospitality sector here will be shut for 3 wks min If nothing changes then the lockdown continues A few boys i work with were sent home today for 12 wks,any agency worker will be fucked if they have to isolate for that period with zero sick pay
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    Jayo The Original.

    He was more a legend
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    No doubt mate....I believe Budge, for one, has publicly stated this.
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    So Richard Branson, who sued the NHS wants the government to bail out his virgin airline. How about FUCK OFF! Maybe he should sell his 60 million pound island first. Twat I propose that we start by making sure folk on low incomes can eat/heat their homes/pay their rent during the crisis. Old people are looked after and have regular health visits We’ll address the concerns of billionaires at a later stage,
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    Results for week 31 of the super fun SPL predictor fellow members A wave of coronavirus panic postponed the SPL league, only 1 game was played this week Wednesday 11th March St Mirren 19:45 Heart of Midlothian 1 And believe it or not, i was the only 1 to predict a Buddies win ha ha A reminder of the standings after week 30 Dug 099 Hairy 087 Mak 081 Norm 079 SP 077 Boro Boy 061 Bastion 055 Winston 022 N°8 007 And the standings since the stop of games Dug 099 Hairy 087 Mak 081 Norm 079 SP 078 Boro Boy 061 Bastion 055 Winston 022 N°8 007 The SPL table since the stop https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-premiership/table Hopîng to be back as soon as possible fellow members, until then keep your powder dry
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    Coronavirus - Multiple Threads

    Yeah, good idea.....make a sub forum or something and have the separate threads within.
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    Scottish Football - Cornonavirus

    This league season cannot be finished before the start of next season’s European Qualifiers! They are taking a break now before the virus has really hit us , against Government advice. They are talking about starting it back up when the virus will be at its peak! Its utter madness thinking we will play out this season! Players will be out of contract and loanees due to return to parent clubs. Obviously I have zero sympathy for Celtic and very little for Dundee United. I do have every sympathy for Liverpool after their fantastic league form. A real shame for Klopp who is a likeable guy
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    Scottish Football - Cornonavirus

    Neil Lennon (The Lurgan Bigot). Here's my view on the situation. A league season isn't over till ALL places have been decided and that includes play offs and relagtion/promotion. You can't cancel the season and decide who is promoted/relegated based on the current points total but then change the goalposts for the top of the table (whether the team in 1st place has arithmetically got enough points or not) because the league has been cancelled. It would be immoral to do this.
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    The Drinking Thread

    Having a few celebratory snifters having won over the week at Cheltenham.....not a lot but I wasn't betting heavy but coming out in front at that meeting is, imo, excellent.....Cheers guys.....
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    The Shinners in Government

    It's common knowledge these rats have covered up child rape,held kangaroo courts,covered up murder I saw this on Robert McCartney who was murdered by Sinn Fein/IRA 15 yrs ago when every Shinner cunt told police they were in the toilet at the time of his brutal murder and conveniently cctv was wiped How any sane person could vote for these cunts is beyond belief There were 70 Sinn Fein activists in the Magennis's bar that night. Robert was beaten and set upon with knives. His friend Brendan Devine was ripped open from his neck to his belly right in the middle of the bar. Then Robert was dragged out and taken down a lane to be finished off by members of the Short Strand and Markets IRA, many a wife beater among them. The IRA then came back into the busy bar to do a forensic clean up. SF Mid Ulster Assembly candidate Cora Groogan was in the bar that night. She saw nothing. SF council candidate Deirdre Hargey was in the bar too. She saw nothing. SF council candidate Sean Hayes was in the bar. He also saw nothing. Nobody in the bar was able to provide any information sufficient to ensure the successful prosecution of Robert's attackers. And the lot of them just back that evening from Derry where they attended the Bloody Sunday commemoration - a protest against the covering up of murder. Sinn Fein's Alex Maskey put out a press release in the murder's immediate aftermath saying that the death was the result of knife culture that had become too common in Belfast. As if this was some ordinary bar brawl. Strange that he was so poorly informed when many of his canvassing team were in the bar. Strange too that - rather like Conor Murphy's characterisation of Paul Quinn as a criminal - his comments managed to deflect from the true nature of what happened that night. Strange also that when the PSNI tried to search houses in the murder's aftermath, it was the police he condemned, rather than the teen rioters who were sent out to disrupt them. Time has been kind to Deirdre Hargey. She's now Minister for Communities in the new Executive. Time has been good for Alex Maskey too. He's now Speaker of the Assembly. As indeed time has been good for Conor Murphy. He's now Minister for Finance. As for the McCartneys, not so much. They were intimidated from their homes. And nobody has ever been convicted for Robert's murder. The wall of silence endures to this day. Say what you like about FF, FG, Labour or the rest, you simply could not gouge the belly of a man in a bar full of their party members and get away with it. The same is not true of Sinn Fein. This is not just about the past. It is about the present too. It is about whether SF really accepts that its activists and IRA members are to be amenable to the law - at least in respect of their post Agreement actions. Whether SF accepts that in a Republic all are equal before the law. And whether, by extension, we can be confident that a SF Minister for Justice will countenance security initiatives on money laundering and smuggling that may affect the boys in South Armagh and elsewhere. That's rather important because - as the last report of the International Monitoring Commission stated - there is a lack of clarity regarding where the proceeds of IRA smuggling, counterfeiting and other criminality ever went. Therefore the question equally arises as to who may benefit from them to this day. It is no response to this to state that power sharing exists in Northern Ireland - so we in the South should just get on with it. Because actually the devolved justice department is not allocated under the Agreement's d'Hondt formula. Instead SF itself agreed to a special arrangement that has seen it held mostly by the Alliance party and never by Sinn Fein. The fact that there has not once been an election of the President of Sinn Fein since 1986 underlines this. But what he really needs to do is not just make clear what is wrong about SF but how they can put it right to demonstrate their commitment to the equal application of the rule of law. Ending the silence about the McCartney murder would be a decent place to start. 71 potential witnesses claimed to have been in the pub's toilets at the time of the attacks. As the toilet measures just four feet by three feet,this led to the toilets being dubbed the TARDIS, from the TV series Doctor Who, which is much bigger on the inside than on the outside!
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    Crufts 2020

    The missus watches it and she has actually been to the show years ago. Personally I think people who want a dog should go to rehoming shelters and get one of the poor wee buggers that are in these places.
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    Get it right up ye!!!!!

    Angela Leadsome sticks it right up that snivelling, arrogant, odious cunt of a dwarf John Bercow!!!!! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/andrea-leadsom-continues-john-bercow-feud/ar-BB10JM1L?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout Gaun yersel Angela!!!!!
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    Spitting Image

    Making a comeback and i cannot wait to see people lose their shit over this It's gonna make headlines and discussed on Question Time........hopefully
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    The Labour Party

    You couldn't make this shit up, Corbyn is such a hypocrite!!
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    The Labour Party

    Exactly mate....Corbyn is simply making noises whilst he slips down the greasy pole to political oblivion.
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    Hairy Scot

    Tommy Robinson!

    He's definitely a target for the establishment. Any father would have done the same.
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    In the same breath as Rangers but no differential made if they actually were. I agree....are they not issuing some kind of statement in the next few weeks ? I smell another whitewash. That would not surprise me in the least. And is our caring government still sticking its head in the sand hoping they don't have to get involved....this is a 'National' scandal!
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    Fury V Wilder 2!

    Maybe I am missing something but that’s not at all funny
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    Seeing someone light up when my dog gives them a bit of fuss when out on a walk. Getting something old to work again so you don't have to throw it away and buy something to replace it.
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    Random football pics and vids

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    Plans for the weekend?

    Well, i've made the decision that all i have left to do today is go to the pub. May as well spend the day there before the feckin pubs close too, due to the coronavirus. Enjoy whatever it is you choose to do today.
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    He banned them weeks ago!
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    Penny for the guy mister ?

    Had a good laugh reading that article dug, what a miserable bunch of penny pinching bastards
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