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    Stockings, with a blue tank top, crutchless pants which made my gussett look like naan bread, and on occasion, i wore a multi coloured ribbon on my moustache. Never had perverts when i was at school tho. We had to buy our own feckin sweets.
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    Registration on the first day back at school in London, England.... Ahmed Al Sheriah ………………………………"here" Mustafa Al Sheriah …………………………….."here" Fatima El Bindiri ……………………………….."here" Ali Acmah Shabeeb ……………………………"here" Ali Sun Al En ……………………..No answer-Ali Sun Al En? Little girl at the back stands up and yells ........ "It's pronounced Alison Allen, for fuck sake !"
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    I'm doing interviews this weekend as I have plunged once again into the business side of things and takinget over my own small restuarant. Probably the reason I haven't been posting as much, been mega busy!
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    My biggest bug bears about football. 1. Clubs choosing to play it safe to ensure staying in the Premier league. Lacking ambition and basically just existing and defending their way to safety. 2. The power of the Champions league, far too many teams compete in this tournament now. This has totally diluted the other European competition and killed off another (Cup winners cup) 3. Disrespecting the domestic cup competitions, the likes of Big Sam have chosen to rest full teams because they see the cups as a distraction. I'm not being funny but it's five games until you're potentially in a cup final. Pathetic from some clubs. 4. Commercial advertising, the players spend just as much time holding products than they do playing now. We've seen Blackburn promoting fried chicken, United players holding Chinese noodle pots and other various promotional stuff. It's gone too far, clubs are losing their identities. 5. Average players earning insane sums of money, I'm going to use United as the main example. Jese Lingard has reportedly signed a contract between 70k-100k depending on what source you believe. I'm sorry but he's a pretty average squad player that wouldn't have been cleaning the boots of some of the great United teams players. He's not the only one, we've got clubs up and down the land spending thousands on average players. 6. Young players are now mini superstars, there are no longer grounded young footballers coming through the ranks. Rashford played a handful of games and he'd been blown into the next superstar. What happened to the likes of Sir Alex booting the door off Lee Sharpes house in the hunt for Ryan Giggs. These kids have it all too early, no wonder were now crap at International level, everyone's a superstar before the call up, it's no longer a honour to play for England, it's an inconvenience. 7. The Premier league, I can hardly remember the last time I actually heard any radio station or tv station talk about a league beyond the Premier league. I honoustly hardly ever hear about the Championship or league 1 or 2. The media is totally obsessed, the Premier league is actually killing football beyond the Premier league.
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    Yes starting to fall out with it over a number of issues, I could go into them but I'd be ranting all day Everything in the 90's I appreciated, football was the pinnacle of my childhood in that era
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    1. Where did you grow up and how much has it changed from your childhood? A small suburb in South London. Some family still live there so I go back there a few times a year and it's pretty much the same. Haven't been around near the street I grew up on but I imagine that hasn't changed one iota. 2. First football match attended and scoreline? Erm, possibly Crystal Palace 0-0 Huddersfield in the very early 00s. 3. Taste in music? Most genres. Depends on my mood. House, trance, dance, hip hop, metal, jazz, electronica, even classical very occasionally. 4. What other sports do you enjoy watching? None. 5. Major world event that sticks out in your mind first from your lifetime? I kinda remember the fear about Y2K and what I was doing on that night. Was playing the Crash Team Racing campaign on the PS1 in my brother's mate's bedroom. Best game of all time! Probably an event would be 9/11, too. Came home from school and it was all over TV. Remember them showing footage, but being only 7 at the time, didn't appreciate the significance but I remember noticing how upset my Mum was 6. What would be your dream day? No idea. I guess similar to BB's - a long walk in the sun. Eating and drinking lots while there's a cool breeze and some 90s tunes banging in the background. Then a stranger handing me a few million quid would be nice 7. Your top three movies of all time? Terminator 2, Shawshank Redemption, Lion King 8. Real or Barca? Hmm, would I rather eat shit or vomit?
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    Hello, Its me, I'm still alive only just, Sorry I not been on, been a busy 6 months, September my business was taken over by a largish IT firm and I now work for them I also got engaged. I nearly died in October still waiting for a heart op, going to the heart hospital in may to see a heart electrician, OP should be in the summer. The misses gave birth to my first child a baby boy in November, a lot has changed, I been meaning to come on, but I'm normally wacked out with my heart most evenings after work, the meds take it out of me., How is everyone doing and who is still around,
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    always go for one with raid, if you don't and a drive fails you loose all that gay porn of yours
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    Cant say I recognize you myself?
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    , but after a long absence - yay .... I am back!!!!! So just thought I'd say "hi" as it was!
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    Only 3 weeks until I go away now. Cannot bloody wait. Was just doing a little more research and came across this video. Looks like a magical place. Decided on visiting Haarlem, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Kinderdijk and Keukenhof while I'm there
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    RIP Ugo From the generation of footballers from my youth, by all accounts a top bloke. Gutted
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    What type of question is this, it's a football forum, not a forum for kids about school uniform.
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    So tell me a bit about yourself, i cant remember you, where you from?
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    Hi, how's the cycling going? Tenerife to look forward to in May as well.
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    Some great shots of St Andrews before redevelopment. (41 mins in) Ayrsome Park Boro (around 7 mins) Man U (18 mins). Spurs 59 mins. Good remembering how our grounds used to be.
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    Can't see many UKIP MP's standing for election, as they have done their job. The only way the 4 million plus who voted UKIP last time are gonna vote is conservative, thus strengthening May's position. Who could seriously vote for that apologist for terrorists Corbyn?? The man who says we are all stupid for exercising our democratic right's. Always been a Nationalist myself tho.
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    Free lol. Probably cash in hand so he doesn't have to pay any tax.
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    The nightmare is over. May be to late tho.
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    Middlesbrough are so bad they've made Arsenal look average.
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    It is fantastic i loved the last 2 years in the championship winning loads of games, nearly getting promoted and then doing it. It's great, even better when your rivals get relegated as you get promoted. Shane it looks like we will be going down and Newcastle going up. But at the time last season when we done it you just feel great, the whole town has a buzz about itself. Obviously we didn't do it the easy way, needing a draw on the last day. Was good, i had to listen to it in the radio as it was sold out. I was actually gong to go haha. It is daunting looking at the following season in the premiership as you know it's going to be a struggle and it's and it's been a massive struggle this season. We haven't ever looked like winning or scoring goals that often at all.
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    Madness, you've gone from the playoffs with an up and coming manager, to the relegation battle with a shite manager that fails pretty much everywhere he goes. Why hasn't he been sacked yet!!
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    About time somebody used their common sense, and said fuck all your statutes and acts about offending silly people. and stand up for their common LAW right to free speech.Parliament cannot over ride the right's given to us in the Magna Carta.
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    Football went wrong in this country when the first private boxes were installed. It ceased to be a game for the working classes, who were sidelined even more when the Premiership came along, and the F. A. became a corrupt money making organisation, ignoring their role of promoting the game at all levels. They appointed a series of disastrous England managers and continue to do so to this day. Ludicrous wages were offered to foreign players and corrupt foreign oligarchs, money launderers and oil rich sheiks took over the ownership of many of our clubs. As a result we will never again see the likes of the England World Cup winning team of 1966 and instead have to suffer the humiliation of seeing a team of fabulously rich players being beaten by the likes of Iceland. I am happy to admit that I'm an old man, living in a time warp, but I honestly believe that i've seen the best of times.
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    Changeling (2008) After her son goes missing, and an obvious impostor is found and 'returned' to her by the police, the mother fights back and takes on the corrupt LAPD, while uncovering an incredible dark secret. This is set back in the 1920s where technology and civil rights were a long way away from today's standards. This film does a brilliant job of pushing your buttons and getting you on side with certain characters, while hating others. A solid 8.5/10 The Forest When I read the synopsis, I had high hopes for this. A woman goes looking for her twin who was last seen heading into Japan's infamous Suicide Forest. From then on, paranormal phenomena and paranoia set in. After a promising start, this film is all over the place. Luckily the leading actress is hot so it's watchable until the end.... 4/10
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    Haha, more women are liking football but it's still a very small number. My missus finds it very dull and i agree a little bit. It's just too professional now. Someone gets touched and they fall then a free kick is given. We need a few heated fights. Also bring the shoulder charge back. It used to be a man's game not is for fsnnies lol.
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    Pretty simple really, my grandad took my dad and his two brothers to Old Trafford as kids in the late 60's and they did the same to me and my cousins. I remember the old terraces at Old Trafford in my early years, us kids would stand up against the rails. Unfortunately I've had two daughters, I've tried to pass on the family love but all I get is false interest and support, I know they will tell people they are from a United family as it's so drilled into them, but they will grow up not giving a flying fuck like most women.
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    Yes I agree, my mate at work is pretty religious but he doesn't put his opinion across and I respect that. I often apologise if I say something I know might offend him. To his credit he allows people to have their own opinion.
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    Nobody can upset anyone anymore. I'm with you @boro_boy I've no interest in religion.
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    The fans made fools of themselves, they were supposed to be the happy go lucky first time Champions league visitors. Instead, they've turned opinion on them to thinking they're idiots.
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    Arsenal taking their annual Spring meltdown to new levels this season and I love it
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    The Dog ain't watching it fella really. Anyhow this weekend I have Saturday off. By off i mean not working or going to the Blues, (play Friday night me working til 10pm which is shit). Gonna enjoy this Saturday tho, Full on quality time with Mrs SA. No football, stressing about furniture in Portugal, viewing of houses or any viewings for the house i selling. Last few weeks have been very chaotic work and home wise. Finally i am getting to reap the rewards of many many years hard graft. I can see myself retiring in the not to distant future. financially i always aimed to retire at 55. I am in a very good position to do so. I may spend Saturday evening with Mrs SA doing our bucket list. already started mine.
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    Possibly the best post i have ever read on here.
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    I truly believe he is as well. Not only is he a fantastic manager, he's also a really decent guy as well. There is no bullshite like you get from Mourinho, and he's also not overhyped from inheriting fantastic teams like Pep. Fingers crossed you don't lose him to either of the big two in Spain, he's going to deliver Spurs a league title if he doesn't decide on leaving. And after Mourinho leaves us after his usual three year or four years, he can come and work his magic at Old Trafford.
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    Well, you've well and truly put the mockers on it now! I hope we give them a good hiding, I hate David Moyes and the way he ripped the heart out of Sir Alex's work. He got rid of the coaching staff that had delivered so much success and he upset stalwart players who'd achieved enough to be shown respect more than they got.
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    What Spurs did to Swansea was unbelievable, this team really is the real deal.
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    Bloody hell mate you were championing him for the position last week!! Told you it wouldn't work out, I never trust a manager in a tracksuit. Basically giving the impression they'd rather be a coach. I think it's all too little too late now, you're going down regardless of who you get in as they wouldn't have times to make the relevant changes needed. You need close to 20 points from your remaining fixtures to stand a chance, you've only got 23 now!!
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    Hull are a much better team under Marco Silva. Look more organised and have a solid home record.
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    We did enough to win that game, how many clear cut chances do we actually need. Ibra had a goal disallowed and Pogba hit the bar from a yard out. Herrera should have scored in the first half and there were countless chances throughout the game. We're just carrying far too many mentally weak players, were in a shite position. But we've got the get out of jail free card on our side, Europa league. If we can't win that with our experience, were crap.
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    Oh look, two great opportunities wasted (hit the bar once) and Robles has made two world class saves. Yawn
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    My predictions: United to dominate possession. Ibra and co to miss at least 3 gilt-edged chances. Robles to get MOTM
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    Disgusted in West Brom, we were depleted and they still played 10 men behind the ball. We literally had 75-80% possession in the second half. I've never seen anything like it before, Pulis is anti football, he sets up this way every week.
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    The site will be changing its name to very shortly. we hope you like the change
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    Saw Hacksaw Ridge last week. It tells the story of Desmond Daws, who enrols in the US army during WW2 despite being a pacifist. He refuses to pick up a weapon but instead uses his knowledge as a medic to save lives rather than take them. Thought it was an amazing film. Brilliantly shot scenes, the acting was great and there were some really emotional moments. 9/10 Watched 'The Others' this evening - decent enough horror starring Nicole Kidman. Off to see Get Out tomorrow. Can't wait
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    I bet the owners are kicking themselves now. Serves them right.
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    That was nail biting, even for a neutral haha! Congrats Boro, see you next season!