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    Brazil v Mexico....02/07/2018

    Neymar....Reported as on of the best players in the world Costliest player in the footballing world He now has a new award.......Footballing world's number one snowflake fanny!
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    Brazil v Mexico....02/07/2018

    What a cunt naymar is, he should have been booked for all that rolling around there. Shit like that puts me off football
  3. 2 points

    Uruguay v Portugal.....30/06/2018

    I'm also gonna say Uruguay 2-1 cuz I hate that big headed twat Ronaldo
  4. 2 points

    France v Argentina

    The drinks are back on!
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    Pub Funnies

  6. 2 points
  7. 2 points
    Blame it on the Peaky Blinders.....
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    Comebacks on 😂🤣
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    Pub Funnies

    I thought I would start a Topic of Football Funnies. A place where you can post funny pics & Images. I will keep adding them as I find them but please feel free to add your own funnies. Here's one I found amusing.
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    Grammer Police!!

    You know the cunts who pick you up all the time online!
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    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    also....you can bet your arse that if the guy who flung the ciggie had been on his own he wouldn't have thrown it.
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    Belgium v Japan.....02/07/2018

    Have that up your cack pipe! Japan 2-0 Belgium
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    Yeah so would I mate, I was being optimistic and sarcastic haha. I'd probbaly last about 20/30 minutes then beg too be taking off and thrown into a cold shower lol
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    I honestly don't know but I 'think' you have to take into consideration the length of time they have actually lived under such conditions. I'm not saying I am right and you are wrong Locke....simply putting forward considerations and possibilities mate.
  15. 1 point
    Meant to say....hope you stick around mate and keep posting. Also hope you are NOT thin skinned...... What can we call you as your user name is a tad long winded ?
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    Oh stick Saudi Arabia in too. Perhaps the hottest country on earth? They failed!
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    Pub Funnies

    She looks like His friggin Sister with the size of her Noshers!
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    France v Argentina

    It was a penalty. Read the paper in the morning. Anyhow...
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    Pub Funnies

  20. 1 point

    A Momentous Decision

    My guess is that your drunk writing this post so it probably won't happen. But if it's serious. Then good luck :)
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    Damn right fella. Luckily for me i live far away from those horrible chicken shops.In Sutton coldfield being a money area, we demand and get the highest of standards, tho we may pay a bit more, the quality is well worth it. Even the very slightest drop in the high standards demanded in Sutton, will see a place fail in a very short time.
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    Anything less than 5 stars should be shut down!
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    Tomorrow I start my new adventure.

    Thanks mate, looking forward too the new challenge. I'll be sure too take plenty of photos of oban and my travels. Never been there so it'll be awesome!
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    Audi Clown Advert

    Locke would be shitting himself.....
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    What you watching?

    Old...OLD ?.....get the fuck outta here....plenty life in this dog yet mate....
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