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    May i suggest it means, that we all have different things that we enjoy? You enjoy masturbation, Harold enjoy's watching a bit of TV. Tho he make take less strokes than you in doing what he enjoys. Simples.
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    English Premier League Match Discussion

    Decent performance last night at Wembley.
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    Mr Magnificent

    Brexit not going very good?

    Me too. I won't vote. I voted once...Fuck em!
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    Mr Magnificent

    vile- The Derby

    He doesn't go there to fight. He goes there to live off the back of "proper" lads like me. Fuck me I bet your Dad's wallet takes a pounding when you turn up for Sunday dinner!
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    A good win for the Boro In 2nd place now. Looking good for promotion so far. Hope we can keep it up.
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