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    #1 The 6 second rule Keepers should not hold onto the ball for more than 6 seconds but this is never the case. #2 Shirt pulling in the box This hardly ever results in a penalty. #3 Throw-ins These are never taken from where the ball goes out of play. #4 Penalty kicks Keepers are not supposed to come of the line before the penalty is taken but this happens a lot
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    Mr Magnificent

    M&S Meal Deals

    M&S are doing a great deal on food with a main course, side and a bottle of wine for £10. I just got a bottle of red, fish pie and chunky chips. The lot will be going down my gob about fivish this afternoon. Fill your boots bitches!
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    Mr Magnificent

    Middlesbrough v Aston Villa

    Boro have been shocking. We will inflict a hammering to you in January and I will be there to see it.
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    Shirt pulling

    And some get sorted and nothing gets done. If there is shirt pulling on the halfway line then the ref will give a few kick but in the box it's hardly ever given. Definitely needs clamping down.
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    Yeah but they wouldn't steal anything else.
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    Mr Magnificent

    M&S Meal Deals

    Fook that! I am drinking it!
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    M&S Meal Deals

    Yep, it's good value but we only get it when it's something we can both enjoy. The wife and I rarely eat the same grub apart from a Sunday. The wine is good to use for a Christmas pressie.
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    They'd slip out if the cuffs haha
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    Me and my dad were talking about this and the stupid Ms Abbot. We both agreed that this was long overdue, the police knocking the cunts off their bikes,helmet or no helmet. Obviously the police want these twats alive so they won't be doing it when they are doing stupid speeds. But giving them a tap so they come off is great, this safeguards the innocent public who would no doubt be harmed if the moped cunts didn't get caught! The police need to take on hard tactics to stop these cunts, we have been getting softer and softer year on year and the public is sick off it. Well apart from the snowflakes who would probably set up a gofund me page for the moped riders!!
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