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    Martin O'Neil

    Especially when they get the sack.
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    Hi from Bonny Scotland

    Hi all, a granddaddy here from Edinburgh and hope to join in all the debates here, just surfing around now to get the hang of things, love the Emoji's
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    Hairy Scot

    Thankfully all Scots

    I left UK in 1981 but I was always under the impression that the coins were legal in all UK countries and that the banknotes were the only issue with some segments of society. I recall an incident in the 60s when as a prospective RAF recruit I was at Bigginhill and a shopkeeper accepted my Bank of Scotland £1 note but gave me a tanner short in the change with the explanation that Scottish £1 note was only worth 19/6.
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    Hairy Scot

    The Longest thread in MFF history

    Wife says to me, "Go to the dairy and get a litre of milk, and if they have eggs get six." I can't understand why she was pissed off when I came back with six litres of milk.
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    Hairy Scot

    I'd drown this rat

    I don't think so. Would the assault have made the headlines if the victim had not been an immigrant? As for the 50K fund; I too find it strange that people will contribute to something like that while other deserving causes are ignored. There seems to be a tendency in the UK for people to bend over backward in a hypocritical effort to be seen to be politically correct.
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    Things that piss you off.

    The difference in price of spirits between Scotland and England. There have been ads on tv the past few days for at least one of the major supermarkets selling their litre bottles of whisky, vodka, rum etc for £15 a ltr bottle. Cheapest I can get my rum at the moment is £18 per ltr bottle at Morrisons. We were in Tescos earlier and it is £19.50 (the absolute minimum price can be no lower than £17.50) & whisky at £20. Thank you Nicola Sturgeon you tartan clad despot! And to think this bitch is supposed to govern all of the Scottish public and not just to make the responsible suffer to pacify their (Scottish Executive) opinion of the irresponsible!
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    Mr Magnificent

    Martin O'Neil

    Both an over rated, under performing pair of chumps.
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    Mr Magnificent

    Here's a fun poll

    I love riding my fat pipe.
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