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    New Year's Plans!

    (Didn't notice this earlier).... You know, you just cannot help yourself. Any fucking opportunity you're in for a fucking dig and quite objectionable most of the time. As long as you and yours enjoy yourselves, that's fine but your pathetic attempts to put down others that don't have the same outlook and/or lifestyle as you is quite pathetic and a sure sign of insecurity within yourself. I don't have a clue ?.........I'll tell you this.....I know for a fact that if I had a choice of who to have a pint with it certainly wouldn't be yourself mate. Having said that, you and yours have a good night out and don't you bother your little cotton socks about those who will be on here at some point tomorrow.....
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    Mr Magnificent

    New Year's Plans!

    We think he might be. Loves it!
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    The Realist

    New Year's Plans!

    Thing is fella, whatever i say you will say the opposite, historically on this forum that is proven beyond any doubt, often to the point of you going against something you said in another thread often a long time ago. I have a really good memory fella, sadly you don't which is why you have been proven to be a serial liar time and time again, way beyond the point of embarrassment, I still find you a good source of amusement at times. Harold does not know the real you, he doesn't have a clue. Anyhow i'm off to walk the dog, just got enough time to get to the pub for a cheeky couple, It's a dog friendly pub my local, anyhow @Locke, have a great new year, enjoy the grandson, they grow up very quickly and get very expensive, and more importantly enjoy your time with your Dad on NYD, Unfortunately i can't do that anymore, and it still hurts. Take care fella. KRO- SOTV.
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    Red Devil

    New Year's Plans!

    Taking the kids down to Manchester town hall for the firework display, it's an alcohol-free zone so hopefully, it's well policed so the dickheads are kept well away.
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