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    The Realist

    Plans for the weekend?

    Well the plan for a quiet peaceful weekend have gone! Got a ticket for West Ham, and a seat on the loon bus, leaving Digbeth 7am,. Sunday will be a very quiet one tho, maybe just take Mrs SA out for a carvery or similar, along with buying her something nice, begging forgiveness, from Saturday. The Blues loon bus is the best way to travel ever. Very hard to get for most who would love to travel with us older lot.
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    Mr Magnificent

    Manchester City v Liverpool

    I think City will reel them in now.
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    Manchester City v Liverpool

    I'm glad they won, honestly though Liverpool wouldmwin. Glad they didn't as it keeps the league interesting and the last thing I want if for Liverpool to win the league.
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    Just a thought!

    I’ll be more active on here now
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