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    BBC News FFS

    Over 40 years ago I was in a serious road accident while driving and I broke my cheek bone. Got it put together with wired up splints and was in hospital for a week during which I never had a shit. When I got out all that was happening was I was by passing so we had to get a district nurse in. I won't go into detail but she showed me what to do....and I'll tell you this................................If ever there was a painful feeling that I could imagine as giving birth it was that day when I had my fist shit after more than a week! I called it Johnny.....
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    Hairy Scot

    The 2nd Day.

    Sorry mate, but IMHO you seem to have a tendency to overrate yourself and to assume that others are somehow lesser beings. I have met many like you in my 55 years of employment; self centred blow-hards full of piss and wind but with absolutely no substance. All yak and no shack.
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    Hairy Scot

    Football quiz questions

    Alfredo Stéfano Di Stéfano Laulhé
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    The Realist

    Football quiz questions

    You carry on with another one fella.
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    The Realist

    Football quiz questions

    Spurs. No cheating here on that one. After Spurs he joined them.
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    AVG, Avast, Norton, and MacAfee all offer free versions which are pretty good. Windows Defender is also OK. I purchased Avast Internet Security. There are a number of Ad Blockers. AD Block Plus is about the best. You should also take a look at my post about preventing websites bitching about ad blockers.
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    Red Devil

    Football quiz questions

    It's blatantly obvious, I've asked the same question to about 30 people and no one got the answers straight away and I had to give 90% the Fernandinho answer. Most didn't even get Cech, you didn't even attempt to play the game.

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