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    First Major News Item You Remember!

    Interesting thread topic. I'll post up something later this morning.
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    The Realist

    Football quiz questions

    He means villa park obviously. This question came up at a pub quiz i was at recently, i'm fairly sure the one that no team got was the old Boro ground Ayresome Park. so i'm saying Ayresome Park along with those mentioned above. Wembley, White City, Roker, Goodison, Villa Park, Old Trafford, Hillsborough, Ayresome Park.
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    We use mobiles to arrange a meet, we do this with villa also, tho when we tell them where we are, they use their mobiles to phone the OB, and tell them where we are. I may choose to participate in your survey, tho i think out of courtesy it would be nice if you were to participate in this forum too. If only a little bit.
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    Aw Hairy...ffs man.....
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