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    Plans for the weekend?

    Ran the East London half marathon today, my first ever half, which is a part of my training plan for the Brighton full marathon in April. Managed to break sub 2 hours and got round in 1.58, which was pretty good considering the conditions. Fuck me was it cold.
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    Red Devil

    Are Liverpool gonna Bottle It?

    Does that always win you football matches? If that were the case Birmingham wouldn't have won the league cup a few years back would they.
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    I think we just need more football related posts as this is a football forum so when people search for "Football Forum" on google, they will come here and see a lot of non related football posts. I've created a new forum under the pub https://www.myfootballforum.com/forum/106-the-games-meaningless-forum/ These posts don't show up on the recent posts widget at the top of the site.
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    The Realist


    My thoughts on this are the over friendliness of people, who actually don't know or ever will know each other, the love in's between certain member's are very extreme on here, and may well alienate outsiders having a look at the forum. I had chips for tea mate- Well done mate they looked scrummy, yeah they was mate, i added some salt made them even better. Well done mate etc etc. This is the kind of stuff visitors see on the front page. I often see it when i log on, and i just log off again. I have many many many times told negan-locke-vulcan-st andrew-shelby, or whatever the latest fantasy name is, i am not his mate, yet it persists. How about all the shitty food dinner and other type crap are in a forum, as per the old days, where only registered users can access, and more significantly it doesn't go on your post count.
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