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    I hope this filthy fucking bitch

    Nope.....you'd be in the river Tees with concrete boots
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    Brexit not going very good?

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    Predictor w/ending 10/03/2019

    w/e 10/03/2019 Bastion 92 Hairy 89 Dug 86 SP 71 Mak 69 Jape 67 Trav 9
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    I'm the opposite, hope some cunt has started it, be a bit boring if it was a dodgy fuse box......
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    The CUNT Thread

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    If it weakens the Aussie team...... Brucie Bonus!
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    Random Videos

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    Brexit not going very good?

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    The Realist


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    Celtic v Rangers, 31/03.2019

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    Brexit not going very good?

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    What the **** is everyone up to

    Woohoo two great outcomes between yesterday and today the the consultant was really happy with the wife’s footit has healed nicelymuch to their surprise. So back the end of September just to make sure all is still ok. And I am back in Dublinin in three weeks to sign a contract for a series of children’s books with the first coming out at Christmas also my two daughters are involved as they have done all the illustrations. Got to say I am just a wee bit chuffed 😁😁
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    There is no such thing as Islamaphobia,it's a made up word,in that case,Christianaphobia is a huge problem in Islamic countries Whilst i find any terror attack on any human abhorrent,can someone explain in recent times why: When Islamic terrorists commit murder there is fear for reprisals on Muslims When far right terrorists commit murder there is fear for reprisals on Muslims BTW i'm speaking as someone who lived through a 30+ years religious war
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    The Drinking Thread

    Wee story....the wife and me were visiting friends in Perth W. A. and one day we went to Fremantle and its huge market was on. There was t-shirt stall which did printing and I said to her I was going to buy a t-shirt with the words....' 34 & 1/2, Half hearted bastard me'. Suffice to say she was not amused & I never got my saucy worded t-shirt.......................Had an excellent lunch there mind.
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    The Realist

    The Gender Thread

    I may have a punt on a man naturally giving birth to a child before the end of the year. Can't seem to find any odds on paddypower tho.
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    Thoughts ?

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    She would have survived the titanic
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    PSG v United

    personally think that will be a nightmare. EG...a skilled player who is struggling to pass to a teammate or stuck trying to get a cross in then deliberately kicks the ball off an opponents hand/arm, situations like that.
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    What the **** is everyone up to

    hitting the pub in half an hour....enjoy your day whatever you are up to....laters dudes!
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    Daily shit in Norn Iron

    The provos shot her,have a read at this statement and you would swear it was 1981.....note how they spelled murder wrong
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    Hairy Scot

    Newbie here

    And said I think you're a todger
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    In a cruel twist of Fate, Spurs advance on a way goals, ...... best of..... No 8 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
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    Wee Sunday Thread

    Showered then sat down to bacon, sausages, fried egg, slice of fried bread, fried cherry toms, beans (Tescos BB), 2 slices of buttered toast then a cream & strawberry jam scone & a large mug of char (sugarless). Rather full now but hey ho....doing fuck all today. Wee Sunday Poem. Sundays are brilliant Sundays are great I've just had a fry up dished up on my plate It looked very appealing It looked really good So with no hesitation I devoured all that food. Ah thank ya.
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    Hello? Is there someone there?

    And the answer given is..............'Nup, nobody at all'
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    Brexit not going very good?

    Maggie Knew
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    Vegan's, the LGBTQ's, the "global warming brigade" (or whatever they call it nowadays) and all other minority movements which can now tell us what is right or wrong, what we can or cannot say or think should all take a long fucking jump into the river Clyde. But that is only my "opinion" being a straight heterosexual meat eating man driving a diesel powered car trying to live life to the full without a bunch of snowflakes who can't even smell their own shite trying to tell me how i should live my own life.
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    Common sense, one would assume.. ...
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    Criteria is.....If BB or myself decide to based upon the content. Hope that helps.....
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    Motherwell v Rangers....07/04/2019

    0-3....great goal and Arfield gets has hat trick and................................. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM........my over 2.5 goals bet is up...... That's why you see the benefit of Candeias tracking back mate. The wee man is a workhorse.
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    Is it, the amount of wanks you have knocked out in the last 16 days?
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    Is it tie to ban Horse Racing?

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    Danny Rose

    Sorry mate,that comes (scuse the pun) across like i'm calling you a wanker😂
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    The Gender Thread

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    I hope this filthy fucking bitch

    beat me to it Norm...... BB's new welly boots....
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    Caption This

    Morcambe and Lies
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    Random football pics and vids

    Goal of the season
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    Cycling is not fanny friendly!

    Only til i get cream on it😁
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    Cardiff want Sala fee scrapped

    I'm going to say something that probably won't be popular & Im not saying it is right but....... Footballer players are commodities nowadays (or perhaps they always have been) ? Okay, if I signed up for a commodity eg....a washing machine, a new sofa (which we have done this year) and it didn't arrive (& couldn't) at my gaff for whatever reason would I seem unreasonable for not wanting to fork out when I didn't receive what I had ordered ? Obviously there is a difference but is the principle not the same ?
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    Brexit not going very good?

    Sky News deleted this
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    The Realist

    Football quiz questions

    Nah feck him @Hairy Scot, i want another go. I may well spit the dummy out, and be forced to order a takeaway.
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    The Gender Thread

    There are two genders: Male and Female END OF STORY.
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    The NEWS Today

    Are you having a giraffe Hairy? I'l ask you now Hairy,have you never poked a bit of humour/laughed at humour involving any case of a tragic event because i have one in my head right now of you from the previous forum? Probably one of many
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    That Boy Ronaldo

    I'm sure you wouldn't mind a few poofs like him playing for Gers SP instead of the poofs ya have😂
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    If her Ma and Da had been a shop assistant and Council worker......they'd have been done for child neglect. Cunts.
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    What the **** is everyone up to

    When in doubt, get the Smirnoff out.......lol
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