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    I start my Diet tomorrow

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    Could probably write a better end to Game of Thrones....... 😂🤣
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    New Betting App / Shop

    After Bastion walked away as King of the SPL predictor 2018/19....yours truly is the Betting King...having won the most points and also having won the competition for most points bet. Hopefully BB has his cash for his dug's treatment all sorted now and can get my prize money forwarded to me so that me and the wife can eat this coming weekend......
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    The Brexit Party

    Slander most definitely if unproven for which he (Smith) would have to report this to the Police. He won't do this because he is a relatively small mouthpiece for the separatists in Europe. Don't know if you will remember but this was the grovelling idiot who, a couple of years or so ago, at the EU parliament was begging them not to let Scotland down. What these cunts conveniently ignore is that it was a Scottish vote. And I would hope that Nigel is talking about him and does take legal action against him.
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    NEW FORUM - All things Rangers

    As requested, here is the new forum @Harold
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    The Guv'nor

    NEW FORUM - All things Rangers

    This is an excellent move. No talk of "them" in here please.
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    Hairy Scot

    The Brexit Party

    Non citizens should not be eligible to vote in any elections.
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    Daily shit in Norn Iron

    This is something Hairy,Dug and SP may remember,what a fucking selfless act,just before my time but aware of what happened Shame on the cunts who revelled in it
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    The Brexit Party

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    Brexit not going very good?

    The cunt should be in jail alongside Bliar
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    No surprise here tbh....after winning the Scottish Cup, a treble treble you would have thought he would act accordingly befitting the Captain of the Scottish Champions ? But nup, that serial thug, idolised by the MSM, Scott Brown once again shows how seriously lacking in class he is...
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