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    The Brexit Party

    Slander most definitely if unproven for which he (Smith) would have to report this to the Police. He won't do this because he is a relatively small mouthpiece for the separatists in Europe. Don't know if you will remember but this was the grovelling idiot who, a couple of years or so ago, at the EU parliament was begging them not to let Scotland down. What these cunts conveniently ignore is that it was a Scottish vote. And I would hope that Nigel is talking about him and does take legal action against him.
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    This is an excellent move. No talk of "them" in here please.
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    NEW FORUM - All things Rangers

    As requested, here is the new forum @Harold
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    Daily shit in Norn Iron

    This is something Hairy,Dug and SP may remember,what a fucking selfless act,just before my time but aware of what happened Shame on the cunts who revelled in it
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    The Brexit Party

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    Brexit not going very good?

    The cunt should be in jail alongside Bliar
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    No surprise here tbh....after winning the Scottish Cup, a treble treble you would have thought he would act accordingly befitting the Captain of the Scottish Champions ? But nup, that serial thug, idolised by the MSM, Scott Brown once again shows how seriously lacking in class he is...
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