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    The Daily track

    Today we is having The Kinks...
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    VAR is going to kill the game. Absolute fact. Its going to get the stage that when your team scores and you celebrate, you'll be waiting on a VAR check. The womens game is terrible. Like all sports, men are better. Its simple genetics.
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    Britain Today

    Carrying acid or knives should carry a heavy sentence,this just gets worse,fucking horrendous
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    fuck them....don't know what they're missing.....
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    Another one bites the dust I fear. At this rate the BBC won't have any Comedians left.
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    The Daily track

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    The NEWS Today

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    The Twelfth

    Double time for me. Hope the weathers good though, BBQ to go to after.
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    The Twelfth

    Och, a bit of grub probably a chicken supper, few drinks, stereo out the back wi a few toe tapping toons....Just like most days (good weather's a must though). What about yersel Jezza ?
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    To be fair I am shocked no one has put my name forward yet.
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    As a society we reward poor behaviour and that is a terrible road to follow.
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    Yep, an appalling character ...... The new Ting Tong on the forum.... Fs
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    The Daily track

    Quality choice Dug
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    People Worthy of a Death Sentence

    Of course they do Seriously ? It was a serious thread started by Norm so I would have thought it was for serious replies & not some frivolous, throwaway reply simply because you don't like a person.
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    Are you his agent by any chance?
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    Britain Today

    Bitch need a god fucking kicking....fuck her colour....she is scum, pure & simple.
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