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    Rangers v Oxford (Friendly)

    Don’t usually do friendlies but was given comps for Bar 72 so went along. Always difficult to judge players in these games. Firstly Oxford were pretty poor and after the first ten minutes it was clear it was going to be a matter of how many Great to see the new signings. My pick would be Ojo. I think he will quickly have us forgetting about Kent. He could be a standout this season Katic and Goldson are still my first pick but Edmundson looks like a very decent prospect Greg Stewart is not an out and out striker but could be the ‘hole player’ we have been looking for. Hastie and Jones did Ok Aribo looked comfortable on the ball and strong in the tackle. Played at his own pace and hope this was only down to the fact it was a friendly. Another that could be a star I like Polster. I’ve seen him 2 or 3 times now and he looks as if he is a player. Greg Docherty gives 100% every time he steps on that pitch. I want him to succeed but I think he might not make it. Hope I’m wrong McPake came on and showed why everyone is raving about him with a great piece of skill. One to watch out for
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    The Feel Good Thread

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    Diane Abbott is an absolute joke

    The Irony.......
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    Couldn't give a quote or a fuck about Boris, but if he gets PM and can get the Brexit through then in my eyes he is a fucking hero and will go down in history
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    CWC - India vs NZ

    In your scenario i would hope and think India would be declared winner, they are after all top of the World Cup Table after the 9 games
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    Random Videos

    Zero fucks given
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    I would love to see the "reports" the American ambassador sent back to the USA during May's Brexit negotiations, the Yanks must have been pishing themselves laughing at her ineptness and that of the British governement as a whole. Trump tweeted today "i told her how to to do it, she wouldn't listen" says it all actually
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    been having a look on FF and honestly some of the negative posts are unreal....then on the other hand....positive posts. People see things in different ways.
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    They're playing the equivalent of the Rover's Return pub team,there wouldn't be any interest in it outside of the blue half of Glasgow
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    BT Only have it from the group stages mate
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    0-1 Rangers.....Jack! Ojo makes it 0-2! Excellent!
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    Should be able to up the game in second half and score a couple of goals (i hope)
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    Team RANGERS: McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, Katic, Barisic; Jack, Davis, Kamara; Ojo, Defoe, Jones. SUBS: Foderingham, Edmundson, Aribo, Stewart, Docherty, Halliday, Morelos.
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    Radio Scotland commentary for me. Aint paying another subscription.
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    Wild kitty3

    Copa America

    No, no. Once I have been using this. Now, I do not.
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    The Feel Good Thread

    Sweet.....some boiling water and sugar next would do fine.
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    Dog Barking Nuisance

    There are shelters ye know.....
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    Wow, good job All football fans come here. Everybody can watch live football stream on https://www.footballstream.video/ very convenient site for all lovers of sport. Join and let's watch live game together
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    Premier League 2018 -2019 Football Quiz. Fun Quiz for all the family.
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    Mr Magnificent

    Dog Barking Nuisance

    Hence, she is now the ex wife.
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    Hairy Scot

    Dog Barking Nuisance

    Didn't know you were moving. Just as well. Save you doing something drastic.
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    Hairy Scot

    The Labour Party

    It must now be apparent that Jezza, like so many left wingers, has taken the Hypocritic Oath.
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    Women say/do the Stupidest Things

    Probably believe that babies grow under cabbage leaves. And to think....they're allowed out on their own ffs.
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    Them looks like some meaty links to me. Sizzle them big boys up!
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    So Boris visits a British sausage firm and now there are calls across SM to boycott it,so fucking sad
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    Hairy Scot

    Hey :)

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    HI, i am doing, some interesting quotes on here.
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    Likewise Mike, why not involve yourself in our forum....there are plenty of topics to be discussed.
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    Well done, try my other quizzes, you may do better . Mike.
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