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    Brexit not going very good?

    So we have a government who can't govern and the public who can't vote. What the.fuck.
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    The Realist

    Brexit not going very good?

    We had a referendum in 2016, which showed what the people want.
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    Brexit not going very good?

    Would love to see the poisoned dwarf lose this
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    Brexit not going very good?

    Disagree with you mate. They are Conservative MPs first and foremost....if they are not going to back their party and back the opposition then imo he took the correct course of action because of the severe importance of what is being proposed. Hell mend them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway....what is really getting on my tits listening to remainer MPs....A lot of them keep saying....'Yes the majority of the people of the country voted to leave the EU in the referendum but they didn't vote to leave with No Deal'................now, how the fuck does she actually know why people ticked the 'Leave' box back in 2016 ? Their was only one question....stay or leave...fuck all else! I wish someone would pull them up and ask how the fuck they know ?
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    The guy that was outed was right it wasn’t him and therein lies one of the major problems with social media A wee shit of a 15 year old has been arrested and supposedly charged for it. Though I can’t imagine what the charge would be
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    Transfer comings and goings....2019/2020

    Bastards kept me up until midnight. Great signing. We should be able to sell him on in a few years for a fairly healthy profit
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    Mr Magnificent

    Brexit not going very good?

    The Tory party are imploding. I think Brexit will split them for good. I admire Johnson for trying to force the issue but not for sacking MP'S voting against his wishes. That move was as undemocratic as those whining remaining Mutha's. As I said he has bitten off more than he can chew with that route and is on a losing battle. The Brexit Party and Tories will cancel one another out at a GE.
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    Brexit not going very good?

    Only if two thirds of the house agree........ I'm thinking.....Nah, not until a no deal Brexit isn't possible by law.......
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    Owen and Shearer 10 Year Feud

    I don't really care about there rift, they are obviously just cunts.
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    Brexit not going very good?

    Points of order taking place in the Commons just now over 2nd reading of some bill to force Boris to seek an extension from the EU. EVERY point of order from every Conservative MP was turned down/dismissed by Bercow. he leans so far to the left the cunt's going to fall into the Labour benches!
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