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    Whilst the woman has my sympathy for what happened to her daughter I cannot help but think her comments are unjustified. BJ was not referring to her or her daughter or that awful situation. He was merely expressing how desperate he felt about asking the EU for another extension.
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    The Feel Good Thread

    Nice one!
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    Mr Magnificent

    Peaky Blinders!

    This has been painted on a wall in Digbeth, Birmingham. Went to see it yesterday and had food at Manzil's after.
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    Mr Magnificent

    The Feel Good Thread

    Kerching! Beer vouchers!
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    Mr Magnificent

    Tonight's dinner.

    It is one of the finest cheap meals. Bread and butter will be in order for me too. Real butter as well. None of this vegan shite!
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    Rot In Hell You Cunt

    Robert Mugabe granted national hero status and official mourning. Dumb cunts will never learn...
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    The Labour Party

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    Better than them? What does that even mean? Sounds likes a retreat to me.
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