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    FAO Normski!

    You have in the past found and posted a lot of humurous stuff. I am trying to post a bit of light hearted stuff myself, ( Hairy may have missed the couch bit tho). Any chance you can focus more on the humour as you have previous of spreading a smile ( can't ask BB cos hes a feckin miserable fecker), as this forum like the world is in depression. Lets try and spread a smile fella. I reckon your the man. Not only this forum the feckin world needs it.
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    I have just thought about their predicament for a moment, and have come to the conclusion- fuck em.
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    VAR Again.

    V irus A void R eaction
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    Back in the Day- Drinks.

    Anybody remember these? Standard 80's pub drink's. What did you drink,and what was your favourite back then??? I'm just trying to diverse from this Covid 19 shite BTW!
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    Guys you have a difference of opinion to her. To wish her dead is a poor show on your part.
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    The Longest thread in MFF history

    I'll see what I can do tomorrow mate. Don't hold your breath though ha.
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    The Longest thread in MFF history

    Somrthing like this... But hopefully a better attempt than mine.. Somrthing with that text, logo and Scottish themed lol
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    FAO Normski!

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    The smiley may indeed be a contentious issue, tho i sometimes feel the need to post a thumb up,as it shows no malice or offence, as i cannot be sure who has their HRT patch or not.
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    FAO Normski!

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    Songs that sum up the current mood..

    Always look on the bright side of life.... Monty Python
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    The whole headline announced...."the government will fight this all the way,they said 20k deaths would be a good result/outcome" Unreal to hear that,if that's their thoughts fair enough but don't tell it to the public I'l stick up a few vids of london,it's like the wild fucking west and people wonder why it's widespread in london
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    I’m gonna find and post something about someone who has recovered and is on the piss, with a load of bitches en tow.
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    If i understand the article they got sacked, serves them right greedy bastards
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    Yeah if one of us gets it, were all getting it. That's why I think it's stupid that this deployment is going ahead as no one is allowed on the ship, as in guests and we are just doing nothing apart from going from port to port. And everyone is saying only essential travel, I don't understand.
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    NZ government has said that over 70s MUST stay at home. So I, and my pool partners will have to play with different balls for a while. Plus the weekly old farts conference in the pub will have to be suspended. I'll just need to find someone to do my shopping for me.
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    FAO Normski!

    Who would use this toilet?
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    FAO Normski!

    Grab a nice drink, kick your shoes off, sit back all nice and comfy, and watch this video fella. Thank me later.
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    Unreal,then you get ballbegs like this
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    hahaaha I think he's borderline alcoholic, but he's keen as fuck when he's still pissed in the morning so its not a problem
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