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    Surely next time one of these outbreaks occurs, we will isolate the country of origin faster, suspending flights and putting anyone returning in quarantine before getting the freedom to spread it........ It was handled badly from the start, were western governments scared of being labelled racist, in doing so, by leftist parties, globalists and media? Human rights eh......
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    Food Songs.

    Oasis soup “ you get a roll with it , you get a roll with it “
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    Food Songs.

    Number of the Feast.............Iron Maiden.
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    The empty shelves in the below image once contained 'laxative' products They have now been bulk bought by the 'toilet roll' buyers as a form of justification for their earlier despicable actions.
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    Yep, the fairer sex love comfort food. It's their go to solution for all kinds of depressive events, Chocolate (by the pound), ice cream (by the pint), Proseco or Sauv Blanc (by the gallon). Just don't get in the way or you could be seriously injured.
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    Hairy Scot

    The Longest thread in MFF history

    Strip Scrabble is an interesting game,
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