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    Hairy Scot

    On this day in History

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    Climate Change thread

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    I'm a Celebrity 2019

    He's waiting to see Kate Garraway's tits?
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    The 'constipated' look.
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    The one thing tat has always got to me about this tragedy.....was that Liverpool fans, Liverpool families involved have never accepted that the fans outside causing the severe crushing, especially the ticketless ones, were responsible to some degree for a domino effect.
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    Nah it’s Scottish football the money is shite. Yeah I get what your saying and it was played in March a few times but honestly it’s a great time for a final. I for one am really looking forward to it as I managed to get a tickets going with my three boys the first time in a few years we have all managed to get to a game together
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    My reaction was "GET A FUCKING LIFE"
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    Hamilton v Rangers.....24/11/2019

    Lunch time kick off and once again on a shitty plastic pitch. With Celtic winning well yesterday this is another must win to stay level on points and hopefully get a good few goals in the bag. I'm going for 1-4 Gers.
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    Thought I was getting the two today but over the years the sheep have always managed to fuck up either my predictions or actual bets.
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    UK General Election 2019

    Talking of Jo..........
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    UK General Election 2019

    Dug it's 2019 not 1978
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    The Realist


    Edinburgh, got all the gays,druggies,and AIDS carriers- Glasgow got the Irish immigrants and Celtic. Tho Edinburgh did get first choice.
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    The Christmas 2019 Thread

    I think you 2 need to go out more and try to find a sense of humour FFS!
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    Scottish football gossip

    Threads merged.
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    If he hadn't have taken the posh way in saying rear instead of asshole,i might have
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    Celebrity Death Thread 2019!

    Thanks a lot for your kind words lads.
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    Biblical Floods

    It was biblical up here through the week mate....I saw an Ark going along the canal!
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    The Mexican

    Bird of The Day

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    Is It time to ditch VAR?

    It just doesn't work in football. It took the VAR team 3 min and 20 seconds to decline Sheffield United their goal the weekend just gone, that's an absolute joke in my eyes. You can NEVER celebrate a goal anymore as you'll know VAR will be looking into it. Its ruining the game. Surely it will be better to just had the refs mistakes. You could say its in its infancy so there are bound to be mistakes. The linesman is there do say if a goal was offside or not, why do we need VAR for that? Yeah there are mistakes but that's football.
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    The Realist

    Deleted The Custom Emojis...

    That's the style i like, the older ones. rofpmsl thumbup etc etc.
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    Wednesday 4th December Aberdeen 19:45 Rangers.........2 Celtic 19:45 Hamilton Academical......1 Heart of Midlothian 19:45 Livingston..............X Kilmarnock 19:45 St Johnstone............1 Ross County 19:45 Hibernian.............X St Mirren 19:45 Motherwell............2
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    Looks good dug
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    2-1 Morelos with another header
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    Watched the full video, funny as fuck what, a snowflake of a girl. She seriously is in need of a real man to teach her what life is all about
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    Ah the wife was. Had a few half’s last night so to risky here tori e in the morning. Guarda everywhere this weather
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    Random Videos

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    Hamilton v Rangers.....24/11/2019

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    Mr Magnificent

    Britain 2019

    Shit tip of an area.
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    Donald Trump

    Very interesting and truthfull.
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    Yeah I understand that but can't really let @Mr Magnificent get to you? I know @Harold has not know @Mr Magnificent for as long as we have but I think he knows what he's like and in my opinion everyone just needs to take @Mr Magnificent with a pinch of salt. That's all I'm saying.
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    Hairy Scot

    The Labour Party

    This thread has to be a joke. If Corbyn and his loony left get into power then Britain is doomed.
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    UK General Election 2019

    TV debate on ITV tonight Hopefully Corbyn will make a tit of himself tonight
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    The Realist

    The Labour Party

    Link?? Meanwhile, the polls suggest that Boris Johnson is by far the more popular party leader, compared to Labour's Jeremy Corbyn. The YouGov poll for the Sunday Times puts the Conservatives on 45%, with Labour on 28%, while the Deltapoll survey for the Mail on Sunday also puts the Tories on 45%, with Labour on 30%. According to Opinum, the Tories lead Labour by 44% to 28%, while SevantaComRes for the Sunday Telegraph puts the Conservatives on 41%, compared to Labour's 33%. The polls also suggest that the Conservatives are consolidating their support among Leave supporters and the working class. James Crouch, political polling expert at Opinium, said: "For the past six months the Conservatives have consolidated their position amongst Leave voters. "Especially since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, week after week we have noticed more Brexit supporters falling in line behind the Conservatives. "It might not be a new story, but now we are in a territory we haven’t seen before, with unprecedented numbers of Leave voters backing the Tories from all political backgrounds. That’s what gives them their 16-point lead, the third we have recorded in two months. "Ultimately the trends we have seen for weeks have continued because very little about the public’s perception of the leaders and their policies has changed. In the following weeks the leader debates and the unveiling of the manifestos might move the dial, but to what extent remains to be seen." The poll findings come less than four weeks before polling day. But Labour will take comfort from the fact that the party managed to make huge advances in the final weeks of the 2017 campaign, following the publication of both main parties' manifestos
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    Cyprus v Scotland.....16/11/2019

    Where is VAR when you need it (ha ha) ball was clearly over the line, seen better football down at the local park
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    Norn Iron v Holland

    and will be pished by time of KO @ 7.45pm....
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    Standing in all seated stadiums

    That wouldn't bother me as long as the buggers sat down if a chance had passed.
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    Hairy Scot

    On this day in History

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    The Mexican

    On this day in History

    I enjoy this thread Hairy Scot.
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    The Christmas 2019 Thread

    The French in general have no sympathy for the British, but at the same time they hate Brexit, strange!!! Anyway, let's keep this thread Christmas friendly
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    The Drinking Thread

    what you on about ?
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    UK General Election 2019

    Only thing decent about her is that she a fine pair of breasts....nipple sucking and no mistake!
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    Mr Magnificent


    What the fuck is going on? Who changed my display badge? Bastard's I tell ye! You will die and thousand deaths and rot in hell forever!
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    Vertonghen Does a John Terry

    Hollywood housewives, the saga roles on...
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    Saturday 9th November Heart of Midlothian 15:00 St Mirren..........................1 Kilmarnock 15:00 Hamilton Academical.........1 Ross County 15:00 Aberdeen...........................2 St Johnstone 15:00 Hibernian...........................2 Sunday 10th November Celtic 15:00 Motherwell............................1 Livingston 15:00 Rangers...............................2
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    What changes would you like to see

    And if you scroll down the home page a few inches.... Jeezo....I'm getting good at this malarky.
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    OK fellow members of MFF, here is another football related thread on our forum (as if there aren't enough). Who do you think will be going down at the end of this season? St Mirren, Hearts and Hibs seem in a bad situation after disastrous starts to the season. I honestly can see at least one of Hibs or Hearts going down they seem both to be in need of a spell down under, remember how they treated our team... My predicions for the moment : St Mirren down direct (hope i'm wrong); Hearts and Hibs scraping for the playoff. I will be updating this thread as things go on and hope for a reasonable participation.
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    Hairy Scot

    The Drinking Thread

    I can think of 15 or 20.
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