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    Football Funnies

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    2 people hospitalised at Gordon's

    2 people have been admitted too hospital at Gordon Ramsays restaurant due too a flaming cocktail. Just a coincidence the restaurant is called hells kitchen?
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    Favourite Actor/Actress.

    I have a man crush on Tom Hardy.
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    Boring Football Clubs!

    Aston Villa i would rather watch paint dry ,they are so fecking boring i always change channel or just switch off
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    Cover versions better than original

    Use this thread to say what cover version is better than the original in your opinion. Post the cover first followed by original.
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    That Sturgeon Woman!! (or bloke?)

    That all depends on the will of the voting public Hairy and that depends if the Scottish Executive is permitted to hold another 'once in a lifetime' referendum...........especially when both Sturgeon & Salmond along with Cameron all signed the Edinburgh Agreement to respect the result of the first referendum which did NOT include the wording....'but only if things go in our favour'.
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    The fact that I no longer have to get up in the morning to go to a job that had (laterally) no attraction and for which I had absolutely no enthusiasm for and not to undergo the pressure of target driven results is enough for me mate. The fact that I can do what I want when I want is absolutely brilliant. Plus.....I don't need to work....after 43 years graft I am now enjoying doing fuck all for any other fucker....I am sweet my man.
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    How did you shit a rifle? Sounds painful!
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    Tommy Robinson!

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    The Realist

    Tommy Robinson!

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    Doing a bit of gardening

    What a day....absolutely booshed. Gave our large and very long hedge its first trim of the year....took over an hour and a half....had brunch and watched tv for an hour then got the strimming done and the grass cut all in that blazing sun.
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    Mickey Mouse helicopter :(.

    Must be a Scottish thing.
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    She is as Dumb as that cunt Corbyn
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    better still imo....stripped of UK nationality and deported (without appeal) to Palestine or even the republic of ireland the terrorists of which he is in awe to. How the fucker has the brass neck to appear at the Cenotaph every November is beyond me. He is a weakling in charge of a party which has shown its racist tendencies, most recently towards Jews.
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    About time we stopped conceding to these dictators in Brussels. We have a lot of bargaining power, if we stay strong.
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    Staff Members Needed

    I check in most days so if it assists you I'll help out BB.
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    28 years ago....

    A LEGEND WAS BORN!! ME!! Let the birthday celebrations begin!! ? ? ? ? ? ?
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    Plans for the weekend?

    Ronnie has called me out so might aswell play him ?
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    Red Devil

    Return of the devil

    I'm gonna go back to Red Devil.
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    The Realist

    Return of the devil

    About feckin time.
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    The Realist

    Negan has left the building

    He's having an obsessive peak right now. Reply below added 5 minutes later Screenshot taken just now. I'm thinking he may struggle with that..
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    The Realist


    https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/914620/Pentagon-UFO-aliens-Nimitz-UFO-US-has-more-radar-footage-Luis-Elizondo He said about 24 other UFO videos are being declassified for release to the public in the coming months." can't wait. Wish negan was on here to hear his story about it. Negan/Locke was on a business trip to Samarkand where he was negotiating an image rights deal for Salma Hayek when the Lear jet his friend had loaned him for the trip was buzzed by a UFO. No matter what the pilot did to try and shake the UFO off, they couldn't and after about 10 minutes, a blinding beam pierced the fuselage of the Lear jet and Negan/Locke found himself inside what seemed to be sort some craft. He was told that, social services had kidnapped his children and were holding them hostage with threats of violence towards them unless Negan/Locke stopped exposing the secret society he stumbled upon whilst carrying out research his first novel about internet stalking and weirdness.. Negan/Locke agreed and the next thing he knew, he was standing naked in Digbeth at a game against Leicester. Negan/Locke has been trying to return to his own timeline ever since his only proof any of this happened, a return ticket to Oldham marked British Rail and dated 2022 found wedged in the cleft of his butt cheeks that afternoon in Digbeth.
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    Band Aid, Xmas song.

    Actually I didn't donate. We only donate to charity that assists in the UK.
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    Can’t beat a Wispa! nice and bubbly
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    I never usually get involved in the religious stuff. But would they dared to have mocked any other religion in the same manner. I doubt it There’d be blood on your sausage, bean and cheese melt before you could say ‘religion of peace’.

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