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    Being a Brummie, I/ most Brummies ( well proper born and bred ones) would more likely call them a stupid twat-pratt, or idiot. Different areas, different dialects and phrases. Dickhead was always a big term in Liverpool and still is,I very rarely hear knobhead, It's a term used mostly by the younger generation, In Scotland bawbag is often used, yet i never hear that in my area. I have used pretty much all the swear words in my time over and over again. The only one i have ever been pulled for using is CUNT, and I have been pulled many a time for it, which has kind of made me aware of the dislike for the word. I still use it tho i think before i speak, and am always aware of the people around me, it just may be that i am going soft in my old age, or getting a little considerate for some people around me ( snowflakes excluded). If i was hosting a dinner party tomorrow for friends and their partners, I doubt I would be using your favourite word cunt very often tho.
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    Lads I've got is sussed out now.
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    Red Devil

    The Gardening Thread

    My garden, excuse my little daughter modeling her swing. The bridge was in the garden when I bought it so I've tried to maintain it.
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    Sadiq Khan

    Didn't see it mate but there are cracking vids of him squirming at briefings with his superiors Conservative Suzanne Hall is fucking superb making him look like the cunt he is I actually like Shaun Bailey,he talks a lot of sense and would be a superior mayor ( not hard i suppose)
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    First team squad update

    Scott Allan is a Little lowlife nothing. Could have lived the dream but chose to play for that mob. The tackle you mention was as clear a straight Red as you ll ever been see.
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    First team squad update

    totally agree. doubt it mate....far too many injuries. looked great when free of injury but they occurred too often. Never forgive that wee slimey cunt Scott Allan for his assault on Rossiter during the 5-5 game the other year! Gers fan ?.....fucking rat....wouldn't take that cunt into our stadium if WE were payed to do so!!!
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    Why, do you have a photo on Negan in your local pub?
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