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    Viewing figures falling ? Attention seeking by some snowflake cunt ? I feel sorry in a way for the (decent) youth of today having to grow up in a society where they are simply sheep controlled by the state and have absolutely no opinions/views of their own. Me ? I give not one fuck....won't/don't go out of my way to be offensive but I'm too old now to change my views for a right-on, hipster, snowflake society which wishes to eradicate history. To whoever made the above decision.....go fuck yourself with a cactus!
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    Rangers in Europa league 2019/2020

    Rangers will play FC Prishtina or St Joseph's in the Europa League first qualifying round. Ties on July 11 and 18. Draw for the second round takes place on the Wednesday. If Rangers get through theywill get one from Cork City, Progress or A student team Cardiff Met
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    Next Conservative Party Leader

    For those who watched last night, The guy specifically asked about Islamaphobia, while sweeping all other 'Hate Crimes
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    My boss said to me, "Why do you come out in a rash every time I give you your wages?" I said, "It's because I'm allergic to fucking peanuts!"
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    My missus has asked for something silky for her birthday... No doubt this tin of emulsion will be the wrong fucking colour!
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    The Realist

    The NEWS Today

    12 months jail time for putting a piece of bacon on a mosque door handle,assaulting a politician not in favour with the lefty types, community service. Wonder what the people who called Soubry a nazi will get?. Country really is fucked.
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